The New Mod Dating Game



The New Mod Dating Game


Welcome Folks, to the New Mod Dating Game! I'm your host and I'm here to help YOU find that one special mod. Everyone deserves to fall in love with their mod and we aim to make that easier. 

So without further ado let's meet our eligible mods. And if at any time you'd like to learn more, or even take one of these dreamy mods out for a date, just click their photo to choose your lucky guy!


Let's get right into it with our first contender, meet Vandy Vape Resin Pulse 80W BF Mod

This handsome fella is a light weight single battery squonking device who likes being a smooth operator! Smooth as the soft silicone his bottle is made of. He's confident, likes showing off his stunning resin design and his impressively large firing button.

"Sup. I'm Vandy Vape Resin Pulse. I'm 100% dedicated to squonking, and I'm 100% dedicated to my partner. I'm a unique looking guy but I think it adds to my character. Don't judge me 'till you know me. I know I'm only 80W but it's not about the wattage it's how it makes you feel. I'm pretty hard core, I like being top of the line and crafty. That's why you go squonk yo!"

  • Likes: Organic cotton, kicking back at home, views of the stars, and being squeezed nice and tight
  • Dislikes: Cheesy horror movies, disloyalty, dry burns, and collecting dust
  • Favorite Juice: Food Flavors!!!!!
  • Ideal Date: Dirt bike rides, jet skiing, or just kickin' back playing video games


I'd like you to meet number two, SnowWolf Xfeng 230W Box Mod

This stud is ready for a wild adventure of a relationship. He's into it all; The highs, the lows, and all the fun in between. He's a high performer with tons of power and tons of style. He enjoys going out and staying out late! He's got the long lasting batteries for it. He's always the life of the party!

"Wassup, I'm Xfeng. Killer name, I know. But I'd love to know yours too so I know what my future vaper's name is gonna be. I already know we're a match because I get along with everyone. Who doesn't want a guy with various vaping modes, clean cut designs, and a bright and a vibrant display? I'm dynamic baby. I only wanna please. Yeah I'm into the drama but at the end of the day I'm into you and you only. Let's party together."

  • Likes: Sub-Ohm tanks, techno music, house music, dub step, DJ-ing, fashion and style, being charged up 100% of the time
  • Dislikes: Being tired, being bored, being boring, NicSalt, country music, the word "sorcery"
  • Favorite Juice: Beverage Juices
  • Ideal Date: Club Crawls, baby.



Now onto our eligible mod number three, Geek Vape Blade 235W TC Mod

This groovy guy is a long term lover. He's also a lover with a wide variety of taste, compatible with 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries. Talk about versatility. He packs a punch with grace and modesty. Don't let his low price fool you, he's just looking to meet everyone's needs. He's a deep thinker, a day dreamer, and a cloud kickin' kick-back babe.

"How's it going man? I'm genuinely glad you're giving me a chance. I wanna open your world man, there's so much out there. My TC Modes are all there ready for you to just try new things, see what you like, go with the flow. I love all creeds and breeds, we're all just animals you know man.. well I'm a machine, but I don't like to limit myself. I like to be fluid, you know? Anyway I'd love to get picked up by you and see how things go. No pressure or anything dude, I'm just hoping you'll give me a try. That's all we're dong on this planet anyway, you know? Just trying our best man... "

  • Likes: Music festivals, trippy visuals, laying in the grass by a body of water, kickin' it on the couch after a long hike, cloud tricks, and deep conversation
  • Dislikes: Bad vibes, but that's about it... I like to have an open mind about everything else
  • Favorite Juice: Hard to pick just one. I wanna try them all
  • Ideal Date: Concert on the beach


Now on to our fourth attractive and desirable mod, that's right it's Desire X-Mod 

Looking for something sturdy and secure? This is your mod then. Desire X-Mod is in no rush to be your Ex Mod. He's going to put in the work and the effort he knows it takes to sustain a long term relationship. A hard worker and a real looker. Sophisticated and made of durable, reliable, sturdy die-cast Zinc Alloy. This is a handsome, ergonomic mod ready for your future together.

"Hi there. Very nice to meet you. I don't normally do this, but I think you and I just feel right. I'm a stable guy, just looking for the right person to share my life with. I've got a three button design so you know I like to make things easy for you. I'm a giver, what can I say? I've been told I'm comfortable to hold, maybe you can test it out and let me know for sure. I don't know, I just trust you. Already, I know it's crazy. I told you I'm not usually like this."


  • Likes: Stability, safety features, upgradable firmware, staying at home, performing strongly, getting results, and commitment
  • Dislikes: Low energy, tardiness, passive aggressive tones, unfaithfulness, being dropped (I can take it, I just don't appreciate it)
  • Favorite Juice: Coffee flavors
  • Ideal Date: Catching up on our shows while enjoying a home cooked meal


He's quite the charmer, eh? Well don't get swept off your feet yet...

Not until you meet bachelor number five, Tesla Punk Mini 85W TC Box Mod!

Now this is a mod for all you classic brainiacs who love intricacy and detail. He'll be sure to meet your needs with his three different taste modes. He's not short on style or performance, and being mini he wants to travel everywhere with you. He's a lover and he doesn't want to let go of the people who love him.

"Hi I'm Telsa Punk Mini. I know some people aren't into mini mods, but I do have power. And what I lack in size I make up for in my smaller details. It's all about what's on the inside I think. I really want to meet you. I'm a nice guy."

  • Likes: Puzzles, tea, rainy days, movies, plays, books, video games, and rapid firing
  • Dislikes: Hiking, post-modernism, social media's effect on society, large crowds, and not getting the best out of E-Juices
  • Favorite Juice: A tie between food flavors and creamy flavors.
  • Ideal Date: A quiet night at home doing trivia or a crossword, followed by falling asleep to a documentary


He sure sounds like a keeper, and sort of looks like a classic time keeper as well.

Now for all of you lovers of activity, meet mod number six, 7 Daze Zoor

7 Daze Zoor will keep you up and at 'em, he'll never be a 7 days bore. He's sleek, discreet, and ready to go places. He loves travel, activity, and bringing you a great throat hit, it's a strong one, he works out!

"What is up my friend. I am so excited to be considered by you, you seem like a wonderful person. I love to keep healthy, I'm proud of being a healthy alternative and an easy first step to a full transition into a healthier life style. With me in your life helping you feel better, we have so much time to get out there and take on the world! Take me jogging, traveling, to the gym, to the pool, to your friend's house, to the store, on a hike, jogging again, and then we can go home once all that is done and get some rest to do it all again the next day. I am pumped! I am so ready for this!"

  • Likes: Being all-in-one, being easy to take along, waving at people, smiling at strangers, staying healthy, SaltNic, ceramic coil technology, apples
  • Dislikes: Cheat days, sleeping in, low battery life, people who don't like to smile
  • Favorite Juice: I am very particular about what I put in my body, which is why I am pre-filled with a 2ml capacity with either apple, cake, and mint ice
  • Ideal Date: A hike followed by a light jog, getting a fresh pressed juice, then doing a spin class, followed by a trip to whole foods


He is one heck of a man who knows exactly what he likes. But lets move on to...

Mod number six who is a great addition to the mix, it's Eleaf iJust 3 80W Kit!



Eleaf iJust 3 comes from a rich family of high preforming mods from the Eleaf family. He's a man who likes simple sophisticated looks and operates calmly and easily. He's sturdier than most pen style vapes. He comes in an intricate and lovely design along his chassis. Very classy, very well stated, very much ready to meet you.

"Hey you, I'm Eleaf iJust 3 80W. If you know who my father is, which I'm sure you do, you'll find I'm basically an upgraded version. I fire up to 80W which is super impressive for a pen style vape mod not gonna lie. I'm really ahead of my class. I have an Ello Duro tank so you know I've got that 6.5ml juice capacity, like a champ! Can't wait for you to get to know me more, you won't regret it, and I know you're gonna love it."

  • Likes: Being me, my built in battery, my single button operation... even though I'm not a simple mod, I'm kinda awesome
  • Dislikes: Negativity, insecurity, batteries sold separately, low juice capacity tanks
  • Favorite Juice: Classic tobacco flavors
  • Ideal Date: Kicking back and watching the game


And last but certainly not least our next mod for your consideration is the one and only...

Suorin Drop!

This guy loves life! To him, it's all about laughing, living, loving, and creating. Easy to carry and pocket friendly, he knows you'll want your hands free to draw, write, play music, and slap your knees when your laughing hard. 

"How're you doing? I'm Suorin Drop. I know, I know, I look like an egg... But don't get too egg-cited yet, let me tell you more about me. I'm an egg-cellent guy if you like keeping it lose and easy. I'm refillable which is perfect because other dudes with big tanks can be eggs-hausting to refill. I'd love to come along with you to concerts, art galleries, comedy shows, whatever. I'm just here to show you a good time, and when it hard boils down to it I just want to keep your sunny side up and not make you feel too scrambled with bigger complicated guys. Let's hang out, I'm always down to crack you up! Get it? Crack? Like an egg."

  • Likes: Jokes, art of all sorts, dancing, cuddling, being a free spirit
  • Dislikes: Taking things too seriously, low MG juices
  • Favorite Juice: Candy flavors
  • Ideal Date: Pizza, beer, arcade games, then going out to some type of show


That's it! Give another round of applause to our amazing contestants!


We at the Mod Dating Game hope you gave these nice guys a click and hopefully, go out on a date. And we hope you guys also really click with each other. 

For the Mod Dating Game, this has been EightVape. Hope to see you again, and hope you find love.


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