I'm An Eight Vape Customer For Life



I'm An Eight Vape Customer For Life

By Christine McDow


Hey There!

I just wanted to add my two cents in on a review of the Smok Stick V8 Kit. I have almost every color of this excellent vape kit. It's so easy and convenient to carry. I quit smoking July 24th, 2017 and headed to a vape shop after the patch and gum wasn't working well enough. I spent over 175.00 my first visit only to be disappointed in my purchase.

Of course I had no idea of what I was buying, I just needed something simple to get by with. I found EightVape online and my world changed forever!!! I love these people! The customer service was excellent and they had no problems answering any of my stupid questions. The customer service person (who's name I forgot, so sorry) recommended the Smok Stick V8 kit. I ordered one and was totally excited to fire it up.

It was so easy to put together and any juice I tried in it was so flavorful.  I did try a different coil that didn't come with the original kit and fell in love with them (they are the baby beast replacement coils x4 .15) so much better draw than the original coils. I do recommend buying some vape bands to protect the glass and buy some of the glass replacements to make it 7ml instead of 5ml. It lasts much longer.

I wish I would have found EightVape and the Smok Stic V8 before I went and spent way too much at a vape store. EightVape is at least 50% cheaper on the mod, coils, and juice than any other place I've shopped. Thank you EightVape for being so fair on your prices so it can be affordable to quit smoking!!!!

-Christine McDow 

An EightVape consumer for life!!

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