Desire Design Ohm Boy Rage Squonk Mod Review


Desire Design Ohm Boy Rage Squonk Mod Review

By Steven Chaloux

My name is Steven Chaloux you can find me on Twitter @twitch_lawless (lawless_vapor).

I purchased a Desire Designs Ohm Boy Rage Squonk Mod. Not only was I amazed by the price, but during checkout I realized 2 day shipping was less then $10 dollars. I purchased the mod Monday before Thanksgiving. I got lucky and got a pre black Friday deal and got the mod with 2 day shipping for $65 and some change. Beyond fast processing and shipping, I received my Rage the day after Thanksgiving, delivered by FedEx.

Now the mod itself is amazing, the feel and weight make you 100% certain it's a quality product, and in today's market with tons of new mods coming out weekly, it's hard to find one for under $100 that is top quality as the Rage. The Rage comes with a USB charging cable that is nicer then the ones that come with other mods. The squonk bottle is a nice clear one that you can easily see how much juice is in the bottle.

The mod goes from 200-600 degrees F, runs off 2 18650 batteries (not included) it has a wattage range of 5W-155W, voltage output range of 0-8V, and a minimum resistance of 0.08 ohm. Overall it's an amazing mod, if this was the last mod I could ever own, I would be 100% ok with that! 

There is only a few things that I would do different if I was desire design:

  1. I would include a refill bottle that screws into the 510 port for people who are squonking on the go, pulling the squonk bottle out can be inconvenient if your doing it while on the move and don't have a place to sit down for a minute to do it.
  2. I would include 1 extra squonk bottle, maybe a colored one, for example the black mod comes with a red bottle to give you an option.
  3. Include a sticker, almost every vaper I know slaps product stickers on their vape tool boxes, vehicles, or reviewers like me I place them on a backdrop I have for my videos, so anyone that see's it is like a free advertisement.  



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