Why Do Vapes Explode & How to Prevent it?


Exploding vapes is a hot topic of discussion for now. Just before anti-vaping groups were making an effort to make a settlement with JUUL, and the youth vaping epidemic was the main focus, vaping explosions were featured daily, until it was overshadowed by 2019 THC vaping-related lung injuries. 

E-cigarettes and nicotine vapes are marked as smoking cessation devices, an alternative to traditional smoking. However, various incidents have come to light where batteries have exploded. Cases of explosions have also come to light while using e-cigarettes resulting in severe injuries. But the question is why do vapes explode? 

More often the batteries used in e-vapes have limitations on the temperature they can withstand and the power which can be drained from the device itself. Also, batteries are lithium-ion or Li-On Batteries, which can easily catch fire or cause an explosion even if these are used. 

vape pen exploded

Why Do Vapes Explode?

If you're wondering how vapes explode, we go into detail of the different ways it can happen and how to avoid it.

Overcharging Batteries

Studies have found that more than 80 % of vape battery explosions happen when the vaporizer is charged. You stand the chance of the battery overheating and exploding when the vaporizer battery is exposed to electricity at more than expected. Charge a battery for 4 hours per time and unplug it when completely charged.

Charge with Manufacturer Charger

When vape devices are charged with an incompatible charger, it can cause an explosion. Restricting the manufactured-recommended charger is the only way to prevent the mishap. The best way to do so is to buy a device, charger, and other accessories from the right company.

Temperature & Wattage Settings

As with all batteries, extreme temperatures can cause damage to e-cigarette batteries. Any other battery or a battery for an electronic cigarette or mod vape battery has restrictions on what temperature it can handle and what power to draw safely from the device. If the battery is overheated, it can cause a chain reaction resulting in leakage that gets superheated, explosion, or ignition and can result in severe damage to a person or possessions.

Improper battery Storage 

Keeping a battery in an improper place can also cause an explosion. A maximum of “vaping explosions” happens due to loose batteries which people sometimes carry in their pants pockets. According to the studies by the FDA Center for Tobacco Products, 77.3 % of burns happened due to vaping accidents towards the upper leg and lower trunk.

Vape pockets do not have short-circuit protection, so if you carry an additional battery for a mod in a pocket with keys, there is always a possibility of these metal objectives connected to the positive and negative poles of the battery resulting in fire.

Fake/Clone Batteries 

There are many fake batteries available, which sellers rewrap with high-quality brand labels and sell, These are low-amp batteries wrapped to look like batteries of famous models with high amperage ratings and which are popularly used by people. Almost all the batteries are counterfeit.

Fake Battery Chargers

You can also find many fake battery charges available in the market. If you buy this charger, this can be defective and can overcharge cells. The best vape battery charger will always have an overcharge protection that can prevent charging beyond the required capacity of the battery cells.

dont charge vape with phone charger

There are many other reasons for vape explosions, but you can take some preventive measures. Here we will discuss things to keep in mind to prevent battery explosions. 

How to Prevent Battery Explosions? 

In reality, many vaping accidents happen due to spare battery accidents and equipment failures. These accidents generally are due to user error. Generally, vapers complying with the principles of battery safety are at less risk for e-cigarette fires or explosions. There are many ways you can prevent the battery from an explosion:

Watch Out For Auto-Firing on Disposable Vapes 

If you have been using a pod system with draw activation, you might be aware of auto-firing or auto-activation. Auto firing is caused due to a malfunction in the draw activation sensor and can happen when suddenly you have blown air into your mouth instead of inhaling. It can also happen when the device is left exposed to winds. There might be many reasons for it to malfunction. 

You can prevent burns and explosions by removing the pod to stop the flow of electricity and then turning the device off if feasible. Keep the device outdoors, away from material that can ignite. And, if any explosion happens, allow it to cool down before picking it up.

Don't Leave Vape in Direct Sunlight 

When you leave your device directly in the sunlight, it can cause damage to the battery. Many people are left wondering if they can vape the e-cig when they have left it in the boiling hot sunlight. The answer to it is to throw it away, it is late. Leaving it under the sun's rays or in a car is not good as it can cause a fire. Whatever device you use, make sure to keep the same in a dry spot and away from unnecessary light.

Don't Leave Vape in the Freezing Cold

No doubt cold weather is one of the issues that can leave your vape to reduce its efficiency. The issue with the winders is that as the temperature goes down, the efficiency of chemical reactions is reduced. This means a lot of energy is needed for the electrons to remain active before these are kicked loose and sent to the coil. Water can also get hazardous since it can cause starts which might ignite a fire. Remember to keep the same in a dry spot and away from unnecessary sunlight.

Don't Carry Your Vape Batteries in Your Pocket? 

Avoid carrying your vape batteries in your pocket. In pockets, the batteries can come in contact with metal objects like keys and cars, and when a vape gets in contact with metal items, it can cause a fire. The best way is to keep the same in a plastic case or if you have to keep it in a pocket, switch it off. It can prevent random changes from happening which could cause damage.

exploded battery in a vape pen

Understand How to use Your Mechanical Mod 

Read and understand the manufacturer's recommendations for the use and care of the device. If your vape does not come with instructions or you have any questions, you can reach the manufacturer. You should only use batteries that are chiefly for your device. Avoid mixing different brands and avoid using batteries with different charge levels, and most importantly use the device carefully and use precautionary measures.

However, one thing we need to say about e-cigs is that they are easy to use and operate. Take it out of your pocket, flick you're lighter and enjoy it. But do take extra care. Though incidents appear uncommon, fires can happen and are risky. So, do consider the above points and enjoy your vape without any risk of explosion or fire.

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