Top 5 E-Liquid Flavors For Fall


Top Five E-Liquid Flavors For Fall

Fall Flavors

Fall is upon us. Leaves change to golden hues, and the night creeps up closer every evening. It's time to accept the change. Let's get vaping on some autumnal E-Liquids. 

#5 Ninja Man by Sengoku Vapors

chocolate milk

There is something nostalgic about a chocolate-y beverage and the nostalgia seems to double when it's paired with cool air. That's why this was a no brainier go-to when making a fall-centric list of favorite vape juices. Ninja Man by Sengoku is Asian milk and dark chocolate flavors balanced with an infusion of high-quality cold milk. Indulgent taste with a smooth and creamy profile and a satisfying throat hit. Ninja Man by Sengoku Vapor.


#4 Red's Apple E-Liquid by 7 Daze

red's apple

Bobbing for apples, apple cider, apple pie, candied or caramel apples, they all scream fall. And this juice has it all. All the essence of your favorite fall activities and treats. Red's Apple E-Liquid by 7 Daze is a mesmerizing E-liquid that boasts a strong, sweet, crisp red apple flavor with every vape. 


#3 Taruto by Yami Vapor

taruto vape juice

This fluffy and creamy dessert vape makes your mouth water and warms you up at the same time. This is the perfect juice for when your cozied up, curtains drawn, with a comforting flick on the TV (or a slow burning horror classic). It also pairs perfectly with salty popcorn. The perfect fall balance for an evening at home. This sweet and creamy vape is so smooth on your throat, we know you'll feel at ease. Warm and flaky pastry crust fresh-made, filled with the creamiest vanilla custard.


#2 Mochi Dough by Juice Dimension

mochi dough vape juice

This juice satisfy you from fall to New Years and maybe even beyond. If your a fan of sweet and creamy Chai Tea Lattes then this is the juice for you. Pairs perfectly with rainy car rides and chilly evening walks. It's truly exceptional. Warm cinnamon dough fried to a delectable golden brown hue and drizzled with an irresistible sugar glaze. Mochi Dough is a smooth hitting vape-juice, intensely flavorful. 


#1 Haute Mocha by Okami

haute mocha okami

A gourmet vape juice if ever there was one. This Mocha Frappe juice begs to be vaped on a crisp autumn morning to invigorate your senses and perk you up for a chill day. The taste of delicious chocolate-infused coffee with a shot of espresso mixed in. Rich chocolate swirls perfectly with espresso to create a calming and luxurious vape. For coffee and drink vape juice lovers, Okami's Haute Mocha can't be ignored.


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