SMOK Fetch Pro Review


SMOK Fetch Pro Review

SMOK has been one of the leading names in the pod device market for the past year or so, owing much of their success to the new technology behind the RPM device. With the launch of the original RPM and Fetch Mini devices SMOK bridged the gap between pod devices and full-sized mods. With these latest devices pod vapers could get more clouds out of their nic salt juices and fans of regular E-Juice had a powerful but compact system for vaping on the go. Now this latest update from SMOK introduces a removable battery option to the two popular devices. 

Fetch Pro

But how does the new Fetch Pro measure up to the original? Well I went hands-on with one for a few weeks of testing to let you know!

The Looks

Since the updated Fetch Pro is powered by a removable 18650 battery the device itself is a bit bigger than the original Fetch Mini. It’s a bit fatter and just a touch taller, but SMOK really made an effort to make this device as small as possible while still having an external 18650 battery. There’s a compact screen complete with settings adjustment buttons below so you can change your wattage and perform other functions. Every single edge on this device is rounded so I gotta give SMOK a 10/10 on the ergonomics, this is a very comfortable device to hold and use for extended vape sessions.

As far as the colors go SMOK did a fantastic job making these devices look high tech with a unique mix of flat and carbon fiber style designs along with the fantastic metallic color options. I think the burnt orange is my favorite color but I have to say the turquoise/teal is a close runner up. Both of those colors are definitely going to turn some heads when you’re out and about, they’re just so unique among the vaporizers.

How it Works

Over the course of the last week or so I’ve thrown just about everything I could think of at this device. The coils on the Fetch Pro work amazingly with salt nic and even better with regular E-Juices, I put some of the new Jam Monster Lemon flavor in and was surprised at just how good the flavor production was. The Fetch pro has taste production that is right on par with some of the better mesh coils out on the market. The battery is held in place with a bottom door on a hinge, so no need to worry about it going flying across the floor if you drop this!

Speaking of dropping the Fetch Pro, I haven’t exactly been gentle with the sample I got so I can definitely attest to its construction quality. There have been several improvements over the original Fetch Mini system in terms of power and coil selection. The new power ceiling is right around 80W, more than enough for pod vaping. Not to mention the new cartridge adds an adjustable airflow ring to the bottom of the coils for customizable flavor. There’s also a whole new swath of RGC coils built with a conical mesh coil structure. From everything I’ve seen and experienced with the Fetch Pro, I think its the perfect device for both beginners and veteran vapers alike.

The Verdict

While it might not be the most popular opinion I’d say SMOK does a fantastic job with their new releases for the most part. The Fetch Pro once again bridges the gap between pod vaping and full-sized box mods, allowing users to choose what their preference is without needing multiple devices. I’m using the exact same RGC coil in the Pro whether I’m filling it with salt nic or regular E-Liquid and I haven’t noticed any drop in quality from the flavor production. I was using a G-Priv as my daily vape but I think with how lightweight and fantastic the flavor is, I’ll be switching over to the Fetch Pro and you should too!   



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