Noisy Cricket Mechanical Mod Review


Noisy Cricket Mechanical Mod Review

By K. Humphrey

Five bucks for massive clouds and flavor? WHAT THE!!!!??  I gotta give a shout out to 8V for consistent low prices and prompt shipping times. I am a O.G. vaper so when I see a NOISY CRIKET MOD on sale for a price like this, I can't say no to buying it. Not only is it sleek and smooth like a classic car, it is a no holds barred power-house that can deliver the kind of clouds I like chucking.
They make tanks now-a-days that put out huge vapor, and I have a few of them, but sometimes I like to go to my happy place and bust out the RDA's and the screwdrivers and get to work. The NOISY CRICKET is exactly what I need to take me there. The machinery is excellent and it is easy to use so even a mid level builder can get chucking with ease.
Beginners should be careful with this device and make sure they aren't throwing a .25 build on it due to it having dual 18650's in series. You don't want to go overboard and start drawing over 20 amps. But all in all, even if your not ready, you should buy it anyways for when you are ready build like a pro. The NOISY CRICKET has been around for a while and it's still selling strong.
I've browsed around other sites to see the price and once again, Eightvape just can't be beat. Low prices are a beautiful thing for someone like me who quit smoking. Especially when one of the many reasons I quit was the simple fact that it puts so much drain on the wallet. I used to smoke a pack a day, so I feel blessed to have access to Eight Vapes low-low prices.
Now I don't have to spend a third of my paycheck at the local smoke shop just to destroy my lungs and smell like a Turkish smoke-house. Ever since I quit smoking and started  vaping, my quality of life has improved dramatically. Not only am I happier and healthier, my stress levels are at all time low just because I don't have to put so much effort into getting my nic-fix (driving to smoke shops,going outside to smoke, it's cold here in CO).
And my wife is a lot happier too! :) So if you feel the same way I do, do yourself a favor and checkout 8VAPES low prices and deals that can't be beat. Im going to go get my drip on now ,so this is Kellen "clouds" Humphrey signing off from Durango, Colorado. KEEP CALM AND CHUCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!
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