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Being a Courteous Vaping User

Alex Weingarten

Posted on March 05 2018


As with any activity, there’s a matter of etiquette and rules when vaping. Becoming a courteous vaping user is just a matter of common sense. Be aware of those around you and what the accepted level of usage is in any specific area. You have to be aware that many individuals still don’t know all the facts about the practice and consider vaping to be the same as or similar to smoking.

Follow the proceeding suggestions will help keep the peace between you and your companions as well as other co-workers and strangers who are around you.

Explain to those who are interested exactly why vaping is a better alternative rather than smoking. Such points to be made can be that cigarette smoke stays in the air for several minutes while vapor dissipates in seconds. Studies have shown that there are no real negative effects to the general public from the vapor produced by an individual. Many individuals have taken up vaping for a multitude of reasons. They use vaping as an alternative to cigarettes and to improve their general physical condition.

There are several areas that vaping should just not be done at. These include schools, churches, movie theaters, public transportation and most airports and on airplanes. If you’re in an area and are unsure if it’s okay to vape, make it a point to simply ask. Even if you’re vaping in an environment that allows it, others may be offended so remain alert and aware of those who may feel this way.

Be Accommodating
Make it a point to always blow the vapor away from anyone around you, just as you would if you were really smoking. No matter where you are, if someone is offended by your actions, it’s best to just move to another place or discontinue vaping. It’s not worth a confrontation so it is best to remain calm and considerate.

Vaping is a personal choice, but it may not always be a popular one. Until the general public becomes more knowledgeable about this better alternative to smoking, it’s important to eliminate negative opinions and judgments. Following the above suggestions will assist in just that. Take the high road and always be polite and accommodating. 


  • Christopher Leyva: January 16, 2018

    All and every Unexperienced and mainly experienced Vape smokers have to and need to read this. These are all exreamly valued points!! I believe vaping is a better and healthier alternative, and with that said we shouldn’t unrespectfully blow clouds where and when we fill. The objective is alternative not sport or entertainment. Work hard stay humble..

  • Ian Cruickshank: January 25, 2017

    Love this! I really appreciate that you have this. Some people really need to see this.

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