Top 5 American Made Vape Juice


Top 5 American Made Vape Juice 

In honor of the most patriotic of holidays, Independence Day, this July 4th we here at EightVape would like to recognize some of our favorite American E-Juice manufacturers. These companies are all fantastic representations of the American dream, small businesses providing American's with stable jobs and leading the market with high quality goods. Let me know what you think of this list in the comments!

Lets take a look at some of these fantastic brands and the vape juice flavors they're famous for.


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#1 USA Vape Lab

You may not recognize the manufacturer, but I'll bet you've heard of their famous brand Naked 100In the Naked 100 lineup there's one overall goal which is readily apparent, deliver the best E-Liquid flavors made from the purest all-natural ingredients. Within the Naked 100 E-Juice lineup there's a variety of flavor lines available to choose.

 From the rich and savory Cream Line, to their bold Tobacco Line, and the ultra-popular Original line which delivers some of the best fruit flavored E-Liquids on the market. With over 20 unique flavor options to choose from you're sure to find a Naked 100 vape juice that's perfect for you. 

If you're a fan of Strawberry E-Liquids try Unicorn from Naked 100, a perfect blend of tart summer strawberries and sweet cream.


#2 Charlie's Chalk Dust

One of the oldest manufacturers of vape juice, Charlie's Chalk Dust has been a staple product for mom and pop vape shops all over the country for years. Chances are, if you walk down to your local vape shop right now you'll find some Charlie's Chalk Dust on the shelves, and for good reason too!

These E-Juices are expertly crafted by some of the top vape juice chemists in the world. Designed to deliver an accurate flavor that pleases customers, Charlie's Chalk Dust has 27 delectable flavors to choose from.

If you enjoy dessert E-Liquids try Mr. Meringue, a taste of soft toasted meringue with hints of lemon zest.


#3 Beard Vape Co

Started by two brothers and their best friend in 2014, Beard Vape Co is a perfect example of the American Dream in action. After running a local vape shop in Venice California these pioneers realized they had the ability to create a vape juice better than any of the products they were stocking. So Beard Vape Co was born, a company dedicated to delivering quality E-Liquid flavors which satisfy customers by the thousands.

The unique numerical naming of Beard Vape Co E-Liquids comes from their early days when they we're still testing flavors. Each new flavor was assigned a number and then put onto the shop floor for customers to try. After months of testing the brothers whittled the list of flavors down to the three best sellers, No.05, No.32, and No.88, and released them to the world. Since then Beard Vape Co has continued to grow and release even more fantastic vape juice flavors.

If you like sweet E-Liquids give No.32 a try, a delicious cinnamon funnel cake vape juice that tastes like its still fresh from the carnival.  


#4 Twist Vapes

twist eliquidOne of the biggest manufacturers of vape juice in the world Twist eLiquid was started by a Los Angeles based company. Twist is best known as the innovator of the original dual pack eJuice. They're known for their creative mixologists and top of the line quality vape juice. Clearly Twist Juice has grown to become one of the largest premium vape juice manufacturers in the world.

With over 5 E-Liquid brands combining to a total of over 70 unique flavors you're sure to find a Twist E-Juice that's perfect for you.


#5 SQN

The unique approach that SQN takes to vape juice manufacturing its no wonder they carry some of the most accurate fruit flavors available anywhere. Every flavor from SQN is developed by a professional Sommelier in collaboration with a chef and a veteran vaper, ensuring that every vape juice has a perfect balance of flavor and vaping satisfaction.

While their company name, Sine Qua Non, may not be instantly recognizable you've probably heard of their NKTR brand. Now while SQN may not have the largest variety of E-Liquids to choose from, they do have some of my favorite E-Juices of all time! 

For a fantastic taste of exotic fruit try NKTR Guava, an explosion of juicy guava flavor on every puff.


  • Posted on by April Heller

    Sicdrip/ sicboy out of Colorado…

  • Posted on by Adam Berzon

    I would try a cream flavor from Naked as that’s the only company I have never bought from in your list of companies…. I was surprised you didn’t mention anything coming out of Missouri. If you haven’t had Gilbert & Parsons make sure to try them out!!!

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