The SMOK G-Priv 2 Mod is A Dream

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SMOK G-Priv 2 Review

Amber Jones

The SMOK G-Priv 2 mod is hands down one of my favorite mods. Ever since I have started vaping, I’ve always favored a sleek design with simple navigation. My only fear when it came to this mod was the touch screen. Thankfully I haven’t had any issues and I would love to share my thoughts on this high-tech device.
Although the G-priv 2 appears very similar to the original G-priv mod, the overall size and weight has been reduced.

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Below are some of the specs:

  • Wattage Range: 1.0-230.0 W
  • Temperature Range: 200–600 F / 100–315 C
  • Supports Ni200, Titanium, and Stainless Steel heating elements.
  • Temp Control Resistance: 0.06-3.0 Ohm
  • Wattage Control Resistance: 0.1-3.0 Ohm
  • OLED Shatter Resistant 2” touch screen
  • Hidden Side Fire Bar
  • Small Lock Button
  • Standard Micro USB charger port
  • Requires two 18650 rechargable batteries


You can purchase the mod alone or as a starter kit. The starter kit does include the SMOK TFV8 X-Baby Beast Tank, but I am not a very big fan of this tank and will explain this is a later review.


smok g priv 2

Like I said before I was terrified of the screen on this mod. My main fears were shattering the screen or changing my settings while it was in my pocket. Thankfully, both of these worries were put to ease soon after receiving it. The screen itself is shatter resistant, which is great considering I’m an extremely clumsy person! I’ve dropped this mod multiple times since I’ve owned it and the screen still looks brand new!

This mod sports two buttons, the fire bar and the lock button. The fire bar is pretty standard; 3 clicks to lock and unlock it from firing and 5 clicks to turn it on and off. The lock button is located directly above the fire bar. All it takes is simply holding it down for 2 seconds and it will lock the touch screen completely. This prevents you from accidentally changing the wattage or temperature.

Although this mod is almost perfect, I do have a few complaints. I bought my mod in purple and the color is absolutely beautiful, but the paint does chip off relatively easy. A simple knick against a countertop will cause a scratch or two. Thankfully my mod only suffers from a few scuffs, but I feel like the paint will begin to flake off over time.

Secondly, there’s the battery panel. The black carbon fire battery panel is held on using four ridiculously strong magnets. This has causes somewhat of a love/hate relationship. I never have to worry about my batteries falling out, but IT’S SO HARD TO TAKE OFF. Unless you have really strong nails, taking the panel off to charge or replace your batteries is going to be a task.

Overall this mod has been a dream! SMOK is constantly releasing new devices, but this mod will always be one of my all-time favorites! The touchscreen design makes navigation and customizing the settings so simple. This mod is perfect not only for avid vapers, but for beginners as well! I 100% recommend checking it out!

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  • Posted on by Jason

    The biggest complaint I have with my G-Priv 2 is… when you put new batteries in it. It remembers all your settings except it automatically unlocks your touch screen any time you put new batteries in. I always wind up forgetting to lock it right away, a few times I’ve fired it over 200 watts (on an 80 watt coil) because of this. Coil scorch! Other than that it’s my favorite mod I’ve owned.

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