Vapor Maid "Pudding": Best Fall Juice


This is the perfect juice for the fall into winter season. It has the perfect amount of cinnamon out of any other cinnamon juice on the market. Its like a mellow sweet cinnamon when vaping on a tank at medium wattage.The marshmallow complements it very well.

At first your wondering what this is that your tasting but then it clicks and you fall hard for it. Neither flavor overpowers the next, it all blends together. At first I taste a creamy marshmallow followed by a sweet sugary cinnamon exhale. This was the 1st juice i ever tried when I started vaping and 3 years later I still love it! It tastes way better in the glass dropper than the plastic bottle for some reason.

I definitely recommend if you like cinnamon or pudding taste texture juices because it has that creaminess that keeps you licking your lips and steady puffing. Enjoy!

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