Vape Pens Kits

Vape Pens For Sale Vape pen starter kits are a popular e-cig vape stick that uses a pen-like structure for a user-friendly body and a slim compact feel for vaping. Browse vape pens of all different colors and styles from Smok vape pens, Geekvape pens, Freemax vape pens, iJoy vape pens, Vandy...

Vape Pens For Sale

Vape pen starter kits are a popular e-cig vape stick that uses a pen-like structure for a user-friendly body and a slim compact feel for vaping. Browse vape pens of all different colors and styles from Smok vape pens, Geekvape pens, Freemax vape pens, iJoy vape pens, Vandy Vape Sticks, Uwell vape pens, Aspire vape pens, Vaporesso vape pens, Eleaf vape pens, VooPoo vaping pens, Joyetech vape pens, Wismec pens, Wotofo vape sticks. Many people enter the vaping world by testing a vape pen starter kit simply because it is the easiest type of vaping device to use. Vape pens are typically about the size of an ecig but provide a longer battery life for maximized vaping time.

These all-in-one vape pen starter kits include the vape tank for your e-liquid and can be removed and switched with other vape tanks. These vape pens are convenient to use, making them the ultlimate vaping starter kits. Shop this collection to find all kinds of the vape pens with unique features like top-fill vape tanks.

Although there is a vast library of different vape devices on the market, each with its own functionalities and gimmicks, there is only one that reigns supreme: the vape pen.

There are many reasons why this manner of vape device is the one which is favored by such a considerable chunk of the crowd. One of the main reasons why it is so famous in the market is that the vape pen offers the user a perfect harmony between size and performance.

There is a wide variety of varying sizes vapes come in. A vape pen can come in a small, pocket-friendly size, which resembles that of your average cigarette, making them very convenient and easy to handle as well.

In addition to that, they have greater vapor production capabilities as well. This is because, although vape pens are smaller than your average vaping device, they are larger than a lot of disposable vapes in the market.

Due to this, they contain enough space for a sufficient battery to fit, offering an experience for first-timers that is definitely better than that of disposable vapes.

What Is a Vape Pen

We talked about what kind of innovation the vape pen brings into the market, but let us get a little more in-depth and talk about a question in the minds of a lot of vaping newcomers out there: what exactly is a vape pen?

As discussed previously, these devices come in a wide variety of different styles, and a lot of them have different purposes and uses for the user.

These vape pens are usually cylindrical in shape, and although some of them can vary in size, the traditional practice is that they are always a little longer than your box mod vapes, which have a rather boxy design.

How do Vape Pens Work?

There are wide different varieties of vape pens in the market, and a lot of them are used for different purposes. However, one very famous selection of vape pens in the market, with the exception of the conventional vape pen, is cannabis vape pens.

Many people and vape enthusiasts consider vape pens to be a very convenient way to consume cannabis oil and other types of dry herb materials.

The reason for their fame as an instrument for consuming cannabis is mostly due to their pocket-friendly size.

Vape pens are very easy to handle, just as they are very simple to use and have a lighter weight than that other portable vaping devices.

What Does a Vape Pen Come With?

When buying a vape pen, you could either get a separate vape pen if you already have the supplies and the flavor necessary for the operation of the vape pen with you.

However, it is recommended for people starting out to vape or switch over from smoking who have no clue about vaping devices and what supplies are essential for them to get a vape kit.

A vaping starter kit contains all the essentials needed to start vaping as soon as possible without the need to search for different equipment needed for your vape. So, what does a vape kit consist of?

Although the components which a vape starter kit comprises vary from kit to kit, there are a few components that come with every kit because they are considered to be essential for every vaping device, not just a vape pen.

Every beginner vape kit out there always comes with some battery and an atomizer, which are essential in starting up the vaping device for operation.


There are a lot of components you can buy to tweak your vape pen to fulfill different purposes, but the four most important components which a vape pen consists of are the atomizer, the cartridge, the electronics, and lastly, the battery.

The battery is considered to be the most important out of all of these because if there is no power source to send power to the atomizer, the vape will not operate properly.

The battery is responsible for providing power to the heating element of your vape pen, and for this reason, it is a necessary component for every vape pen.


The vape tank is also an essential part of your vape pen due to its functionality and its purpose when vaping. The main purpose of the vape tank is to hold the e-liquid of the vaping device and the coil, which vaporizes the flavor.

Usually, the tank sits on top of the battery of the vape pen because the battery is the one that provides power to the coil, which in turn vaporizes the flavor.

In terms of functionality, the main function of vape tanks is to soak the flavor into the wick, which makes contact with the coil, which heats up the wick when powered up, heating the wick and vaporizing the flavor.

 What difference between a Vape Pen and a Mod Kit

  • Mod kits are usually larger in size as compared to vape pens.
  • Vape pens consume less power due to the low wattage setting.
  • Vape pens are more fragile due to their smaller size.
  • Due to the smaller size of vape pens, they are considerably less expensive than mod kits.

Choosing the Best Vape Pen

Due to the abundance of different vape pens in the market, there are many variables needed to be considered when searching for the best vape pen for your situation.

One important factor you need to consider is what type of vape pen you will get, and this generally depends on the type of material you will be smoking. There are different vape pens for smoking cannabis oils or dry herb materials and different pens for smoking tobacco or nicotine content.


Due to the advancement in technology and extensive research, vaping companies have come up with a wide variety of different coil types in order to maintain an edge in the market.

Since they are considered to be the heart of the coil, it is very important to get the best coil for your situation. Depending on your vaping needs and experience level, you can opt for different types of coils. Coils come in many types, including ceramic and stainless steel variations as well.


Vape tanks also come in hundreds of different variations, each of them differing in size, and some of them are specifically used for different purposes due to their design.

These tanks generally fall into three main categories: mouth-to-lung, sub-ohm, and rebuildables, each with a different purpose and design as well.

Battery Size and Power

Battery size and power are also very important factors to keep into account when searching for a vape pen, as they can be the difference between a good vaping experience and a faulty one.

Vape batteries come in different sizes, and how they work is that each battery size offers different power according to their storage capacity, making battery size very important when determining what sort of battery to buy.

Design and Feel

Although not beneficial and essential to fulfilling any battery power or performance needs, how a vape pen is designed is also very important when getting a vape pen.

Sometimes people prefer a vape pen that performs properly and fulfills a specific aesthetic as well. In cases similar to those, it is important to consider the overall design of the vape pen and how it feels as well.