Vape Your Vitamins

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Vape Your Vitamins

In recent months the discussion of the benefits of flavored vape juices has been on the forefront of every vapers mind, as well as many at the FDA and other local and federal government levels. However, there could be a new approach to vaping that many are missing that could help get many a daily supplement of life-bettering vitamins.

The idea of vaping devices being used to distribute vitamins and other supplements is not a new one but it has ramped up in recent years. The most common example is devices providing daily doses of B12. There has been some push back at the idea but as everything involving vaping, there’s going to be some kind of a pushback from those that don’t recognize the endless beneficial uses of vaping, whether for cessation or supplementing.

Numerous methods have been developed and put into production by many companies looking to lead the revolution of vitamin-infused vaping. Some have pursued a hardware approach, looking to develop new devices made specifically for the delivery of supplements to the user. Many of these have taken a disposable approach but others have adopted a more modern sleek, pen-like appearance. Other companies are going after e juices themselves, looking to truly infuse their products with beneficial supplements, many focusing on different intended results such as Energy, Sleep, Concentration. While none have found a widespread use as of yet, there is certainly a growing interest in the possibility of an even more beneficial advancement in vaping usage.

However, there are dangers to consider. Much like vaping itself, it should always be done responsibly. When doing research for this article, it was discovered that one EightVape employee had actually had an adverse reaction to a vape device that had high levels of caffeine present. Though he admitted that he’d used the device throughout the day with no negative effects, one hit later in the day seemed to trigger a dangerous scenario. With an elevated heart rate resting at about 180 bpm and paramedics on site, it was a very precarious place he found himself, when a bit of precaution would have probably prevented it. This story isn’t meant to scare but inform, that the mistakes of the past shouldn’t be repeated. So when vaping supplements, vitamins, caffeine, and other substances outside of your normal vaping routine, be sure to play it safe until you are able to see how your body reacts.

The future days in vaping technology are going to be very interesting. From hardware to juices to what we are actually taking into our bodies, advancements are happening all the time. Right now it is a great time to be a vaping enthusiast and it is only going to get better. For more news and developments in the vaping world, be sure to stay tuned to our upcoming articles as well as check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube channel.

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  • Posted on by LDuBC

    It will be interesting to see if they can make vitamin vaping more efficient. I think the drawback now is that inhalation is not the best delivery method, unless specifically targeting the lungs. The caffeine scenario mentioned in the article is scary but I have seen juices containing caffeine and wondered what that would be like. I do think there is merit in vitamin vaping. Hell, there are those out there enjoying CBD, THC and Nicotine. Vitamin supplements in vaping form would certainly appeal to many. Especially over pills.

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