Illustrations from the Clouds: Vape Art


Artistry. The first physical form of storytelling. Evolved from oral tradition, drawn and etched ancient images can be found as hieroglyphics, Greek vases, and Chinese paintings on silk and lacquerware. Meant to convey events, experiences, feelings, and any and every human concept of nature and life, art takes various forms. Forms that inspire the mind and hand of the artist as distinct cultural aspects orchestrate their vision. So, it stands to reason that just like Rule 34 of the Internet, if it exists, there is art of it.

Palettes, From Colors to Vape Flavors

We know art is more than just hand drawn images. It’s sculptures, it’s metalwork, its engravings, etc. Take a second to consider the intricacies of vaporizer designs. Now imagine the vision that goes into understanding the build of a mod to the point where one caters the assembly to their preference. Tanks of peculiar shapes and sizes, altered facades of mods, leather grips, golden coils, hand threaded lanyards and cases. Meticulous architecture from the brand and consumer.

If the creation and customization of a vape mod can be so intricate, could art inspired by vaping culture be just as fascinating? All things considered, the idea wouldn’t be so far-fetched. Let us take a look at some modern art inspired by vaping culture.

Vaping With Your Tribe


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” - Thomas Merton

Titus Edwards is an Instagram celebrity famous for his multitude of vape tricks that he shows off on his profile. He started vaping in 2015 as a way to quit smoking. Formerly a shy I.T. manager at some of his local schools, he credits vaping with breaking him out of his shell after he was inspired to start posting his vape trick. Now he is sponsored by different companies to compete in vaping competitions, has his own line of vape juice, has gained friends and love through the vaping community, and was even featured on the Discovery Channel. Seems like he’s not just blowing smoke rings to me.

The OG Mods

"Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” - Malcolm Forbes






If you’re not familiar with fan art, it typically consists of original illustrations of preexisting characters and scenes from literature, television, and film, among other sources. A mod of the of the original source art, if you will. This art is created by fan of the media by hand or on computer. Looking at the image above, the stereotypical fan you might have in mind to combine an image of a fictional TV anti-hero with an e-cig might be a ne'er do well hipster bro who idolizes fake TV druglords. Putting aside the fact that you know deep down that you also wanted to be Scarface at some point or another, this is not the case here.

Some Internet sleuthing has uncovered that the artist is Zak Sindon, an IT Specialist (noticing a pattern here?) in Binghamton, NY. Also an experienced Graphic Designer and Artist, he worked for some time at vape retail store in his locale. Clearly worlds collided into this beautiful image that is not just part of the vaping world, but is now immortalized in the digital realm. You can get your hands on this particular print here.


“I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.” - Frida Kahlo







Jennifer Williams took her reality into her own hands. Literally. Originally only a customer at Vape Scene in Lake Villa, IL, she surprised the owner, Frazier Domingo, one day by breaking out her bag of vapes one day after one of his employees tried to sell her an array of different devices. She turned to vaping after she and her husband quit smoking, turning to vaping. Buying a dripper, the next step for Williams was building.

Williams is only one of multiple women part of an initiative started in March 2014 by Domingo to hire women builders to encourage better customer service and draw in a female customer base to the store. Known as Vape Scenes corps of female builders, these women not only bring a new face to the...well, “vape scene”...but they each bring their own unique story and artistic hand to each customer’s mod and establish a trusting base in their local vape community.

It’s All Subjective

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This beholder not only sees the beauty in vape art, but also the positive energy and bonds it creates.



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