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Mind Blowing Vape Juice Recipes

Karina White | September 03 2018

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Mind Blowing Vape Juice Recipes

If you don't have your own homemade E-Juice, store bought is fine.


Sometimes a juice is love at first hit. Other times its a swing and a miss. And every so often you get a juice that's just almost there... It needs a little something. Like when you're cooking and you add the perfect amount of just the right spice and suddenly the dish goes from good to amazingly delicious. 

Or maybe there's a vape juice flavor that doesn't exist yet but you can't wait for the manufacturers to do it themselves, so you take matters into your own hands. You go to and hit up the juice section and essentially go grocery shopping for the right juices to make that perfectly unique flavor. 

If mixing your E-Juices is something that's always appealed to you but you weren't sure what "ingredients" you want to try first, I've put together some recipes for you.

Cooking is one of my all time favorite hobbies. After work, I unwind by opening up my pantry or fridge and seeing what I have to work with, what I'm going to create that night. So when I began mixing vape juices it was just like that. I worked with what I had. Now when I shop for vape juice all that goes through my mind is, "what can I mix with it to take it above and beyond?" And I end up a lot of the time buying to or more juices that I know I'll like on their own, but like even more when they're combined with something else.

With a lot of trial and error and working with different flavors and proportions, I developed a few good combinations that are sure to please any palate, from fruit to candy, to coffee to savory.

These recipes use measurements based on vaping with a sub ohm tank with about a 4-5ml capacity. If you have a pod with 2ml tank convert by halving the measurements. If you're dripping, "one part" should equal to about three to five drops, using your best judgement based on the build you have going on at the moment.

So without further ado, let's get mixin'


The first recipe we have today is for a little treat I call 

Cafe of Vape

Perfect for cold fall evenings or brisk, refreshing mornings. Reminiscent of a perfect cup of coffee with a creamy swirl of cinnamon and chai.


Next is for the adventurous vapers who like light, sweet flavors with a dash of tart and sour. 



A bubbly Japanese fruit soda. With candy like essences plus realistic fruit flavors subtly blended in. With a light twinge of sour lemon and hint of tart blackberry.


Alternative Method: Thoroughly prime a new coil using Vapetasia Black Berry Lemonade, then fill tank with Circus Cooler. 


On the subject of japanese beverages, I bring you...


Chill Bubbles

For fans of bubble tea (Boba) with equal parts creaminess and sweet refreshing tastes. A creamy bubble tea with lavender and vanilla, with hints of honey glazed boba, mixed with refreshing iced tea and peach.


If you're into creaminess then boy do I have a recipe for you...


Banana Blitz

My favorite amusement park snack is Dippin Dots! And my ALL TIME favorite flavor, the best flavor, is the banana split. With rigorous testing I've developed a concoction that is pretty damn near that sweet, creamy flavor if I do say so myself.


This next one is for you candy lovers. It's a personal favorite.


Sour Strawi

The first mix I truly mastered. This recipe is highly variable, you can choose to have more of one or the other depending on your preferences. But my favorite way to mix it is...


If you're averse to menthol, I highly suggest you give this a go any way. The menthol really makes the sour straws taste like a real sour straw. The menthol kicks that sour sugar taste into gear. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


How about a nice dessert to wash down that candy...


Grahamberry Cake

The best strawberry cake vape you'll ever have. Actually, maybe the only strawberry cake vape juice you can find. Most strawberry cake vapes are strawberry cheese cake or cream cake. I want that classic out of a box strawberry cake that almost has a creamy tart to it. And to achieve this unique and nostalgic flavor all you need is


Fruit fans beware, I have your next addiction.


Greenie Melon

For lovers of the crisp and sweet taste of the watermelon Jolly Rancher. There's nothing quite like that flavor, it was everyone's favorite. There was something different about it than other watermelon candies, and I think I've gotten this mix to replicate that mysteriously delicious taste.


The hint of apple gives the watermelon that tangy, almost sour twist that Jolly Ranchers watermelon flavor has.


Sweet and savory vape juice is served...


Calling The Kettle

There are a few good sweet and salty popcorn flavors out there, but none really have that creaminess that traditional Kettle Corn does. The sweet salty Kettle Corn usually has an added taste of a smooth glaze that some vape juices can't or just don't represent in sweet and salty popcorn juices. But I think this combination gets it. Hear me out on this one...



I hope some of these sparked your interest and you're eager to go and grab your bottles of these juices if you already have them. If not click the juices in red to snag a bottle and get mixing! 

You can buy some with 0MG if you're just getting them to accentuate your base flavor if you choose. 

If these work in your favor or if you tweak them a bit let me know how it goes!

Have your own mixtures? Share them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Have your own completely unique vape juice flavor? Enter it in our latest contest to win some big prize money! Email us your idea at


  • DAVID LEONE: September 15, 2018

    I thought this was for DIY e-liquid. That’s a bummer. I was pretty excited until I saw what it actually was… :(

  • Dan W.: September 15, 2018

    Assumed this was an article about DIY e-liquid. Oh well..

  • Jordan : September 15, 2018

    1/2 naked Hawaiian pog ice
    1/2 lemon twist reg/pink lemonade
    My all time favorite so far!

  • Bridget : September 08, 2018

    Raspberry Sundae in a Waffle Cone

    1 part: American Dream Cream by Banger
    1 part: Raspberry Jam by Jam Monster

    Really great flavor. Try it!!!

  • JohnMan: September 04, 2018

    Interesting I created a great flavor once but failed to record how I did it. Anyway thanks for the ideas! I highly recommend a pic be included of the Arthur in every blog so we know who is writing … Better than just a name…

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