Important Message from Customer Service & Support Team

We apologize for any order delays you are experiencing. We appreciate that many of you are eager to receive your shipments, and we are doing our best to accommodate each and every one of you. We are definitely working to help all of our customers as quickly and effectively as possible, but we have to ask for patience and understanding. We are a small company, and do not have enterprise-levels of staffing. Your order may take longer than you are used to.

Stay home, stay safe, and please bear with us as we continue to serve our customers to the best of our current ability. Thank you, Team 8Vape!

Since the Vape Mail Ban is inevitable (FedEx stopped on 3/1 and UPS stopped on 4/5 with USPS slated to stop on 4/26 - but did not!) we will continue to source new delivery partners and work through all the software and logistical connections to bring you a streamlined delivery service when USPS decides to stop shipping. Please keep an eye out for our future updates. Thank you!



Route Insurance Claim website >> https://claims.route.com/

EightVape is proud to partner with Route, the leader in package protection and tracking solutions. Every package includes protection by Route. Route shipping insurance covers packages that are lost in transit, damaged in delivery, or possibly stolen.

Route offers direct support to all of our customers. After purchase you will receive an email with details about your insurance coverage and tracking options. They will handle your claim directly. You will be able to access their app or website for updates on your package or claims.


***Please be aware that each time you submit a new request, you are resetting your place in the support queue, which prolongs the response process.***

All Refunds and pre-authorization holds, take approximately 5-7 business days (mon-fri) to be released or returned to your account. Ex. Refund request on Monday, funds returned by following Tuesday at the end of the day would be 7 business days.

No order confirmation number? 

    • If you did not receive order numbers or an email confirmation, your order has not been placed. This is normally due to payment failure, Address errors (AVS mismatch) or Age Verification issues. 
    • No confirmation emails may be caused by the email address being incorrect or not linked to your account at time of order. Please verify your email address is showing correctly in your account detail, before ordering.
    Multiple Charges? 
        • Failed or declined charges create a pre-authorization hold on your funds. We do not have authorization to release or hold funds on your account, this is something that can only be addressed with your card issuer (bank or credit lender). The holds are normally released within 5-7 business days (Mon-Fri).
        a) If you were issued an order number or more than one, please create a support ticket below with those numbers so we can find order information and correct the issues.
        b) If you submit a failed transaction more than once, it will create more than 1 hold on your funds. Please confirm your billing info before trying again.

          • We are experiencing order processing delays, please allow 3-5 business days for your package to be processed. Your shipping time starts after processing and once your order has been shipped. (ex. 3-5 days processing + 2 days shipping = 5-7 days until delivered)
            • Please allow up to 5 business days (Mon-Fri) after your order has been placed for tracking information to be sent. The tracking should update within 24 hours of pick up by the carrier.
            a) If you have an order number, it's been more than 5 business days and you have not received tracking information, please contact us at support@eightvape.com or open the chat screen for self-service tracking or chat with us M-F, 930a-4p.
            Please expect processing delays during the Holiday seasons, sales events, or end of year closeouts. Though we aim to pick, pack and ship as quickly as possible, we experience time delay issues every so often. We apologize for this inconvenience.

            All Refunds and the pre-authorization hold, take approximately 5-7 business days (mon-fri) to be released.

              • We cannot make changes to your order or combine orders after placed, you will have to cancel and reorder. Please keep in mind that this triggers a refund for your first order, and then a new charge for the current order.
              • A self-cancellation option is available for up to 30 minutes after your order is placed. After this time period you will need to request cancelling through a support ticket. 
              • Orders may only be cancelled before processing begins. Once an order begins processing, we cannot cancel.
              • If you request cancellation and the order is cancelled, you will have to place another order. We cannot reverse cancellations.

            Please contact us at support@eightvape.com or open the chat screen for self-service tracking or to chat with us M-F, 930a-4p.

              Please see links to other possible questions about:


              Support requests are processed in the order received

              *All customer service & support requests for defects, missing, and incorrect items REQUIRE photo/video evidence. You will need to submit photo/video clearly displaying the items/issues. Please save the photos until we ask for them in our first reply to you. Please do not discard items until we notify you, or we will not be able to process the return/exchange.

               NOTE: Creating more than 1 request for the same order will close the previous submission and reset your place in queue. You will not get a faster response. Please check your spam folders for replies.

              **Requests submitted without proper information will be subject to auto-closing. Please be as detailed as possible, Thank you.

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