An Honest Review of Eight Vape



An Honest Review of Eight Vape

By Wesley Duca


Okay where do I start... I'll give a little break down about my experience as a whole with Eightvape. I have made a total of 5 purchases, and plan to make another today. Right now it is October around Halloween time there is a 5% off coupon I plan on using, which is a big pro!

On top of that, there are already low price's on juice, and hardware. About the prices on hardware, there are reasonably priced when a product has been on the shelf a while they will have a promo for such items.

The the biggest negative with Eightvape is their warranty policy. It is flawed in a few ways. It should be longer with hardware, more easy to handle with Eightvape because after their short store warranty runs out they leave you to your own devices and tell you to contact the manufacturer themselves with is counter productive.

Which is why I will not buy any thing with a electrical chip in it. I will buy juice, RDA'S, RTA'S, TANK'S, and accessories in abundance! So if you listen and read this whole review you will have a great experience with Eight vape.

Ohh yeah the shipping is on par with the best in the business. Thank you Eightvape for letting me write this honest unbiased review!


Thank you and happy Halloween!!


  • Posted on by Brandy Leeper

    I absolutely love eightvape!! Every order has came quick and just as i ordered! And prices are great!!

  • Posted on by Christie L Setteducate

    Very frustrated…I placed and order they took my money and then the order site glitched. I called the number and it said they were not accepting calls and their response time for an online ticket is 5 days. Now I am out $80…this is ridiculous.

  • Posted on by Connor

    I have read many reviews, a lot of negative, and a lot of positive. This is my personal experience with Eightvape: I have made about 5 orders with them so far. My first order, I bought out all of the remaining mystery package juices. I also added on a guaranteed shipping for $5. I add one to all of my orders. Every single order has came sooner than I had expected, and 100 percent as it is described on the site. No, I did not get paid for this review. I have had nothing but great experiences with Eightvape.

  • Posted on by Mike

    Review by me left elsewhere. Buyers be aware:

    They do not respond if they send the wrong thing. They have a ticket system, an e-mail address, and a chat channel. I sent messages to each -waiting two days between systems so not as to flood them. After 6-days of silence, I concluded they were not going to address the problem and instead, keep the money I sent them while sending me the wrong thing.

    I have disputed the sale with my credit card company. My advice is do not spend any more with these folks than you can afford to lose. If they send you the wrong items or none at all – they will not respond to any messages and keep your money.

    After being a loyal customer with repeat business, I would have thought it was in their best interest to keep me. But what I see is a sudden wave of dozens of cases where they sent the wrong items or none at all – and do not respond. With dozens of reported public cases, it means there are hundreds of customers they have done this to – and also hundreds of customers who are walking away from eightvape like myself. Thank goodness it was on a small order.

  • Posted on by Mike breton

    Nothing but good things to say about eightvape order was put in Monday got it Thursday no problem. Thanks eightvape

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