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Best Vape Batteries Vape batteries are a vital part of the vaping game. We carry some of the best vape batteries on the market from Samsung vape batteries, LG, Blackcell batteries for vaping, Brillipower and many more 18650 vape mod batteries. We offer a huge selection of vaping batteries including...

Best Vape Batteries

Vape batteries are a vital part of the vaping game. We carry some of the best vape batteries on the market from Samsung vape batteries, LG, Blackcell batteries for vaping, Brillipower and many more 18650 vape mod batteries. We offer a huge selection of vaping batteries including 18650, 18350, 18500 and 26550 vape batteries for sale at the lowest prices. Eightvape knows how to power all vape mods from mech mods to temp control vape mods. It does not matter to us if you have a small 30w vape mod or a huge 200w box mod, we got you powered up to vape and cloud chase.

Vape Batteries

They are the lifeblood of your vaping device, and a vape device without a battery is of no use because it would not be operational, if there is no power source attached to it.

People might think that vape batteries are not a subject one should look much into, however, that is not the case.

There are many varieties of batteries in the market, and each of them offer something different to the user, and may completely change or enhance the experience, depending on which one to get.

What are Vape Batteries?

By definition, vape batteries are power sources specially designed for vaping devices, in order to provide the device with a proper output voltage and current so that it does not short circuit.

These batteries are usually removable, and this decision was made in order to combat an issue with vaping devices. The problem in question is that once the battery drains out, vapes then would be temporary unavailable in the case of having a non-removable battery.

However, if your vape contains an external battery source, all you have to do is replace the batteries when they run out, without having the need to stop temporarily vaping in order to wait for the vape to charge.

Different Battery Sizes?

When it comes to vape batteries, as time went by and technology started to further develop, vape manufacturing companies understood that demand would eventually come to a stand-still if different varieties were not introduced.

In response to that, these companies started to develop different variants and battery types, each of which was different from the other.

it comes to vape batteries, the main purpose of these different types was to make sure that vaping becomes a tailor-made experience, and each different type is designed to give the vaper a different experience.


Usually, this battery is of 18 mm in diameter, and 65mm in height, and the reason for their popularity is that they have versatility when it comes to power, and it’s output advantage as well.

When it comes to output, the 18650 has an edge above the other battery types because it is considered to be a suitable option for both high and low-powered vaping devices.


After that comes the other variant in regards to a Battery for vapes, which is the 21700-battery size. Standing at 21mm in diameter, and 70mm in length, one important factor in regards to this battery size is that they can be both protected and unprotected.

A major benefit which the 21700 provides to the user, is the battery size. The 21700 mod battery is considered to be an additional 5mm in length and 3mm in diameter, which offers a higher capacity and run time


This vape battery is normally used as a mod battery rather than to power vapes, normally powering sub ohm devices and kits.

This battery size is 20mm in diameter and 70mm in length, and is a much more efficient option when considering its balance in size and capacity.

Being large in size, this mod battery is definitely a bump in the right direction, offering a high-capacity storage, which in turn, increases the overall run time as well.

In addition to that, it has a higher power ouput as well, making it an ideal choice for creating big clouds when vaping.

Why are 18650 Batteries the Most Popular?

One reason why they are so common is that they give you the best balance when it comes to energy output and portability.

This battery for vape is very small in size, making it rather easy to carry, avoiding the hassle of having to carry sizeable battery packs.

In addition to that, they offer versatility. This means that the 18650 battery is powerful enough to power a wide range of electronics, which is why it is considered to be a good safe option.

How to Maximize The Life of Your Battery?

Depending on the battery type, they can be considered to be a valuable investment for your vaping device, and it is essential to maximize their battery life as much as possible.

There are many ways you can do so, but one of the most effective way is to make sure your battery is stored in the right place. Storing a battery in a cold, dark place has proven to increase their overall life by upto 40%!

In addition to that, be sure to use your vape battery regularly. This is because they are designed to be used daily, and prolonged negligence to use your battery may cause repercussions.

What Does MAH Mean?

MAH is a term very commonly thrown around when researching on batteries and battery sizes, but what are they? 

MAH, also known as milliampere per hour is a common unit of measurement used in order to determine the battery capacity, and is essential to know when buying a vape battery.

Vape Battery Safety Tips?

  • Do not leave loose batteries exposed, as they might come in contact with some items which may cause them to short-circuit.
  • Do not leave a battery unattended.
  • Refrain from overcharging your vape or mod battery.
  • Keep the battery out of direct sunlight.

What is a High-Drain Battery?

Normally associated with the 18650 battery size, a high drain battery is exactly what it sounds like. There are devices like cameras and certain high-quality vapes, which often consume high energy in short amounts of time, and this is where the high-drain battery comes in.

This type of battery is used to generate a high voltage output, so that it can keep up with the power demands these high drain devices offer.

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