Is Junky's Stash New Flavor Your New Jam or No?


Is Junky's Stash New Flavor Your New Jam or No?

By Cody Wheeler

*** (<--- That's my 3 stars)
Junky's Stash - There's No Jam (100ml Vape Juice)
The short and sweet - It's ok I guess, but that's it. Whatever flavor this is, I won't buy it again.

I had recently gone through a bottle of Jam Monster's raspberry, and although I'm not big into food (butter/toast) flavors, I was surprisingly enjoying the mixture. However, I AM a big fan of raspberry, so not a huge surprise I guess. So, when I saw Junky's were releasing a raspberry flavor, you can imagine how excited I was to get that in my tank! Not to mention, the flavor is literally called NO JAM, which is an obvious jab at their competitor.

My expectations were exactly what they claimed the flavor to be, just raspberry, and that's exactly what I'm guessing they thought they made. But they missed the boat with this flavor, big time. Now, I have been a fan of Junky's Stash for some time, and I haven't had a juice of theirs that was so far off what they claimed.

However, I'm not even sure what flavor I would call this. Uhh... sweet something? I get a hint of something sweet, but I also get a bit of menthol in there. Something about this flavor is very wrong. My first instinct with the first few hits, were to immediately complain to Junky's. "This tastes like it has f------ menthol in it!" If you're like me, and you're not a menthol fan, you get it!

It doesn't say anything about menthol in the description, but there has to be some 'splash' of it in there. I love you, Junky's, and I'll continue to order your products, but I'll now do it with a little more caution, because this has been my most disappointing experience with any of your flavors.


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