The SMOK Devilkin is Kind of The Devil


The SMOK Devilkin is Kind of The Devil

Amber Graham

Let’s talk about the Devilkin kit by Smok. *Sighs* I really wanted to love this kit. A brand new mod paired with the Prince Sub-Ohm tank? I thought it would be a match made in heaven. And it was... until it turned into a nightmare

I bought this kit when it first came out. I watched many reviews online and everyone seemed to think it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Of course when a company is sponsoring a video, you’ll only hear good things, but that wasn’t going through my head when I made this purchase. I own multiple Smok products and have never had any issues before, so I just assumed this would be the same.

When I first bought the Devilkin, I was in love. The Prince tank seemed to be its perfect match. The black and rainbow finish I chose looked gorgeous. The mod has a curve that makes it fit perfectly in your hand, the fire bar is nice, and the 1.3” screen is big and bright. The menu is super easy to navigate and the wattage range is perfect (1-225watts). My first few weeks vaping with this kit went by smoothly. The Devilkin was nothing short of heaven! Unlike most Smok coils, my first coil lasted almost a month! The vapor production was astounding and the flavor was even better! Everyone wanted to try it, because no one had ever seen a mod shaped quite like it.

Weeks went by and slowly the quality of the vape started going down hill. This perfect, beautiful mod was falling apart. Eventually, a piece of the mod began to pull apart from the rest of it. I will attach a handful of pictures below showing the issue. This was causing the tank to not connect properly to the mod and was making the cloud production close to nothing and my coils burn out every few days.

I immediately contacted Smok to explain the issue I was having and they were no help, explaining to me that this was basic wear and tear. AFTER A MONTH. I was completely shocked. They refused to open a case about it and told me to speak to the company I purchased the kit from. I purchased the kit from a small vape shop when I was vacationing hours away from my home and they’d already refused to help. They said it was Smok’s problem, so I was basically running in circles trying to solve this catastrophe.

The only positive thing I can say about the entire kit is that the Prince Tank is fantastic. I have put it on a different mod and it is one of my favorite tanks. If I had known better, I would’ve just purchased the tank and never touched the Devilkin.

I wish I could say I loved the Devilkin. I wish I could say it was a great purchase. I wish I could pour my heart out and tell everyone to go buy it now, but I can’t. I’m not sure if it was just my particular Devilkin, or if others have had the same issue, but I’m devastated. The Devilkin by Smok looks amazing. It feels amazing, but the quality just isn’t there for me. What are your opinions on this kit?

Have any fellow vapers had this issue? Let me know your thoughts and comments below!

Happy Vaping!


  • Posted on by RowLow

    i use to get check atomizer errors for the first month i got this for xmas 2018 now the issues am having is battery needs to be full to give out good cloud hits.. battery last for a 2-3 hours b4 i have to switch em out… smok brand is not a good brand anymore

  • Posted on by Doug

    My Devilkin mod has stopped reporting accurate battery life. It’s annoying when I’m out and about thinking I have half my battery life left, only to find that the battery is dead and cutting out after a short pull. My charger shows the battery is dead, why is the Devilkin mod having such problems? It used to work fine, and it still vapes perfectly fine, but the battery indicator is confused.

  • Posted on by Paige A

    I’m having the same problem after A WEEK of owning this. All the reviews on the site I bought it from were positive but…

  • Posted on by Kim

    I bought mine from Eightvape and messaged them a little over 30 days after purchase. Mine started making crackling noises when the charger was plugged in and would not charge at all. I was afraid to leave it plugged in after reading things about mods catching on fire. Since it was over 30 days they told me I had to go through the Smok company to get this resolved. When I messaged Smok it was during a holiday which had caused them to be closer for over a week. After they reopened they asked me to send them a video of the issue. Well, you can’t hear the crackling noise via video so I am stuck with a brand new, non-working mod. Very unhappy with my purchase and I will never purchase another Smok product.

  • Posted on by Battery

    My Devilkin fire button has started to only work intermittently.

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