Vaping In Your Car While Driving: Find Out Why It's Bad


Vaping while driving might be risky if you're not careful. Therefore new users should start indoors or outside first. It may seem impossible to cruise down the highway while keeping both hands on the wheel. Nevertheless, there are specific recommendations for vaping in vehicles so that you can drive guilt-free. Start practicing indoors or outdoors, then progressively extend your time vaping in your cars.

Another thing vapers don't realize is that you may be dizzy or lightheaded from high nicotine content vapes. Even if you're a master at vaping, consecutive draws can get you lightheaded. 

Is It Illegal to Vape and Drive?

Although smoking and vaping are not illegal at the federal level, it is crucial to be aware of regional regulations. Using electronic devices while driving is harmful, so several regions have rules against it. For example, Scotland is trying to pass a law to stop drivers from vaping and driving. 

Police have cited people for driving while visibly disoriented while vaping. Vaping is illegal in many locations where smoking in vehicles with children is also forbidden. It is advisable to avoid vaping while driving if you have children with you.

Additionally, vaping while driving may affect liability in an accident. Making ensuring that vaping doesn't cause a distraction while driving is essential.

vaping while driving

Will Vapor Destroy My Cars Interior?

The presence of vegetable glycerin in vaping liquid can cause damage to automobile interiors, particularly upholstery. Even more so, it can definitely create obtrusive sticky spots on windows. It can be challenging to get rid of the scent. 

Vegetable glycerin is an oil and when it's exhaled, the oil can stick around in the vapor. As you're driving, it's normal to just blow your clouds directly in front of you. Well, your windshield is right in front of you and this creates an oil buildup on your window. It looks like your windshield is fogging up which it is, but you can't just get it off that easy. Turning your window defroster will do absolutely nothing. The best way to clean this is by scrubbing vinegar on your window.

windshield residue from vaping

Open Your Window When You Drive in Your Car

To protect your car from vapor pollution, avoid glycerin and propylene glycol clinging to the inside. This will also help prevent vapor clouds obstructing visibility so open a window. Keep your windows down when driving; rolling them up could indicate non-tobacco smoking.

How Do I Clean My Windows After Vaping in the Car?

Spray soapy water or a glass cleaner on your automobile's windows, scrub with a soft towel, and then blot dry with a rag. Alternatively, clean windows by wiping them down with vinegar and water. To get a diluted solution, combine one-part vinegar with three parts water.

Don't Leave Your Disposable Laying Around in the Car While Driving

Extreme weather and inappropriate vaping temperatures can harm e-cigarettes, particularly in hot automobiles, winter storms, and rainfall. Temperatures between 14 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for lithium-ion batteries used in e-cigarettes and other electronic gadgets. Keep your e-cigarette out of the hot car or the cold weather to prevent overheating.

In response to exposure, e-cigarettes may twist, melt, inflate, bubble, or exhibit other undesirable characteristics. Keep your e-cigarette away from warm automobiles, blizzards, and rainfall to avoid potential safety risks.

cleaning your car windshield from vegetable glycerin build up

Will My Car Smell If I Vape Inside?

Similar to smoking, vaping also causes your automobile to smell bad. Additionally, some interior areas may have sticky stains due to the vegetable glycerin used to make the vaping e-liquids.

Vaping produces a stench, although it is less noticeable because it soon dissipates unless you vape with your windows open. On the other side, despite numerous vapers saying that vaping will not leave your interior area smelly, you'll notice a lingering odor if you don't air out the room or roll your windows down while you vape. This can be from the humidity created in your car.

Always check certain safety boxes before you begin vaping in your car while driving and listening to your favorite music if nothing else offers you the same rush. Pull up to the window, don't vape in front of children, and dispose of the waste properly.

You may vape safely for you and anyone nearby if you follow the straightforward rules and practices!

Don't Drip and Drive

You should never use a rebuildable dripping atomizer while driving. Use a pod system or a vape tank as long as it provides a steady supply of e-liquid. While using an RDA, you must wet the atomizer's wick after every few puffs. Therefore, you should always have an e-liquid bottle on hand. That's fine when you're at home, but it's completely inconvenient when you're driving. Dripping needs two hands, and driving while dripping impairs your ability to manage the vehicle. Avoid doing it.

dont drip and drive tshirt

Understand How to Use a Mech Mod First

The lack of built-in safety mechanisms in mechanical mods makes them unsuitable for vaping battery safety. Because they don't include any disclaimers about short circuits or other possible hazards, these modifications frequently result in overheating or explosions.

Mechanical mods also lack the automatic puff timer, which stops the battery from overheating when a user puffs continuously for several seconds. Driving requires this feature since a mech mod in a handbag or car console is more likely to be misplaced or destroyed. When driving, it is advisable to leave the mech mod at home and possibly just use a disposable vape.

vaping while driving a stick shift

Vape Tanks Leak During Elevation Changes

Due to the possibility of vape tanks spilling during slopes, mountainous areas necessitate carefulness when vaping in cars. The weak vacuum produced by vaping forms a vacuum inside the tank, but when the air pressure rises, the void disappears, and the e-liquid flows out through the intake vents of the tank, leaving a cup holder full of vape liquid.

Driving with the tank only partially full will limit potential loss by enabling the air to fill and prevent the tank from spilling its contents at an altitude. Starting with the tank half full and filling it up at the top will ensure it only leaks on the ascent, not the down.

vape tank leaking

Don't Leave Vape Hardware, Batteries, or Juice in Your Car

Don't leave your vape in a hot cart. The temperature of the batteries makes it risky to vape in a car. It is unsafe to store or use lithium-ion batteries above 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and the interior temperature of your vehicle is likely to be higher than 130 degrees. 

It is crucial to maintain lithium-ion batteries in a reasonable temperature range because super cold or hot temperatures harm them. If your vaping equipment has replaceable batteries, pack a spare set and put it in a carrier to protect it from metal objects. Carrying free batteries in holders made for the purpose is vital since improper battery handling can result in short circuits and possible fires.

vape fire in car from heat temperature

Is it Legal to Vape While Driving?

Driving while vaping is not prohibited, but it may distract you or cause you to have less visibility of the road. E-cigarette users driving recklessly or carelessly could face charges from the police, who may treat them as handheld electronic devices.

When vaping while driving, the driver must exercise the highest caution and sensibility. The use of clouds during vaping can also impair vision, particularly in chilly conditions. Although vaping while driving is still legal in the US, vapers must exercise extreme caution and abide by all applicable safety regulations.

Can I Vape with Kids in the Car?

Absolutely NOT! Do NOT use vapes or electronic cigarettes near children as it's not safe. E-cigarette vapor contains toxins that can be dangerous to children.

Another significant issue with e-cigarettes is that children could become poisoned by drinking the liquid found in nicotine delivery systems or refills. Children can also become ill if the liquid touches their skin. A child might consume enough liquid to become fatally ill due.

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