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We sincerely apologize for the delay in customer service response times, we are continuously answering the support tickets in the order they are received. Please bear with us as we continue to get through them. If you have done your part by reporting the issues that are warranted by the policies, we will make it right. We will work diligently to reach satisfactory resolutions and will resolve all issues covered by our policies. Thank you for your continued patience.

At this time we are experiencing a high-volume of tickets for "Where is my order?", as we have many items that have become out of stock. To rectify this situation and to ship the rest of the item(s)/order(s), we will have to cancel the out of stock items and issue the refund(s). Please allow 5-7 business days for the funds to be returned to your original payment accounts. Thank you for your continued support and patience, we appreciate every one of you.

***Please be aware that each time you submit a New Ticket, you are resetting your place in the support ticket queue. Therefore prolonging the response process.***



Before you create a ticket, please see if one of the following topics answer your question

1. Billing/Payment

 No order confirmation number? Charged or Multiple Charges? 

    • If you did not receive an order number or an email confirmation, your order has not been placed. This is due to payment failure for either Address Verification System (AVS) mismatch or Age Verification issues.¬†
      • Failed or declined charges create a pre-authorization hold on your funds, through your card issuer. We do not have authorization to release or hold funds on your account, this is something that can only be addressed with your card issuer (bank or credit lender). Funds are normally released within 5-7 business days (M-F).
      a) If you were issued an order number or more than one, please create a support ticket below with those numbers so we can find order information and correct the issues.


          2. Where is my order/tracking?

            • Normal processing times vary anywhere up to 3 business days (0-72 hours). Your shipping time starts after processing and once your order has been shipped. (ex. 3 days processing + 2 days shipping = 5 days until¬†delivered)
              • Please allow up to¬†3 business days¬†after your order has been placed for tracking information to be sent.
              a) If you have an order number, it's been more than 3 business days and you have not received tracking information, please create a support ticket below.
              Please expect delays during the Holiday seasons, sales events, or end of year closeouts. Though we aim to pick, pack and ship as quickly as possible, we experience time delay issues every so often. We apologize for this inconvenience.


                  3. Cancel/Change my order (*NEW self-cancel option available)

                    • We have started a self-cancellation option¬†through your account, available up to 30 minutes after your order is placed. After this time period you¬†will need to request it through a support ticket.¬†Please allow 5-7 business days for the funds to be returned to your original payment accounts.
                    • Orders may only be cancelled before processing begins. Once an order begins processing, we cannot cancel.
                    • If you request cancellation and the order is cancelled, you will have to place another order. We cannot reverse cancellations.
                    • We cannot make changes to your order, you will have to cancel and reorder.


                  4. There is NO PHONE SUPPORT at this time. Customer Support is not on Social Media. We are ONLY available through the support ticket system (which is equivalent to an email inbox). Please place a support ticket and we will resolve the issues that are covered by our policy, in the order they are received.

                    Please see links to other possible questions about:


                    If you need assistance with an order you have already placed, please only create 1 ticket per Order Number (EV):

                    Tickets are processed in the order received

                    NOTE: Creating more than 1 ticket for the same order will Void/Close the previous submission and reset your place in queue.

                    *All customer service & support tickets for defects, damages, missing, and incorrect items require photo or video evidence. You will need to submit photo/video clearly displaying the items/issues. Please do not discard items until we notify you, or we will not be able to process the return/exchange.