SMOK Stick AIO Kit Review


The Smok Stick comes in a nondescript box that just flips open, so nothing fancy or worthwhile about that. Box contents and a product description are written on the back, and there’s also an authenticity seal you can scratch.

When you open up the box, here’s what’s inside:

  • Smok Stick AIO 1600 mAh battery
  • Two 0.23 ohm coil heads
  • USB charging cable
  • One extra seal
  • Rubber orange band glass protector 

The most work you have to do with the Smok Stick AIO is screw off the drip tip to install your coil. But other than that, you just charge it, fill it up and start vaping.

The Smok Stick AIO comes in four different colors. The iridescent and copper colored ones seemed garish to me. So, personally, I would either go with the simple stainless steel or black ones.

The “AIO” refers to “all-in-one” so, on the plus side, there’s minimal assembly required. But if you’re interested in doing some mods to the unit, then this is not the device for you since, other than the drip tip and the coils, there are no other parts you can swap out.

The coil features organic cotton wicks and four air-flow holes on each side. The wattage is written right there on the coil (25-45 watts), and it is also not adjustable.


It’s always good to let your juices soak as long you can (or want to) to let the wicks absorb every last morsel of flavor. But I didn’t do that.

I hit the Smok Stick AIO a decent dozen times and didn’t notice much flavor depletion after each successive hit. The slight slit that sits between the battery and mouthpiece is the airflow (not adjustable) valve, and there’s also a tiny, little, dot of a hole on the bottom end of the battery, which lets the battery ventilate, so the battery didn’t get too hot to hold.

If you want a one-way ticket to flavor country, then the Smok Stick AIO is the best way to get there. I thought there was good cloud production, but compared to some of Smok’s other box mods or the Smok Stick V8 Baby which has replaceable components and adjustable airflow settings, the Smok Stick AIO is more middle of the road, when it comes to cloud chasing.

Regarding upkeep, there isn’t much to do with the Smok Stick AIO. The vertical airflow promises a leak-free tank, but there’s always a little juice that either gets away from you or just builds up with use.


Other than removing the top cap and running it through some water (after you remove the coil, of course) you might want to put something absorbent into the top cap just to clean up any excess juice.

Although the Smok Stick AIO is marketed as a starter kit, it probably won’t sit well with new vapers since the direct-to-lung hits might be a little overwhelming. The Smok Stick AIO might suit the intermediate level of vapers, who aren’t so fluent in vaping but can still hold their own against mighty cloud production. 
Overall, I highly recommend the Smok Stick AIO to any vaper, new or old, for a great on the go device that doesn't require much up keep. 
-Megan Miley

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