Why is My Vape Leaking? Here’s How to Fix it


Every vaper can suffer from a leaking vape tank at some point and it is common. We know it might be the worst feeling when your tank starts leaking, and you wonder if you need to replace it. There are a number of factors that can cause vape leakage or gurgling. In this article, we will discuss how you can fix it and have a hassle-free vaping experience without embarrassment.

vape tank leaking

How to Prevent Leakage on My Vape?

Wondering what causes most leaks? It’s how you fill your tank. Filling your vape properly will aid to eliminate any leaks. Ensure that when you fill up, you avoid getting any e-liquid in the central tube. Let’s have a look at these simple yet effective tips to prevent any vape tank leakage.

Use a Drip Tip

All tanks include a central airflow tube, or chimney, that extends from the tank's body to the drip tip. E-juice can accidentally pour into this tube from time to time, which usually results in gurgling and spilling. If you have a 510 drip tip, try using an anti-spit back drip tip. Angled designs make it difficult for e-juice to spit all the way up into your mouth. 

Check Your Coils

Many atomizers and interchangeable coils for tanks are made to be utilized with a variety of voltages. Because they are used much like cigarettes, higher-resistance coils (over 1 ohm) typically have fewer juice holes. Higher PG (thinner) liquids can flow more smoothly, which is suitable for them.

It is important to understand how both regular and mesh coils affect your vaping experience so that you can make a decision accordingly. Your vape device might not be operating properly if the coil hasn't been changed in a while. Every vape coil needs to be changed at some time, usually within 2-3 weeks.

Watch How You Fill It

The filling process is one of the most frequent causes of leaks in vape tanks. First and foremost, watch out not to overfill your tank. To help generate a vacuum in the tank and to stop e-liquid from dripping out of the airflow holes, there should always be an air bubble at the top. 

Make sure that no e-liquid is getting down the chimney if you have a tank that fills from the top and requires you to unscrew the top of your tank. For novice vapers, tilting your tank at a 45-degree angle when filling it up will simulate pouring a beer. Then gently straighten as you get near the top, remembering to again leave some space for air. 

Wick Carefully

Rebuildable vape tanks or DIY vape devices frequently experience improper wicking. Your device won't hold e-liquid to be vaporized if the coil doesn't have enough wicking material. Vape fluid will consequently flow out of the air hole. You'll need to use more wick than usual if flooding and spitting are a problem, but don't use too much. 

vape pen leaking eliquid from the tank

Check For Cracks in Your Tank

Glass with little hairline flaws is easily susceptible to e-liquid seepage. When that occurs, your tank needs a replacement glass. Fortunately, most companies now provide extra vape glasses, which can be purchased for a really low price. You might even discover an extra glass in the packing your tank was shipped in. Put one of them on, and you're ready to go. You can check some of the top-rated vape tanks that you won't regret using. 

Tighten Your Atomizer But Don't Cross Threads

The coil must be screwed into place firmly and correctly to prevent leaks, failing which it may come free while in use. Before using your atomizer connections again if you discover a vape leak, inspect them for any symptoms of looseness. This can prevent e-liquid from seeping out of your tank's airflow holes and help ensure that they are in the tank. 

Check Your AirFlow 

When filling, always make sure the airflow holes are completely sealed. When in use, ensure the airflow is wide enough for you to vape comfortably without taking deep breaths. Too much e-liquid could enter the coil if you inhale too forcefully, which could result in leaking.

Use the Right eLiquid 

Use the proper e-liquid for your vaping style and equipment, just as you should with coils. Different VG and PG ratings in e-liquids cause the liquid to be either thicker or thinner. In order to prevent leakage through the joints in your vape tanks, we advise using higher VG e-liquids, which are often thicker in consistency. Learn the difference between these vape juices - freebase eLiquid vs nicotine salt and choose the right one for you. 

Keep Your Vape Upright 

Wherever you can, keep your tank upright. Aside from making it simpler for dirt and dust to collect, storing an e-cigarette on its side might drain your e-liquid by causing it to flow into undesirable locations. You lessen the chance of breaking your vape device and squandering your expensive e-juices by storing your e-cigarette vertically. Never carry your smartphone with its back to the ground for an extended period of time.

So, that’s all. These were some of the ways to prevent leakage on your vape and fix it. We hope these tips will help you save from embarrassment the next time you vape and keep it leakage-proof. Stay tuned with us for more informational posts! 

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