How to Get Reclaim Out of a Nectar Collector?


Most cannabis enthusiasts want to stretch their dollar by making sure that they’re getting the most use possible out of their bud.

However, those who choose to dab instead may feel like they aren’t able to accomplish this, paying premium prices to get the same amount of wax or shatter each time they visit the dispensary.

That being said, there are ways to stretch your wax and get more out of what you purchase.

One such way is to get the reclaim out of your dabbing accessories, like your nectar collector

reclaim from nectar collector

What is Concentrate Reclaim? 

Leftover concentrates build up in your dabbing tools, and this leftover substance is known as reclaim. 

Do you smoke cannabis? If so, you likely are familiar with the black, tarry substances left behind on your pipes known as resin.

Smokers will scrape this resin off and use it again either with new herbs or on its own in an effort to get the leftover cannabinoids from the substance.

Can You Smoke It? 

Now that we understand what reclaim is, we have to ask the question, can you smoke it?

The answer is that, yes, you can smoke reclaim. Better yet, reclaim does contain many of the cannabinoids in the original concentrates and it will get you high.

You could’ve found yourself running out of concentrates and hitting your budget limit. You can also simply want to make sure you’re getting every hit of your concentrates.

The good news is that it’s easy to harvest and smoke reclaim from your various water pipes. 

How to Collect Reclaim From Your Nectar Collector 

Now that we know that reclaim is safe to smoke and will get you high, we have to understand what it takes to get the reclaim out of your nectar collector. After all, water pipes are known for being a bit more difficult to handle.

Here’s how you can begin. 

how to get reclaim out of nectar collector


The first step begins with finding the area where the reclaim seems to be. This is generally concentrated towards the tip of your device.

However, some devices may offer their own reclaim traps, which are important to take note of before you begin going through the process of trying to get all of the reclaim out of your nectar collector. 

One way to jumpstart the process is by putting your tip in water, shaking it about, and collecting any of the wax pieces that fly out. After that has been accomplished, you’ll need to let your nectar collector tip dry so as to follow through on the next step. 

Heat Your Tip 

Once your nectar collector tip or reclaim chamber is completely dry, you’re going to need to grab your blowtorch.

Make sure to heat up your nail or the area where the reclaim is so that the concentrates start to become liquid. Don’t make it so hot that they vaporize as you won’t be able to get any reclaim out of your tool. 

Hold your tip over some wax paper and pour out the heated concentrate onto it until all of the reclaim is gone from your device.

While that cools, now is the perfect time to give your nectar collector tip some much-needed maintenance and clean it until it’s free of any other residue.

Just make sure that you give it plenty of time to cool off before trying to clean it. This can help you avoid hurting yourself or accidentally burning any materials onto your tip that could harm you when you take your next hit. 

How to Use Reclaim? 

So, now we’ve got reclaim. What are we supposed to do with it?

The 2 Best Ways To Reclaim From A Nectar Collector. 

1. Smoke It From Your Nectar Collector 

Not looking forward to the collection process listed above?

Don’t worry. Instead of doing it this way, you can just as easily heat the section where the reclaim is located and proceed to dab from your nectar collector as you would if you were inhaling from a pile of concentrates at the end of your tip.

The only thing to remember is that you can’t expect massive hits or massive clouds as you’ll be heating up small amounts of reclaim at a time. If you’d prefer a better experience, it’s best to collect your reclaim on wax paper and smoke it as you would your regular chunks of concentrate. 

reclaim from electric nectar collector

2. Collect It on Your Dab Container 

As stated, you can get your reclaim out of your nectar collector, drip it onto wax paper, wait for it to cool, and then apply it to your dab container as you would with your other concentrates.

This makes it easier to get full hits from your reclaim rather than trying to suck out the small remnants that may be hanging out on the side of your nectar collector. All you have to do is heat up your tip, apply it to the reclaim in your container, and inhale!

If you’re looking to get more out of your reclaim, it can be sometimes better to collect it over time and store it for a rainy day. This way, if you find that you’re unable to afford as much concentrate as you normally get or you hit a rough patch where you can’t get any concentrate near you, you have plenty of it on hand to use. 

How to clean your dab straw / nectar collector and save your reclaim


Most people think that the process of dabbing only includes dipping your nectar collector into your concentrates and vaporizing them until there’s nothing left. However, the reclaim that collects inside of your nectar collector is actually still usable.

Going to collect this reclaim every so often can be far cheaper than buying new concentrates each time you want to dab and far less time-consuming as well (especially if you purchase a nectar collector that has a chamber for this reclaim).

If you’re ready to save money and stretch your concentrates, the guide above will teach you everything you need to know about reclaim!


  • Posted on by Debra Wolf
    Excellent information on nectar collectors… thanks
  • Posted on by Jakob
    You can also use reclaim in edibles like gummies or my personal favorite mixing with grapeseed oil and putting them in capsules.

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