What You Need For A Vape-Tastic Halloween


What You Need For A Vape-Tastic Halloween


From spooky juices to monstrous mods, we here at EightVape have you covered for celebrating the creepy season of Halloween. Why wait for the big day, when you can show your spirit all month long. Haunt the halls with mods of terror, and ghost clouds of the most ghoulish flavors. And when the night falls on the 31st day of October, grab your mods and don your costumes—You don't need a significant other to pull off a couples costume, we have mods that will suit your terrifying costumes and have you creeped out from head to toe. Here is everything you'll need for a vape-tastic Halloween.


The Costumes

If you're going out dressed up for Halloween you're probably going to want your entire costume to match, right down to your favorite accessory, your vape. And If you haven't settled on a costume idea yet, then perhaps these mods may inspire you.


If your desire is to stalk the night for prey with a blood thirst that cannot be quenched, this Halloween, perhaps put a spin on it. You may not have just a thirst for blood... Your thirst may also be quenched by a simple, mystical vape... The EHPRO Artery PAL AIO Kit in the style Blood Diamond.



What's in this device that looks like it is splattered in blood and viscera? Oh nothing, Just The RedsThis vape/E-juice combo is sure to fit any vampire style from the Gothic, to the sparkly Twilight teen-vamp hunks. 




Creature From The Black Lagoon

creature from the black lagoonFor classic horror lovers who want to dress up and pay homage to the original creeps in the night, it can be hard to incorporate the modern mods into the costume and still look authentic

But we have some tricks up our sleeves with a mod that looks like it could come straight from the swamp (note: this mod could also work on classic Shrek costumes, and Sexy Shrek costumes)

The VooPoo Drag in the color Jade. Covered in swirls of ooey gooey greens and grays you can take a hit of some creepy poisons like Fried Eye Scream.


Harley Quinn/The Joker

harley quinn and the joker costumesThe craziest couple deserves the craziest mod. United Society of Vape has unleashed a line of VO Tech VIA240 Mods with designs resembling creepy imagery like Jinns and Alien Species, but for this popular couples costume you have to have the clown imagery.

The Joker version of this mod is a must have for any vaping couple who plan on running wild in the night. There is also the Dagger Mod which features the joker, however this particular joker is celebrating a different holiday as he sports a Santa hat on his head (And... we've sold out, sorry). 

So this leaves the VO Tech x USV VIA 240 to be the reigning clown mod for Harley Quinn and The Joker to vape on, you guessed it... Clown E-Liquid.


VO Tech USV VIA240


Now this dinosaur costume is what I personally am dressing up as this year and I was wondering how to incorporate my vape into this costume. The perfect option would obviously be the Mytech Matrix Fossil Stab Wood Box Mod. However it is currently sold out.

 I had to get creative. I could just go with using my "Go-To-Goth-Mod" my all black Uwell Nunchaku (which is a great option if you just wanna go dark, discrete, and spooky).

But then I had an epiphany, the Smoking Vapor Mi-One Kit in Sea Dragon. Perfect for reptilian scales... Or you mermaid babes out there too!


This is also a great option for those who are really planning on partying and need their hands free or, like me, who's costume doesn't come with pockets. This tiny mod comes with a lanyard to easily carry it around your neck. And for what I'll be vaping? Gonna keep it prehistoric with that Naked 100 Lava Flow



Trick or Treat!

For some of us, it's not all about the costumes. For some.. it's about squeezing little ones into costumes and hitting the streets to beg strangers for candy. Those vapers with kids this Halloween need to vape-ify their ghostly nights too. So what do you need to make your Halloween vape-tastic? We've got you.


The Cooligg Cuboid All In One Audio Lamp

Lights, music, action! This is the perfect accessory for your night of trick or treating. A Bluetooth portable speaker to carry around and play some spooky tunes and light the way for the busy little guys running from house to house. It acts as your source of music, lantern, and a power-bank all in one. Kids can carry their five pound bags of candy and you can carry this just-barely two pound speaker. It even lights up in sync with the bass tones in the songs you play. And the USB port allows you to charge your phone... and yes... your vape.

Cuboid All in One Audio Lamp

Speaking of your vape... 


Spooky Vapes That Need No Costume

Of course any of the monstrous mods we mentioned before can work without a costume, but there are plenty of other scary ones out there that will be perfect for you to carry around at night trekking through the neighborhood.

The Revenant Cartel 80W

This mod is splattered with spooky monster goo, ghostly glowing ectoplasm... Sure to shine under some black lights, and sure to creep people out under the light of the moon.

Revenant Cartel 80w TC Mod Built in 2500mAh Battery

Or if you hope to be more discrete about your vaping as you trick or treat, the Sigelei Fuchai V3 Ultra-Portable System Kit has a sultry blood red color to get you a good nic fix and appear to just be a ghoulish vampire taking a swig from a small blood vile. 

Sigelei Fuchai V3 Ultra-Portable System Kit


And of course, don't be jealous of your kid's loot. You can have the sweet taste of candy all to yourself (Your kids will thank you). Perfect for the season is the awesome line of treats and candy flavored Bad Drip E-Liquids.



Bad Drip E Liquid Collection 60ML


And if the USB on your lantern being used by your partner charging their phone or Ultra-Portable device, you with an external battery mod don't want to be cursed with the scariest thing that could happen to an unsuspecting vaper... the night of the dead battery!!! So, bring some charged up spares along with you for the night!


There are so many fun activities that come this time of year and we can utilize our vaping hobbies to make them even better. As a matter of fact, we are holding a contest right now that does just that.

All month, if you carve a pumpkin to show a mod shaped design, or a classic Jack-O-Lantern with vape clouds pouring out, snap a photo and you could win our pumpkin carving contest!

If you come up with a spooky story about a vaper or a possessed mod, or maybe a haunted vape shop, you could win our scary story contest.

If you dress up like any of the suggestions we made or ones of your own with a cool costume and matching mod, show it off to us and you could win our costume contest. Or get a photo of you vaping in a haunted house, or around your own scary decorations. Maybe even make a little costume for your mod or deck it out with Halloween stickers or toys, you could win too! 

Enter all three, and you can get our grand prize of $188.88!

Read more about how to enter here... Vape safe, and vape happy, and most importantly 

happy halloween


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