10 Most Popular Disposable Vape Flavors (Including Tobacco & Menthol)


Flavored disposables are part of a fast growing trend for vapers who want to switch from bulky mods to flavored disposable vapes. Unlike mods, these vapes are pre-filled but can only be used while it has vape juice or a charged battery.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different flavors you can find in disposable e-Cigs. Some people like it fruity while others like a sweet flavor similar to dessert. With so many flavors available, we've created a list for you to see what our best selling flavored disposables are. 

10 Most Popular Disposable Vape Flavors

  1. Blue Razz Ice (Elf Bar BC5000)
  2. Cotton Candy (Space Max)
  3. Tigers Blood (VapeEz Rio Q)
  4. Watermelon Strawberry (Juice Head 5K)
  5. Gummy Drops - (Truly Bar)
  6. Watermelon White Grapeberry (7 Daze Ohmlet)
  7. Strawberry Banana (Flum Float)
  8. Orange Soda (KK Energy 8000)
  9. Strawberry Banana (Glamee Nova)
  10. Lemonade Ice (Hitt Infinite 8000)


1. Blue Razz Ice (Elf Bar BC5000)

It's no surprise that the Elf Bar BC5000 will be on here but the Blue Razz Ice is a flavor that almost every disposables have. Majority of vapers love this taste that is known for its sweet and tangy flavor with hints of menthol mint.

Just like the name says, this is a mixture of blue raspberry mixed with a hint of ice. It creates a refreshing and fruity sensation that is perfect for the summer months, although vapers love it in the winter too.

2. Cotton Candy (Space Max)

The Space Max disposable vape is one of the best selling vapes and the cotton candy flavor is what vapers love. Vapers describe it as having a sweet and candy-like taste to it. Just like the name, it tastes like cotton candy. Some vapers mention there are hints of vanilla and caramel in the flavor profile.


3. Blueberry Watermelon - iJoy Bar IC8000

The iJoy Bar IC8000 disposable vape is the newest product from iJoy. One of the most reputable brands have finally created a disposable and it's the first smart disposable vape.

The blueberry watermelon flavor is the ultimate flavor because it mixes two great fruit flavors but it also mixes the two most common flavors from a vape. The blueberry watermelon gives you a tasty blend of sweet and juicy watermelon with a hint of tartness from the blueberry.

4. Tigers Blood (VapeEz Rio Q)

The VapeEz Rio Q is not the most well know disposable vape but it definitely has a flavor that puts it in the top 3. Tigers blood from VapeEZ Rio Q is a mixture of sweet watermelon, strawberry, orange and a hint of coconut. When you take a puff, you will taste the sweet flavors of the watermelon and strawberry and the taste of oranges with each exhale. There will be undertones of coconut too.


5. Watermelon Strawberry (Juice Head 5K)

If you're looking for fruity flavors, this might be your favorite one. The Juice Head 5K disposable vape is the ultimate vape that gives you pure unadulterated flavors and gives you the taste you're expecting. The watermelon strawberry flavor is a sweet yet refreshing taste. It's not overwhelming so it gives you a smooth hit.

Every hit is a cold and refreshing hit of watermelon and every exhale greets you with a sweet taste of strawberry. Don't miss out on this awesome fruity flavor.

6. Gummy Drops (Truly Bar)

Although Truly Bar is very similar to the BC5000, the flavor profile is completely different. Truly Bar has a few more sweet flavors rather than fruity flavors. The gummy drops is a sweet gummy candy taste with a hint of tart. This flavor really reminds vapers of the popular gummy bear candies.

7. Watermelon White Grapeberry (7 Daze Ohmlet)

7 Daze is a very reputable vape brand and the 7 Daze Ohmlet disposable vape is their newest vape. The best selling flavor from this is the watermelon white grapeberry. It is a mixture of sweet yet fruity tastes. It's a nice blend of watermelon, white grape and mixed berries. 

These flavors combined give the user a refreshing yet juicy taste. Although it makes you salivate for more, it is definitely not an overpower flavor. 

8. Strawberry Banana (Flum Float)

The flum float disposable vape is one of the most popular vapes on the east coast. It is loved by many vapers due to its shape and design, making it super ergonomic.

The Strawberry Banana flavor is the perfect blend of ripe yet sweet strawberry. It also has strong hints of creamy banana which give it a smooth and enjoyable taste.

9. Orange Soda - KK Energy 8000

Who loves orange soda?! MMMHHMMM! I do, I do, I do-oooh! If you know that line from "Kenan and Kel", you know orange soda is good. The KK Energy 8000 disposable vape is a hot selling product that has put out an awesome flavor.

Just like the name, this flavor tastes exactly like an orange soda pop drink. Every hit gives you the taste of oranges and every exhale gives you the taste of a soda. This refreshing flavor will give you the ultimate 

10. Lemonade Ice - Hitt Infinite 8000

The Hitt Infinite 8000 disposable vape is perfect for those who want good vapor production with a nice throat hit. The lemonade ice flavor is the perfect split between two distinct flavors.

Each hit from the Hitt Infinite 8000 lemonade ice is a delicious blend of menthol cool mixed with a zesty lemon.


These are the 10 most popular disposable vape flavors that you will find almost anywhere. Be careful because there are a lot of fake disposable vape pens and the ones that are the most popular (like in this article) are the ones that are easily cloned.

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