Nicotine: How Much is Too Much?


Nicotine: How Much is Too Much?

Most of us like to remain aware of what we are putting into our bodies. If you've made the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping, it's most likely because you were acutely ware of the thousands of chemicals that smoking cigarettes puts into your body. Maybe now you're wondering if vaping nicotine E-Juices are also putting additives into your system.

E-juices, Vape Juice, E-Liquid... they all are comprised of a certain percentage of Vegetable Glycerol and Polypropylene Glycerol, most commonly 70/30 or 50/50. Most flavorings are gong to contain sweeteners like sucrose. These additives are deemed safe by the FDA and are of course strictly monitored and tested by their manufactures. 

And as I am sure you know, most E-Juices contain nicotine. 0 milligram juices are an option too, and nicotine levels range from .0% to .6% with SaltNic E-Juices ranging from 25% to 50%.

A nicotine overdose is something we all think of and are probably all a little worried about frankly. And a 50 milligram nicotine level can sound insane to most people. With vaping not being as harsh or gross tasting as a traditional cigarette, shouldn't a nicotine overdose be easy?

The answer is actually no, not really. 

Vaping a high MG nicotine liquid can in some cases result in feeling light headed, which is likely to cause fainting if you have a disease like FMD or heart conditions. If you have a condition or a history of strokes/mini strokes, a high MG Nic Salt juice is highly discouraged!

According to the CDC most E-Liquids do not contain enough nicotine to kill an adult who is vaping normally. If you began to vape abnormally, like an insane insane amount of high MG nicotine juice, you would become too unwell to continue vaping the needed amount to kill you.

Ingesting a full 60ml bottle of vape juice that contains nicotine is lethal and why you should keep bottles out of reach from children and pets. And also why you shouldn't stick a straw in your bottle of Naked 100. Ingesting a small amount of 0MG nicotine is not going to give you any instant adverse effects.

Nicotine levels are not measured by the puff. If your juice contains six milligrams of nicotine, with each hit off your vape you are not inhaling six milligrams of nicotine. 6MG refers to .6 milligrams per milliliter of E-Juice.

A good way to keep track of the amount of nicotine you're consuming is to know the capacity of your tank or cartridge, know how many tanks or cartridges you go through a day, and multiply that by the amount of nicotine is in the bottle.

For example the average tank size tends to be around 5ml.

5ml x 6mg/ml = 30MG of nicotine a day.

The average pod cartridge size is 2ml and people typically use SaltNic juices in these devices, which tend to be around 35MG of nicotine.

2ml x 35mg/ml = 70MG of nicotine a day.

While this number sounds high it is no where near the amount necessary to harm you. It's not an easy task to go through a whole tank or pod in say an hour. So it's unlikely you'll feel sick or light headed spacing our your vaping and going through perhaps a tank a day.

That simple equation is also not entirely scary to think about when you take into consideration that most responsible vaping adults know their limitations and don't push past them. Listen to your body and only vape when you need to. If vaping is making you feel worse, I don't know... maybe stop. Even just for a minute or two. It's simple enough that a child could do it BUT WE DO NOT CONDONE THIS IN ANY WAY!

Tobacco free nicotine and juices that claim to use only Organic/All-Natural ingredients are no exception to this. Anything that contains nicotine should be used only when necessary and in moderation. The best way to vape continuously (if that's your style) is to take deep regular breaths between inhales and remain hydrated. These are also basic rules for just staying alive in general. 

If you're worried about vaping spoiled E-Juice, don't be.

Vape juice does go bad, but not as bad as say cheese or fruit. Fruit flavored E-Juices are not more prone to going bad, nor would cheese flavored juices... But I'd say those would probably bad to begin with... (Unless you want to pitch it to us in an appealing way)

A general rule of thumb for the shelf life of a vape juice is two years after its manufacture date, so long as you keep it in a cool place out of direct sunlight, tightly sealed and tucked in. Treat your vape juice right. 

Getting nicotine on your skin will not kill you unless you take a full on bath in it WHICH WE DO NOT CONDONE IN ANY WAY. But nicotine is absorbed through the skin so if you have a mess of juice to clean up use gloves. And if it does come in contact with your skin, rinse it off with some soap and water. 

Like everything, vaping should be done in moderation and with a solid amount of knowledge on everything from your hardware to what juice your vaping with. 

Vape Safely EightVape Family!


  • Posted on by Karina

    Hey @MrPaint that was an oversight by me, sorry I dn’t know how I made that mistake… just a regular case of brain fart I suppose.
    And @Tvape it’s not impossible since nicotine increases adrenaline which can cause your heart rate to elevate and stimulate anxiety. Just listen to your body

  • Posted on by Tvape

    Can too much nicotine lead to anxiety attacks?

  • Posted on by Tvape

    Can too much nicotine lead to anxiety attacks?

  • Posted on by MrPaint

    In the second paragraph of the article it says ‘vegetable glycerin and propylene glycerine’ – it should say propylene glycol instead.

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