Hong Kong Bans the Sale of Vaping Products


 Oh no Hong Kong! 

On October of 2021, the manufacturing, selling, promoting and importing of all E-cigarettes and heated tobacco got banned but as of April 30th of 2022, it officially became Illegal. Hong Kong's reason behind it has a lot to do with the anti-tobacco groups and the public health who "seeks" to protect children. in 2018, Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) advocated for the ban of vaping products and they finally won, but what does this mean for the citizen's that reside in Hong Kong? Well many have attempted to stock up on vaping products while others confirmed that they are going back to smoking cigarettes'. Allow me to also add that some of  the ones who stocked up on vaping products also confirmed to go back to cigarettes' once they run out of vaping products.

Now, Hong Kong seems pretty serious about the consequences of smuggling vaping products as about 11 people have already been arrested, and appears to still be counting. It is said that the selling and manufacturing of vaping products in Hong Kong will put you in jail for up to 7 years, and it is worse for those smuggling them. 

Companies who transport vaping products are forced to find a different route as their drivers are at risk of getting arrested for transporting vaping products anywhere in Hong Kong. Even if they were just passing by, they run a high chance of spending some time behind bars.

I leave this to an open discussion for the public as many will agree to disagree that banning vaping products to that extent seems a bit harsher as many consumers will go back to cigarettes' for which is reversing the work they have put to quit smoking regulars cigarettes'. 

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