The Amazing Women of Vaping


The Amazing Women of Vaping

It's our day, Ladies. Time to get in vaping formation. Today is August 26th, Women's Equality day. It's no secret, vaping is a male dominated game. From cloud chasing to reviews they seem to be people's go to for vaping entertainment and information.

No doubt there are tons of amazing Vaper Models out there on the world wide web. And we looooooooooooove and support those badasses. But this Equality day, I want to highlight the women of vaping who aren't just a pretty face to look at but have an impact on the vape world by giving us information and reviews, as well as entertainment. 

Here is a list of some of the best vaping ladies we can't get enough of (in no particular order).

1. Zophie Vapes

Zophie is a familiar face on EightVape and for a good reason, she's smart! She knows her stuff. She is always thorough, honest, and entertaining. She's comfortable in front of the camera, and we're lucky for that, because she's always pumping out new content for us to gobble up.

We learn a lot about new devices and juices from her and we love it.

Not to mention, she's got some pretty sick hair.

2. MahafsounLair

YES. Everything about this channel is just, YES. Vaping? Yes. Hot Goth Chick? YES. What the hell else do you need? I know I was promising to talk more about these ladies' brains than their looks. But just give me a couple more sentences.

Oh my god, just goth me up and throw away the key! She's got some great rock music in the playing. There is a fall wreath AND what looks like a pumpkin candle in the background of this video and it was published in JUNE! She's a Halloween All Year type of gal and I am INTO IT. 

What I like about her that I haven't mentioned already is that she says that she is semi new to vaping which helps people who are starting off as well to have their basic questions answered. She talks about how she's nervous about a hard throat hit, she talks about how the vape does at low wattage, and other general topics that beginners may be curious about. 

3. TiaVapes

TiaVapes is the adorable counterpart to MahafsounLair. As evidenced by the complete polar opposite of Halloween decor, Valentine's Day, behind her. She has a lot of special guests on her channel and they always have a fun and silly rapport with each other, which we love to see.

She's thorough in her reviews, which range from juice to hardware to accessories. She's so sweet and so enthusiastic when opening up new products. She gives tons of information and has a wealth of knowledge. She gives her viewers all the tiny details they want to know before making a purchase. 

Gosh, she's just so cute. Also she had a baby! Show her some love and congratulations. She's so dedicated to her channel that she kept posting even through her pregnancy (not vaping of course, she had her special guests do it for her) which is amazing. Big props from EightVape for that.

4. Alloy Ash

Alloy Ash has an extensive channel reviewing all sorts of cool things from clothes to make up, and of course vaping products. We love her because of her cool hair, awesome tattoos, and adorable hairless cat named Knives. 

She's really fun and loose, super laid back. Her voice is nice and bubbly and she gives a good voice to the products she shows off. 

We truly love and appreciate all these knowledgeable lady vape reviewers and all the ones out there we didn't mention. We want to see even more of you. If you think you have a good voice for products, let it be heard girls! We are accepting user reviews on our channel which can be written or filmed. Email them to us at

Okay, so since we covered these bad ass and smart women... let's check out some equally bad ass vaping babes.

All right. That ought to do it. Oh wait, it's also National Dog Day (isn't that a great coincidence?) so here's a vine compilation of some cute dogs.


  • Posted on by Sandi Cece Bort

    Hey love this idea Imma vaper and easy on the eyes….. Check me out on Insta@sandicece1 FB Sandi Cece Bort and Twitter I’m not ur traditional vaper I’m the "Chica latína de Argentina / Chicana Yup with pink, hot pink, blue blonde hair lol Age??? Hell I’m breathing that’s all that matters Check me out ❤❤❤💞💞💞💃💃💃💃👀🙏

  • Posted on by Karina

    @JanetWambold-Buraik and @LacyFromDivision You guys rock! I was mostly just looking for women who are on youtube because that community is male dominated and I wanted to focus on the women, who happen to mostly be younger. But your stories give me great inspiration for a new article. I may one day ask for women like you two to send me some photos and stories so people can learn a bit more about you!

  • Posted on by Lacey from Division

    I have to agree with Janet above in that I don’t look like most of the reviewers. Nor do most of my female customers. I’m getting way too close to the 50 marker for my liking.

    I work in the oldest vape shop in my city. We have multiple locations, a kick ass owner, and a large female percentage in our crews. We’re 50% female in our shops. All of us women build for customers, educate about battery safety, and advocate for vaping.

    I’m glad to see that there’s more women now than when I first started. Keep coming ladies, we’ll take it over soon. ;)

  • Posted on by Janet Wambold-Buraik

    Most of us, women of vaping, don’t look like the ladies in the article. For example, I am almost 62 years old. I’ve been vaping for over 5 years. I build my own coils and diy my own liquids which I share with friends. I don’t need my picture in a magazine. I’d just like us to be acknowledged. I do love Zophievapes though. She’s a fun girl who knows what she’s doing.

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