Chibi Bar Fruitnola 100ml by Yami Vapor Review


Chibi Bar Fruitnola 100ml by Yami Vapor Review

By Keith Green

I have been hankering for a honey, granola type vape ever since I heard about the Yogi line of e-juices and then I stumbled upon the Chibi Bar Fruitnola e-juice by Yami Vapor. I have been a fan of Yami Vapor and generally like the e-juices they produce and at the price EightVape was offering for the 100ml bottle, it seemed like a much better value as compared to 60ml of Yogi so I added it to my next order and waited like a kid on Christmas morning for the mailman to deliver what I was hoping to be my next All Day Vape.

The Description from the EightVape website reads:

 "Chibi Bar Fruitnola gourmet e-liquid - Feel as if you are one with mother nature when you taste this delightful vape-juice. It’s a fantastic blend of wholesome golden rolled oats, floral honey, sweet dried apricots, and tart apple flavors that will soothe your tired soul."

Sounds great, golden rolled oats, floral honey, tired soul soothing, sign me up! The reality, as seems to be the case with most e-juices these days, is far from the description.

Wholesome golden rolled oats? - Nope

Floral Honey? – Nope

Sweet Dried Apricots? - Maybe

Tart Apple? – Yep

One with Mother Nature? – Not really, but that’s what flip flops are for

The description should read as follows

" Chibi Bar Fruitnola gourmet e-liquid  - Off the shelf Apple Pie e-juice flavoring with a little apricot in there somewhere"

I have dripped this on 3 different setups with different types of coils at varying wattages and I get the same experience each time. The main note of the e-juice is an Apple Pie flavor, think tart apple with a light cinnamon. In the background you can get the sense of the apricot, but it is faint. I searched high and low but could never find oats or honey, which is are the main flavors I was hoping to experience. That being said, I actually like this e-juice and found myself vaping it daily.

After I recovered from the initial disappointment of paying for yet another “Gourmet” e-juice that falls very short of the description, I found that I kept reaching for the 100ml bottle of Fruitnola to vape on as I went about my day. The sweet apple pie flavor with the apricot is pleasant and just interesting enough to keep me coming back. It is fall after all and Apple Pie pairs well with scent of the dead leaves and the frozen ground. I doubt I will purchase this juice again after the 100ml bottle dries up, but I feel like I got my money's worth at the price I paid for it from It you find yourself hankering for some Apple Pie with a slight touch of Apricot then Chibi Bar Fruitnola by Yami Vapor just might soothe your tired soul. Just don't expect to find any “floral honey” or “Wholesome golden rolled oats” in the 100ml bottle you receive.

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