Mechlyfe x Fallout Vape XRP RTA Tank, FYI; TYVM.


Hello, friends and vape enthusiasts!

Usually, conversations about tanks are something you have with your great grandfather, who served in WWII, and has a bunch of inappropriate stories about killing Germans, and you just sort of listen to him ramble on about it until his medication makes him tired, until he ultimately falls asleep.

...It's the worst, and it makes Christmas so awkward.

Yes, yes—we get it, great grandpappy; you were awesome. Go to bed.


But, for those of us who aren't stuck in a medically-induced haze of war nostalgia, talking about tanks means vaping. So, let's bring on a contender that's almost as cool as great-grandpa's old Sherman: The Mechlyfe x Fallout Vape RTA Tank. Sure, the name sounds like the crossover sequel to a spin-off of a movie based on an obscure video game, but it's actually an incredibly cool tank.

Plus, look at the pretty colors:

Great-grandpa's tank don't look THIS good.


The Mechlyfe x Fallout Vape XRP RTA is 24mm in diameter, and has a 3.5 ml capacity. It's assembled with a single-coil deck, but can support dual coil decks as well.

There's an "all hands on deck" joke to be made here, but Navy
jokes don't mix well with Army jokes.


If you need to change things up a bit, you're in luck, because the coil deck also has a changeable (or "rechangeable," as Mechlyfe calls it,)  DL post:

I honestly don't think 'Rechangeable" was a real word before this.


For those of you who like the Voopoo PNP Coil, you're in luck; the Mechlyfe x Fallout Vape XRP RTA (which is becoming a mouthful to type,) comes with a PNP bridge, which is compatible with the Voopoo PNP. This coil is full of so many useful gadgets, it's like a Swiss Army knife!

Ah, the Swiss. Known for their harsh, militaristic ways.
Also, this PNP bridge is pretty neat, huh?

The tank also boasts an adjustable airflow, to five different hole sizes; 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm, and 1.8 mm.

Great grand-pappy would be very upset to learn that he fought in WWII,
just so we could do everything in metric, like the rest of the free world.

And that's the tank, guys! It's no Sherman, but it packs a punch of its own! Plus, with that Voopoo compatibility, you have even more options than one would expect!

If tanks are your thing, check out our other tanks, available here, and keep an eye out for the Mechlyfe x Fallout Vape XRP RTA. (Seriously. Such a mouthful!)

Now, I'm gonna go wake gramps up before he has another medication-induced PTSD nightmare. Until next time, vapers! 


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