4 Disposable Vapes with a Screen: Do You Need One?


Disposable vapes are popular among users for their portability, convenience, and satisfying flavors. If you like to know how much e-liquid is left in the device or avoid dry hits and low battery surprises, buy a disposable vape online with a display screen. Vapes with a screen are the latest in trend and design. They appeared on the scene when iJoy released the IC8000; the world’s first disposable device with the latest technology and design.

From there on many brands followed suit, offering the latest versions of vapes with display screens. For instance, Elf Bar came out with their own version called the Funky Republic Ti7000. This is a high-capacity disposable device offering 7000 puffs. The device features a similar design and screen to the IC8000. These are not only convenient but also discrete and stylish.

ijoy ic8000 first smart vape

4 Disposable Vapes with a Screen

If you're looking for a vape with a screen, these 4 are the best ones. Whether it's puff count or the different awesome single use vape flavors, choose for yourself!

Funky Republic Ti7000 

The Funky Republic Ti7000 is a revolutionary device that offers 7000 puffs of 15 flavors, and is considered the first smart disposable device featuring a sleek high-end design and a screen displaying battery info and puff. It also has a Type-C charging port, 1.1 Q Mesh coil, or an 11 w output to ensure stability and increase flavor. 

iJoy IC8000 

If you are looking forward to enjoying high-quality disposable vape with advanced features, go for iJoy BarIC8000. Its smart screen is a standout feature that displays puff and battery information, keeping you well informed of vaping performance. It also allows for control and a satisfying experience. With this bar, you will also not have to taste the burnt of an unpleasant odor and enter into the new era of disposable vaping.

SMOK Novo Bar AL6000 

SMOK Novo Bar AL6000 boasts adjustable airflow and quick charging for maximum flavor. It is best for users who like to experience flavored and satisfying vaping without the need to refill or recharge it. It is packed with 13ml of e-liquid and available in a vast range of disposable flavors. And, with many options available, users can enjoy their favorite dessert, fruity, or menthol flavors to their heart’s desire. It also contains a famous mesh coil system that increases the flavor of the e-liquid.

Hyde IQ Recharge 

The Hyde IQ Recharge has a rechargeable battery. It has 5% nicotine and allows 5000 puffs. With adjusting airflow and battery, you do not have to worry when you need to replace or recharge your vapes. Also, its unique color and shape make this vape a great ADV option.

What is a Screen for on a Disposable Vape? 

The screen on a disposable vape serves many objectives. It all depends on the device and some display information about the battery’s life or the remaining e-liquid inside. This way, users know when it is time to recharge or replace it.

In other situations, you can also use the screen to adjust settings or control different features on the device. For instance, some single use vapes might allow users to adjust airflow or temperature using the screen.

You should know that most vape disposables don't have screens, some are designed for their simple look and without additional features or settings.


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funky republic ti7000 screen

Why Do You Need a Display Screen?

A display screen on a vape meets many objectives including information about the vape like wattage, battery life, coil resistance, and puff count. Some vapes allow users to control features and adjust settings using the display screen.

It also makes the life of users easy to interact with their vape and perform different functions. In some cases, a screen also gives information like battery levels or other issues that impact its performance, a valuable feature for vapers who needs better control over their experience and requires information about device performance. 

Are These Considered Smart Vapes? 

A vape with display screens does not mean it is a smart vape, though some have smart features. These vapes can easily connect to a smartphone app or other electronic devices offering additional features and functionalities. For instance, some vapes might allow users to track their vaping habits and customize their settings. Display screens might also give users basic information about setting and performance without connectivity or smart features. But it also does not necessarily make a vape "smart," it provides users additional information and control over their vaping experience.

The Future of Disposables

The future of disposable vapes involves innovation and development in different areas, and the following are the potential trends: 


As the concern for the environment increases, there is also a need for more sustainable and eco-friendly vapes,

New Technologies

Disposable vapes might continue to add new technologies, advanced sensors, and more temperature control, including better battery life, This would give a more satisfying vaping experience.

More Flavors

In the future, also you might find a vast range of flavors and nicotine strengths available to appeal to multiple users. However, there may be increased scrutiny of addictives and potential health effects. 

Regulatory measures

As vaping gets popular, there could be an increase in regulation and oversight of disposable vapes, which include safety standards, marketing restrictions, and age verification requirements.

Market Consolidation

The vape market is increasingly getting crowded as new companies entered the space. In the future, there are also consolidations as smaller players go out of business, leaving a few dominant companies in the market.

You can expect many more features and functions on the display screen like voice control, touch control, and Bluetooth connection. We can expect many more in variety and quality in the flavors and designs of disposable vapes, along with affordability and accessibility, as more brands and products enter the market and compete with the customers. 

The disposable vape with the display screen is a smart and stylish way to enjoy vaping. It offers satisfaction, convenience, and customization, so try out a disposable vape with the display screen.

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