Vaping 101: Steeping and You


Vaping 101: Steeping and You

What is Steeping?

Steeping is the process of ageing an E-liquid to allow a better flavor profile to develop. Similar to wine or alcohol, the ingredients that make up an E-Juice require a bit of time after production to fully combine together into the intended mixture. There’s several ways to achieve a perfect E-Liquid flavor through different ageing methods such as Steeping, Breathing, or a combination of the two. In this article I’ll go over the basics of E-Liquid Steeping and what you’ll need to do to make your next E-Juice a perfect all-day-vape.  

How to Steep?

The easiest way to steep is often one of the best and most foolproof methods. All you need for steeping is a dark cabinet, desk drawer, or any dark and cool space really, along with a little bit of patience.

Sunlight has an adverse affect on nicotine so make sure that wherever you store your E-Liquids is dark and cool. Letting the bottles sit allows all the different chemical components in the E-Juice to mix together into their optimal blend. You’ll want to shake and open the E-Liquid bottles to let them breathe for a period of time no longer than 1 hour at a time and no longer than a total combined time of 4 hours of breathing.

Typically the standard steeping progress takes about 10-14 days depending on the complexity of ingredients in that particular E-Liquid.

Fast Steeping

Now if you’re chomping at the bits to try your newest E-Liquid flavor, and you just can’t wait 14 days, there’s a few methods utilizing heat which allow you to speed up the steeping process.

Place your E-Liquid bottles into a sealed ziplock bag and submerge them into a hot water bath until the water cools. Take them out and shake them vigorously, open the top and let the bottles breathe, then cap them and they should be good to go.

Another method utilizes an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to vibrate the E-Liquid into a smoother mixture. Simply fill the ultrasonic cleaner with water, place your E-Liquid bottles into the water, turn the cleaner on for 30 min, remove the bottles and uncap them to let them breathe. Repeat this process until you get the desired effect.

To Steep or not to Steep?

Steeping is not really a requirement to vaping every E-Juice, but it can improve E-Liquid flavors that are freshly manufactured. Some E-Liquids that are made by popular distributors already come pre-steeped courtesy of shipping and stocking times. There’s a few select premium brands that even have systems set up to ensure the E-Liquid they make always ships to retailers and distributors pre-steeped. It really falls down to personal preference on taste and time investment. If you can resist dripping that fresh bottle of flavorful vape juice you might discover a whole new world of taste!

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