Do Vapes Have Calories?


Health-conscious vapers often face one burning question: Do vapes contain calories? We like to vape to release stress, but we don't want to put on weight. But why the concern? Well, calories seem to be the sneaky culprits.

Just look at those tempting e juice - many boast a deliciously sweet taste. Think about those High-VG or short fill juices with their mouthwatering dessert flavors. It's hard to resist, but could they be packing on the pounds? That's what vapers want to know. So, let's dive into the mystery and uncover whether your vape secretly adds calories to your life.

calories in a vape juice

How Many Calories in a Disposable Vape?

A disposable vape does indeed contain calories because of ingredients like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. But hold on, don't panic! These calories are very little. Just one milliliter of propylene glycol adds up to about four calories.

Do you still need to figure out if your vape has calories? Well, the answer is technically yes. But relax—it's a minuscule amount that wouldn't significantly impact your weight or health. So, vape on without worry!

How Many Calories in eLiquid?

The main ingredients in e-liquids, such as vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol, contain several calories—up to 4 per gram. But here's the deal: Some e-liquids use artificial sweeteners, which may add a few more calories.

So, if your vape cartridge holds around five milliliters and is purely propylene glycol, you're looking at 20 calories. Imagine a vape oil volume of six milliliters containing a modest 25-33 calories. This equates to less than half the calorie content of a medium-sized hard-boiled egg.

However, the average eLiquid has a mixture of about 70% VG and 30% PG. This means you will not be getting a large caloric intake from your juice.

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Do Calories in a Vape Matter?

Ever wondered if the calories in a vape matter? Well, here's the scoop just for you. The evidence suggests that you don't need to fret about it. On average, a bottle of e-liquid contains a measly 30-50 calories at most. Guess what? You're more likely to burn off those calories just by being up and about during your day.

Here's the comforting truth: You don't absorb these calories by simply inhaling them. Nope! You only take in calories by eating or drinking them. So, fear not, as those measly four calories in e-liquid pose no threat to your waistline. Sleep easy, knowing you burn more calories during an hour of shut-eye!

So, no weight gain worries there! However, if you still have concerns, chatting with your doctor or healthcare advisor is always a good idea. They'll give you personalized advice based on your dietary needs.

If you've never smoked or vaped, don't use nicotine as a weight control technique. Nicotine is addictive, and vaping should only be considered for reducing the harm caused by tobacco. Stay informed, and stay healthy!

Can I Gain Weight from Vaping?

Vaping itself does not directly cause weight gain. On the other hand, transitioning from smoking to vaping with liquid or low-nicotine juices can lead to heightened cravings and increased appetite, potentially resulting in weight gain and a larger physical size. This could lead to weight gain if you consistently satisfy your cravings for food or snacks.

It's important to note that the chemicals present in vaping products can indirectly influence your weight. So, while vaping alone doesn't make you gain weight, the additives in the vape liquids may contribute to weight fluctuations.

gain weight after quitting vaping

Does Vaping Work for Weight Loss?

Vaping can aid in weight loss for some people. The nicotine in vaping products acts as an appetite suppressant, which can result in reduced food intake and, consequently, a decrease in physical size. It's important to note that this effect is due to the appetite-suppressant properties of nicotine, not low-calorie intake.

However, we do not encourage vaping to lose weight. Nicotine is an addictive substance. Don't start vaping just for weight loss.

Does Vaping Break a Fast?

Vaping during a fast can be approached differently depending on the fast you are following. If you are on a regular fast that allows minimal calorie intake, you can vape without significant concerns since vape liquids contain only trace amounts of calories. Therefore, a simple vaping session will only cause harm for some diets or weight loss plans.

However, if you are observing a strict "dry" or zero-calorie fast, such as religious fasting, it is advisable to avoid vaping. Using an e-cigarette causes your lungs to absorb the energy in the vapor, potentially interfering with the concept of a zero-calorie fast. Nevertheless, it's important to note that overall, vaping is unlikely to have a significant negative impact on your fast.

Does Vaping Affect Blood Sugar Levels?

Vaping does not contain significant amounts of sugar, so it is unlikely to cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. However, there is a higher risk (20%) of increased blood glucose for individuals using vape devices than non-vapers.

While the calories in one vape session are negligible, it is still possible to be more susceptible to elevated blood sugar levels due to vaping. Nicotine, present in most ejuices, can increase insulin resistance in the body. If you have diabetes and choose to vape, flavorless juice are advisable. If you notice a spike in your blood sugar levels after vaping, it's best to discontinue its use.

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Vaping on Keto?

Vaping has no evidence suggesting it can cause weight gain or affect blood sugar levels. It will not interfere with a keto diet or have adverse physical effects during intermittent fasting.

You can vape without concerns about disrupting these diet regimens. However, if you are fasting for religious reasons, deciding whether vaping is appropriate is up to you.

Do Vaping Calories Even Matter?

No, vaping calories do not matter. Unlike eating or drinking, vaping does not directly introduce calories into your body. The only way to absorb calories is through consumption. As long as you are not ingesting e-liquid with added sugar (which is strongly advised against), you have nothing to worry about regarding weight gain from vaping.

If the e-liquid you are vaping contains nicotine, it may have the opposite effect and potentially contribute to weight loss. This can be attributed to changes in metabolic rate, insulin levels, and a decrease in appetite.

How Many Calories in an Elf Bar?

An Elf Bar contains approximately ten calories per 2ml. It's important to note that while vaping, only a minimal amount (if any) of these calories would be absorbed by your body.

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