Top 5 Summer Vape Juice Flavors


Top 5 Summer Vape Juice Flavors

Hey there vape fans, are you ready for the start of summer? I know I am! I've got my favorite shades, my comically over-sized umbrella, and my SMOK Prince Tank loaded up with the perfect summertime vape juice.

Wait, you don't have an all-day-vape flavor for summer yet? Well kick back, relax, and let me do the taste testing for you! I've vaped about 30 E-Juices over the past few weeks and picked out the best E-Liquids for warm weather vaping. There's been a few bad juices, some good ones, but only 5 flavors were so refreshingly delicious that they made it to this list!

These E-Liquids are so good, I guarantee that at least one of these vape juices will become your new all-day-vape for summer!     

Lemon Twist Pink Punch Lemonade Vape Juice

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Lemonade never tasted this good! I’m not usually a fan of sour vape juice flavors, but I have to make an exception for Lemon Twist Pink Punch Lemonade. This E-Liquid delivers an amazingly accurate lemonade taste with none of the tickling harsh throat hit that most sour E-Juices have.

A refreshing burst of sweet lemon flavor explodes into your mouth with a slight kick of sour on the inhale while a hint of sweet strawberry compliments the sour lemonade flavor. Each puff of this delectable E-Juice transports me further away from my desk and closer to the beach!

If you’re enjoying a cold glass of lemonade while reading this then Pink Punch Lemonade from Lemon Twist is a perfect vape juice for you.

Pink Punch Lemonade - 8/10   

Keep It 100 Blue Slushie Vape Juice

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Let me start off by saying, wow, just wow! I’ve vaped on hundreds of E-Liquids over the years and there’s only a handful of flavors that I’d consider a perfect all-day-vape. Blue Slushie from Keep It 100 is now one of those flavors. I have never tasted such complexity in an E-Juice before!

You can actually taste all the elements that make up a delicious blue slushie on every puff. A strong taste of sweet and sour blue raspberry flavor dominates the inhale, delivering the most accurate blue slushie taste I’ve ever experienced. On the exhale, a hint of sour flavor kicks this the nostalgic taste of refreshing blue slushie flavor makes Blue Slushie from Keep It 100 a perfect vape juice from summertime.

I liked this juice so much that I actually bought a bottle to take back home! 

Blue Slushie - a perfect 10/10! 

Junky's Stash A Chill Day Vape Juice


Being one of the newest vape juices on this list I wasn’t too sure about A Chill Day from Junky’s Stash. But two full tanks of this delicious stuff later and I am absolutely sold!

An explosion of juicy peach nectar flavor takes the center stage during inhale, delivering a delectable mouth-watering Georgia peach taste. A hint of sweet southern tea balances out the peach flavor and adds a refreshing tea aftertaste to the exhale.

I’ve had trouble with peach flavors in the past, some of them have a cloying aftertaste that I don't enjoy. But a blend of ripe peach flavor with cold brewed southern tea makes this smooth hitting vape juice a perfect all-day-vape for summertime!

Sit back, relax, and take a chill with Junky’s Stash A Chill Day.

A Chill Day - 9/10 

Alt Zero I Tropical Mango 60ml Vape Juice

Mango, mango, and more mangoes! This Vape juice packs a punch of subtly sweet tropical mango flavor perfect for summertime. The inhale is smooth with strong notes of tropical mango flavor while the exhale adds a hint of creaminess to deliver an accurate mango smoothie flavor.

With its 80% VG base I half expected the taste on this one to be overly sweet, I’ve had plenty of vape juices that claimed to be fruit flavored but really they just taste like sugar with a hint of fruit flavor. I’m happy to report that’s not the case with Alt Zero I Tropical Mango, this vape juice delivers an excellent tropical mango flavor without being overpoweringly sweet.

With this 1st flavor from the Alt Zero line being so good I can’t wait to try the rest of them!

 Alt Zero I - 7/10 

Naked 100 Vape Juice Lava Flow

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“Does it smell like a tropical paradise to anyone else in here?” Indeed it does! Thanks to Lava Flow from Naked 100, I’ve single handedly teleported everyone in the office to Hawaii, Mahalo!

As much as I would love to gallivant through the tropical palm trees I have one last vape juice to review before I leave so let's get to it! After vaping on this E-Juice for a few hours I’m confident in saying this is easily one of the best tropical flavored E-Liquids available on the market today.

A juicy explosion of sweet strawberry flavor comes together with tart pineapple and exotic coconut to create a delicious blend of tropical fruit flavors. Lava Flow is sweet, slightly tart, but overall it’s a very smooth taste that’s perfect for hot weather.

Relax your body, dig your toes into the sand, and transport your mind to a lush tropical island with Lava Flow from Naked 100.

Lava Flow - 8/10 


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