New Puff Labs Circus Cookie Frosting Review


New Puff Labs E-Liquid, A Sneak Peak

If you don’t know them already, Puff Labs makes some of the best dessert E-Liquids on the market today. With flavors like Cotton Candy, Circus Cooler, and Coconut Cake in their Circus line it's easy to see their specialty is decadently sweet E-Liquids. So it’s no surprise they’re latest creation is another Circus flavor, according to my sources.

I haven’t had a chance to try it myself, but from the information I’ve heard this new Puff Labs flavor is called Circus Cookie Frosting. It seems like their Circus Cookie flavor has been doing so well, they decided to release an even sweeter version of it!

The original Puff Labs Circus Cookie flavor is a mix of sweet crispy sugar cookie covered in vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Working off of that flavor I think it’s safe to assume the new Circus Cookie Frosting flavor will be a decadent taste of rich vanilla frosting with hints of sweet confetti sprinkles. I’ve always been a fan of Vanilla E-Liquids, one of the first E-Liquid flavors I ever used as an all-day-vape was a vanilla tobacco blend. These days I mostly prefer dessert and fruit flavors so I’m definitely eager to get my hands on this new Circus Cookie Frosting E-Juice from Puff Labs.

Which is your favorite Puff Labs E-Liquid? Are you excited to try this new flavor? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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