Purge Mods: Not Just A Mod! A Work Of Art!


Purge Mods: Not Just A Mod! A Work Of Art!

I started vaping years ago,I always loved to see the industry grow and try all that it has to offer. And after a few years off the stinkys I found myself with more funds to invest in new toys, never thought I would go to the dark and dangerous side of unregulated mods, but after a lot of research and a few trust worthy vape head friends I found myself wanting to finally take the plunge! And boy did I ever!

Started out like many buy ordering cheap tube mods from over seas, little did I know you get what you pay for! Magnets broke easy and hardly any use resulted in a worn out product! Did even more research for the best in class! I saw the same name over and over: "Purge" but also saw the price tag and laughter followed! But couldn't seem to look away! I joined there group on a social media page and was blown away by some of these people's collections!!!

So as days passed there was buzz of a new mod about to hit the shelves...the Enforcer!!! Once I saw this thing I was blown away by the design!!! It looks cool, sounds cool, and all the things I found to dislike in the cheap mods I had been through were no longer a issue with this mod! So it was time to start saving!!!

So the day came when it was time to get it or move on! Once again I couldn't look away any longer! I loaded up the cart and pulled the trigger!!!

Less then a week later I received conformation that it had arrived!!! I ripped open a box to find what appeared to be a gun case... with a big Purge logo right on top! Snapped open the case and there is a big, heavy tube mod! After inspection...I realize its flawless, every aspect of this mod was thought out to perfection!!!

The feel and quality was outstanding! I loaded it up with the best RDA and 21700 battery and gave it a go!!! A fog machine to say it best! I couldn't be more satisfied with the performance! You get what you pay and work for in this life.... I currently own 4 purge mods, and 5 is in the near future!

I strongly suggest this mod to anyone out there that wants to know how it feels to rock with the best U.S. mod on the market!

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