Vaporesso The GEN Fit Preview


Gen Fit is here to fit in your busy schedules, relaxed days, and late nights outs and abouts. The Gen Series 1 Gen Fit is ideal for new vapers as it is simple to use, either click one button or pull, the Gen Fit got you!

Looking Fit

You can customize your own experience with each button press, you can adjust the power modes, you can see the battery power left by the colors, green (70%-100%), blue (40%-70%), and red (0%-40%) and you can pick between the six different color choices: Midnight Black, Space Grey, Prussian Blue, Rose Gold, Taffy Pink, Sierra Blue. 

Feeling Fit

At first glance the Gen Fit is elegant, and well designed, as you dive more into the device, you will come across with its delicious flavorful deliberation of each juice as the MTX coils are know for bringing pure satisfaction in flavors. The important aspect though, is that the flavors are not just rich but also consistent on every pull and every puff. On top of this, the Gen Fit Series 1 is supported by an AXON Chip which gives a boost to its circuit, So whether you want to draw activate it or button active it, the Gen Fit got you in every step of the way. 


Daily Fit

The Gen Fit is the perfect daily fit as it is made of Aluminum Allow which makes it compact, lightweight and comfortable. Another first-rate aspect about the Gen Fit is that it has a Built-in 1200mAh battery with a 20W of output power. The coil resistance is of 1.2 and its tank capacity covers a 3ml/2ml (TPD).

Is it Fit?

It is indeed, the Gen Fit has nine crucial parts that compose this amazing pod. Let's explore them: Drip Tip, Top Cap, PCTG Tube, MTX Coil, 510 Base, Battery Indicator, Battery, Fire Button, and Power Mode Indicator. Allow me to add that the Gen Fit can be charged with a Type-C USB Cable and its tank can be replaced with an iTank M Tank (3ml).


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