AAAAND IN THIS CORNER: Vape Kit Heavy Hitters


With the week winding down, the dust is finally settling on this chapter in the Logan Paul and KSI YouTube Beef (yes, YouTube Beef is a thing, and we’ve all helped create this monster). So we figured, now is the best time to show you, our loyal fans, some true heavy hitters. We’ve got vape kits, mods, and accessories out the wazoo.

Keter Class Kits

But, you know, only a true contender can go home with the belt. Only the blood, sweat, and tears of a true Max Wattage king can take the title. A Temperature Control beast. Hold up, wait. Is that Ni200 Nickel under your glove? Titanium? Stainless. Steel?? Automatic disqualification.

Unless you want to slip the ref about 5 hunnid. As the officiator, I can call it a draw.

You’ll find these to be actually worth your money. And if none of these interest you, don’t forget to check out our Labor Day Sale for some noteworthy runner-ups to these top contenders. But don’t wait too long, the items for Labor Day are changing every day, and being drafted fast. Sale ends Tuesday. You might even find one of these heavyweights mentioned there. Don’t worry folks, you won’t have to cross the Atlantic to get to Manchester for these kits.


Weighing in at 200W Wet - GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Kit

Tempers flared at the Logan and KSI weigh-in, as expected. When it comes to Goliaths however, there is only one that holds its weight in gold. The GeekVape Aegis Legend is one of GeekVapes baaaaddest brawlers in its roster. This bad boy is water resistant at up to 1 meter. Oy, that’s up to 3 feet for you yanks! And man, can it take a punch.

Not only is it water resistant, it’s also shock proof. Made of aluminium, zinc alloy, and silicone, even if this juggernaut goes down, it won’t be out for the count. 4ml capacity. 0.05 - 3.0 ohm resistance range. 100-315℃/200-600℉ temperature range. Dust resistance to boot. Dust off your shoulder, champ, let’s make this a clean fight.



Dripping in Finesse - Vaporesso Revenger Go 220W TC Starter Kit with NRG Tank

Some boxers are all about finesse. Some clinch like Logan. Others run like KSI (or Floyd Mayweather…shots fired). True finesse fighters know how to stand their ground and duck and dodge at the same time. The Vaporesso Revenger Go 220W TC Starter Kit can finesse the plug without even having to get out of the way. You’ll never see this one coming.

Running off an internal, 5000mAh battery, this device has enough endurance to keep going. Dancing around its opponent like Muhammad Ali, the Revenger stays on the Go with sleek moves and an even sleeker design. It’s so pretty. Side firing, rapid trigger. Responsive 0.96” OLED touch screen. And the included NRG tank with 5ml capacity makes sure it stays juiced up. I didn’t have time to get a full interview after the fight, but the Revenger Go did hit us with a quote from its idol:

"I'm so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark." - Ali

(Honorable Mention: Vaporesso Revenger X 220W Kit) 



Super Heavyweight - The Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Kit

300 W. Three. O. O. That is this vape’s max wattage. While the Aegis Legend may be a more balanced fighter, nothing packs a punch like the the Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3. KSI was the heavy hitter in his bout, but he may want to ask the Reuleaux RX for some strike pointers.

Brains, brawn, and beauty, this one comes in 6 available colors. Bright enough, but not too flashy. Soft Poly-Angular Frame. She wants you to know she hits like a bull, and still looks like a lady. It takes three, external, 18650 batteries to get it going. Temp range of 200-600F, a heat handler. An oversized button and two adjustable buttons give you no excuse for mishandling.

At $34.95, this is the least expensive kit of all the top dogs. You know you won’t be losing money on this one. The included GNOME Sub-Ohm Tank holds up to 4ml. Delrin Widebore Drip tip for fill versatility. A 0.15ohm WM02 Dual Coil Head - rated for 30-70W 0.2ohm AND a WM03 Triple Coil Head - rated for 40-130W. It is essentially ambidextrous. Competition can rarely go blow for blow with the Reuleaux RX.

(Honorable Mention: Wismec Luxotic NC 250W Kit)


Flashy Boxers: Not of The Irish Variety - SMOK T-Priv 220W

Some boxers are all about flash. Antics galore accompany their image. A lot of words fly, but they never really say much. That is not the case with the SMOK T-Priv 220W Kit. Yes, it appears to come in every color under the sun, sometimes multiple colors on the same kit. Yet, this monster is not just peacocking.

At 220W max wattage, this is clearly a classic case of misdirection. Powered by two 18650 batteries, the T-Priv 220W reaches temps of up to 600 degrees, with adjustable resistance and TCR modes.

And just to emphasize that it’s not all about drip with the 5ml capacity Delrin Ultra-Wide Drip Tip, this kit comes with unmatched Precision Memory Modes. Perfect to remember what settings you have for the included 0.4ohm V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Coil, 0.15 ohm V8 Baby-T8 Octuple Coil, and 0.15ohm V8 Baby-X4 Quad Coil. Ten toes never fold, the V8 Baby RBA is on deck with a Two-Post rebuildable design. Don’t stunt on this one, it has already done it first.

(Honorable Mention: SMOK MAG 225W Kit Left- and Right-Handed Edition)


Tough Talk - iJoy Avenger 270 234W Voice Control Kit

Smart boxers last forever. They can outwit their opponent not just with the hands, but also with a silver tongue. Logangers and the KSI Army are both surely to be familiar with Logan Paul’s and KSI’s respective “diss tracks.” (Don’t…don’t click those links. Be kind to your ears). But the  iJoy Avenger 270 234W Voice Control Kit takes cues from rap vets like Eminem in the wit department.

Much like Eminem’s surprise Kamikaze album, the Avenger 270 controls its own narrative. With Voice Control functionality, you have full range of commands with such intuitive commands as auto power, auto watt, lock/unlock device, and shut down. The first of its kind.

The iJoy Avenger sub-ohm tank holds up to 3.2ml and comes with a exchangeable 4.7ml replacment bubble glass. Both able to withstand either its Captain X3-C1S 0.35ohm Atomizer Head and its Captain X3-Mesh 0.15ohm Atomizer Head.

0.05 - 3.0 ohm Wattage Resistance. 150 - 315C / 300 - 600F TCR range. Powered by two 18650 batteries, and carrying its own 18650 dual batter adapter sleeve. With firmware updates to boot and pass-through charging, much like the Rap God himself, the Avenger 270 is not only the first of its kind, it is sure to outlast any competitors that come to lay in its wake.

(Honorable Mentions: iJoy Capo SRDA 216W Squonk Kit, SMOK I-Priv 230W Voice Control Kit)

Ya Big Palooka

Now the choice is in your hands. Which of these heavy hitters will you invest in? Place your bets now folks. LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUUMBLLLLLLLE!!!!

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