Vaping Etiquette: Things To Consider When Vaping In Public


The vaping sphere has recently experienced a massive influx of new vapers. While this is good news, the downside is that vape kits have a negative image similar to smoking.

By observing proper vaping etiquette, we can promote moral behavior when vaping and alleviate the stereotypes associated with it. Below we'll discuss the top do's and don'ts of vaping, socially and publicly:

blowing vapor in someones face

Be Mindful of Other People When Vaping in Public

Although the "don't vape where you wouldn't smoke" works for specific places, it's not always applicable. Most non-smokers and establishments tolerate vapers, allowing people to enjoy vaping in their corners.

So, the easiest way to ensure it's okay to vape is to ask! For instance, if you're in a restaurant, pub, or office, you can ask the staff member whether you can vape. If it's not, they'll point you to a smoking area where you can enjoy vaping.

In addition, remember to follow this rule in people's homes and cars. Although vaping is safer than smoking, some people may not prefer the fumes in their personal space.

Be Respectful of Kids or Children

The risk of second-hand damage from vaping is close to none, but it's crucial to understand that many parents don't want their children exposed to the vapors, whether due to nicotine or allergies.

Therefore, the best thing to do when you notice or pass a child is to blow your vape away from their direction, or better yet, not do it around the kids or children.

don't smoke or vape near children

Don't Blow Clouds Near People or on Their Face 

Although this one is obvious, you'd be surprised how many vapers forget this! Non-vapers and vapers don't like others blowing clouds near or on their face.

Although it's not as dangerous or irritating as blowing smoke on your face, it's still annoying. In addition, it's not tricky to blow vapors where no people are around. So, whether you're out with your best friend or a stranger, never blow the vape at other people.

An excellent way to avoid blowing clouds near people is to lift your head above them, turn over your shoulder, and exhale the vapors. That way, you can enjoy vaping without hurting anyone else!

Ghost Your Hit

If you can take small vape hits to the point where almost nothing is blowing out, that's perfect. This is called ghosting your hit. Simply take a small puff, inhale and hold it in for a few seconds before exhaling.

ghost your vape hit

Be Respectful to Other Vapers

Just because someone vapes does not mean you share the same morals. So, remember to respect other vapers, including asking for permission before using their e-cigarette.

Furthermore, avoid blowing clouds near their face and ask before you vape in their car or at home. Not everyone who vapes enjoys it in their vehicle and living area.

Use Stealth Vaping 

If you're in an establishment that does not allow vaping, don't try to be stealthy! The fact is that anyone can detect the smell and vapors of vape, whether you try to hide in your hoodie or sit underneath the table.

Moreover, if you go unnoticed by the staff, it's likely someone else will, which could lead to confrontation. So, don't annoy other people and hurt the reputation of vaping by using stealth vaping.

Don't Vape When People Are Eating

Most non-vapers don't enjoy the smell of vaping at meals, believing it hurts their appetite. While you might disagree (and love the smell of vaping), it's best to respect other people's preferences.

You can step away to a smoke area for a post-meal vape or outside the restaurant.

vaping while eating

Cloud Chasing

Here's the thing: blowing huge vape clouds is fun for us, but it can be intimidating for non-vapers. As a result, many cloud chasers avoid blowing massive fumes in public, or they might find themselves at the receiving end of many dirty looks.

While it's not fair to give up everything you enjoy, you can try cloud chasing in areas that don't hurt other people. For instance, you can blow vapor clouds in a park or a pub, but avoiding it in restaurants or streets is best.

cloud chasing event competition

Respect Personal Space 

Similar to how vapers don't enjoy hearing they should "stop," non-vapers don't like when you blow clouds in their personal space.

Moreover, even vapers don't appreciate others blowing vapors in their faces. So, don't do something you wouldn't appreciate from another vaper when vaping!

Another thing to remember is to avoid smoking in long lines or any other place where you're near other people. While there are no laws, the smell and fumes of the vape can be unpleasant for nearby people.

Be Nice to Smokers

Quitting smoking or switching to e-cigarettes is a personal thing. Moreover, quitting can be tricky for most, and criticizing someone who still smokes can do more harm than good.

To successfully quit smoking, a person must take the first step themselves; you can't force someone. So, instead of harassing smokers, vape in peace.

Avoid Vaping on Zoom 

There's a time and place for everything, and your Zoom meeting is not the place for showing off your new vaping skills. Be respectful during professional workplace meetings by avoiding vaping and smoking on-screen. Remember, you can always enjoy a post-meeting vape off-camera!

If in Doubt, Ask 

Before vaping in a public space, a vehicle, or someone's home, consider asking if the establishment and people are okay with it. Many non-vapers find the smell and vapor clouds unpleasant and annoying.

Instead of contributing to the negative stereotypes of vaping, try to foster a positive image by being respectful and always asking.

vaping in a vehicle

Use a Discreet Device

The best, most polite way to vape in establishments is to use a discreet vaping device. That way, you can enjoy vaping without blowing huge, off-putting clouds.

Additionally, a discreet device helps you avoid annoying non-vapers with strong odors and fumes.

The Bottom Line

It's not challenging to vape in public, given that you follow the proper vape etiquette. Remember that the best thing to do is to treat vaping like smoking, from respecting other people's personal space to never blowing clouds near a person's face.

Having respect for others and following the dos and don'ts of vaping can help you go a long way in creating a positive image for vaping.


  • Posted on by Christopher Leyva

    All and every Unexperienced and mainly experienced Vape smokers have to and need to read this. These are all exreamly valued points!! I believe vaping is a better and healthier alternative, and with that said we shouldn’t unrespectfully blow clouds where and when we fill. The objective is alternative not sport or entertainment. Work hard stay humble..

  • Posted on by Ian Cruickshank

    Love this! I really appreciate that you have this. Some people really need to see this.

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