Steeping Your Vape Juice: The Complete Guide


Steeping is a process to improve the flavor of e-liquid and in which you allow it to mature. It allows VG (vegetable glycerine), PG (propylene glycol), and flavor concentrate to get homogenized into a uniform mix. Stepping e-liquids is similar to aging wine with the objective to generate an improved flavor. It makes a bottle of e-liquid steep, evaporates, breaks down, and infuses the flavorings to give the taste. 

E-liquid vape components and ingredients have varied degrees of density and thickness. VG has a higher level of viscosity than PG. It means it is thick in texture and can sink toward the bottom of the bottle. Due to this reason, shaking your bottle after mixing is compulsory. However, even after shaking, the liquid required steeping of the ingredients to homogenize and become uniform.

In this blog we will talk about steeping and why it is necessary:

We can say steeping is putting some solid substance inside water either to soften it or for extracting flavor. It is similar to steeping tea or marinating meat. We can also call it “aging” your e-juice. The most appropriate term is “aging” your e-juice.

What is Steeping eLiquid?

Steeping e-juice means allowing it to age to attain better flavor, and there are many ways to do this. It also means allowing the e-juice to sit. The most important criterion is time, allowing the ingredients (PG/VG, flavorings, and nicotine to blend. Besides, juice also contains traces of alcohol, depending on the flavor used, which can evaporate while steeping. 

Why Steep My Vape Juice?

Steeping is chiefly relevant while creating your vape juice. In many cases, a steeped DIY e-juice will taste better than a freshly created one. While you can opt for recipes that are “shake & vape" certified, some companies are also creating well-formulated concentrates requiring a need for less steeping. The fact is many flavorings need time to blend. Steeping allows vape juice ingredients to congeal, and as a result, the juice flavor and aroma can get smoother and more pronounced.

This also does not mean that commercial e-juice will least benefit from steeping. You also might be wondering why you would have to do the steeping yourself, and why people just can’t sell the juice when it’s ready. You should be aware of the fact that most juices available in the market are steeped, as these juices must be on the store shelves for some weeks, but much made-to-order juice is not. It’s fresh. And there are all the chances for the juices to get better when steeped.

Different Types of Steeping

Although there aren't many ways to steep since it's pretty straight forward, there is one specific way and another hybrid mix.

Breathing Your eJuice

Breathing is not steeping as most people think. It is a different process. Pull the cap off and allow the e-juice bottle to sit for a few hours. Vape juices contain alcohol which can benefit from breathing, as it speeds alcohol evaporation. In any case, 12 hours of breathing is sufficient, as leaving it long can result in spilling and increased the chance of some alien material flying inside the bottle. 

Streath Your eLiquid

Streathing is a combination of steeping and breathing. Start this process by shaking your bottle, and running the same under warm tap water. Remove its cap and store the same in a cool, dark place for two hours. After this, again put the cap back and shake it well.

How to Steep?

The easiest way to steep is often one of the best and most foolproof methods. All you need for steeping is a dark cabinet, desk drawer, or any dark and cool space really, along with a little bit of patience.

Sunlight has an adverse affect on nicotine so make sure that wherever you store your E-Liquids is dark and cool. Letting the bottles sit allows all the different components in the E-Juice to mix together into their optimal blend. You’ll want to shake and open the E-Liquid bottles to let them breathe for a period of time no longer than 1 hour at a time and no longer than a total combined time of 4 hours of breathing.

Typically the standard steeping progress takes about 10-14 days depending on the complexity of ingredients in that particular E-Liquid.



Another method utilizes an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to vibrate the E-Liquid into a smoother mixture. Simply fill the ultrasonic cleaner with water, place your E-Liquid bottles into the water, turn the cleaner on for 30 min, remove the bottles and uncap them to let them breathe. Repeat this process until you get the desired effect.

How Long Does it Take to Steep Vape Juice?

The time depends on the juice and your perception of its taste. Fruity flavors require less steeping time-vape juices that only contain fruity concentrates take their flavor peak in 24 to 48 hours. Tobacco and creamy dessert flavors, on the other hand, require more steeping for maximal flavor. It is highly recommended that you allow these steep steps for at least two weeks. The whole aspect of steeping is to attain the optimal flavor of the juice and find if the same tastes best to you. Some people would steep their juice for 2-3 weeks, while others might allow the same to go for months. It is a highly subjective concept. You should check the color of your e-liquid. If the same gets slightly darker, you will know it's steeping.

When you are opting to buy e-juice from a store, check its born-on date and expiration date. E-juice has two years of shelf life, so check your bottle according to a timeframe to find the likelihood of even requiring a steep. If the juice is old and the flavor is off, steeping time will not help. 

Can I Speed Up the Steeping Process?

Speeding up vape juice steeping is subject to debate among vapers. Some are in favor of adopting new methods while others consider the old patience as best. If you want to experiment, here are a few speeding stacks that you can try out:

Slow Cooker

It is not only good for preparing chili, but it also offers low heat at a consistent temperature for a prolonged period. Fill your slow cooker with some water and keep the same at the low heat setting. Keep your bag of e-juice inside and shake its contents around.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaner for vape gear or jewelry can also speed steep your juice. Fill the same with warm water and allow the power of ultrasonic waves to send vibrations through your juice. In this way, molecules can get mixed. 


The process involves filling a bowl, bathtub, or sink with warm water. You do not need either room temperature or boiling water. The temperature should be just right. Keep your e-liquid bottles in a sealed plastic bag and allow nature to do the needful. It is an easy and effective way. 

Magnetic Stirrer

Pour your e-liquid into a large container, basically a glass one. Then keep one over the top of the magnetic stirrer and allow science to do the needful. This process works best, particularly if you are creating your DIY juice.

Seed Steeping

This process involves blending steeped juice with a fresh un-steeped one. This “plants the seed” will help to steep quickly.

Whether you make your vape juice or buy it from the shelves, steeping is the final touch you give to an e-liquid for enjoying vaping. While it can happen at a minuscule scale, you can make it more of an art if you are not in a hurry. Without a doubt, steeping can give you full enjoyment, but it does not mean it magically treats your bad juices. If you are steeping a bottle for a long time, and the same is not tasting right, it is every likelihood it never will. It is up to you how you need steeping done. , naturally bad recipe can't give the same flavor just by keeping it for a while. 


Is it a Good Idea to Steep Juice? 

Steeping juice improves the taste of the e-juice by allowing the flavors to mix and mature. The process involves letting e-juice rest in a cool dark place. Keep in the same position for a few days or weeks, and shake the bottle to allow flavors to meld.

Do Different Flavors Take Longer to Steep?

Yes, different flavors can take varying amounts of time to steep. Some flavors, like fruits and candies, may steep instantly while others like cream or custard-based flavors might need much longer steeping times to reach their optimal flavor. The steeping time depends on the user's preference and particular e-juice.

Benefits of Steeping Vape Juice?

Steeping vape juice can improve the flavor profile of the e-juice, resulting in a more complex and well-rounded taste. It can also help to create a smoother vaping experience and improve the consistency, and potency of nicotine. Finally, steeping can save money by allowing for the purchase of larger quantities of e-juice and improving the flavor profile over time.

Drawbacks of Steeping Vape Juice?

Steeping vape juice can have many benefits, but there are some potential drawbacks also to it. Firstly it is time-consuming and might take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, and there is a risk that the flavor profile may change or become muted if the steeping process is not done correctly. Lastly, steeping may not be necessary or beneficial for all types of e-juice, so it may not be worth the effort for some users.

Does the VG and PG Ratio Matter?

Yes, the VG and PG ratio can have a considerable impact on the vaping experience. A higher VG ratio can result in thicker clouds and a smoother hit, while a higher PG ratio can provide a stronger throat hit and better flavor. The optimal ratio depends on personal preference and the specific device being used, so it may take some experimentation to find the ideal ratio.

To Steep or not to Steep?

Steeping is not really a requirement to vaping every E-Juice, but it can improve E-Liquid flavors that are freshly manufactured. Some E-Liquids that are made by popular distributors already come pre-steeped courtesy of shipping and stocking times. There’s a few select premium brands that even have systems set up to ensure the E-Liquid they make always ships to retailers and distributors pre-steeped. It really falls down to personal preference on taste and time investment. If you can resist dripping that fresh bottle of flavorful vape juice you might discover a whole new world of taste!

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