The Digiflavor Drop RDA V1.5 Tank— As Delightful As A Day At The Beach!

You know what makes an anticipated, upcoming tank more exciting? A sexy video, showing off its features! Enjoy.
This is like the 'Baywatch' of tank videos. You're looking at prime 90's
Pam Anderson right here, folks.


This pretty little number is the Drop RDA V1.5; an amazing new tank from Digiflavor. It's a rebuildable dripper, measuring 24mm in diameter, and 42mm in length, and every millimeter is devoted to looking fantastic.


If the video was Pam Anderson, this blue version of the tank is the 'Hoff.


This tank is also available in a series of other colors, all of which are incredibly distinct, and look downright sharp: Black, Blue-Black, Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Rainbow-Stainless Steel, Blue, (as pictured above,) Gold, and Rainbow. (For some reason, every kit and device in the vape world seems to be legally obligated to include that "oil slick rainbow" color. See if you can spot it.)

See it? Bottom right? Every time. But hey, that gold one reminds us
of Pamela Anderson's windblown mane of hair. It's pretty.


...Why, If this tank were any MORE good-looking, it would be a lifeguard running down the beach, on their way to rescue some poor schmuck who's been stung by a jellyfish, or kidnapped by diamond smugglers or something.


That's right Pam. Only YOUR CPR certification training can stop those
diamond smuggling jellyfish.


The deck design has a dual post build, with four large post holes to make room for any size of coil structures. It also allows for easy coil replacement, and coil trimming. The build deck of the Drop RDA V1.5 is fully gold-plated, to allow for superior connectivity with dual-coil DIY systems, and is designed to be very user friendly.


They glow like the summer sun on the beach, don't they?
Add red swimsuits, slow-motion, and some urgent drowning victims,
and it's EXACTLY like 'Baywatch.'


The device also boasts improved air flow control. There's a series of air slots on each side of the chassis, allowing the air to flow up into the structure. Its rectangular design is fully adjustable with the knurled top cap. Behold!

It's like the tiny little lungs of someone receiving CPR from C.J. Parker,
or Mitch Buchannon themselves. Which, we're assuming,
tastes like angel's breath.


Speaking of airflow, you know what ALSO has amazing airflow? The wind on the beaches of sunny California. I mean, I'm not saying we're obsessed with David Hasselhoff or anything, but that man can run. Look at him run!


So, when you have a chance to pick up the Digiflavor Drop RDA V1.5 Tank, don't hesitate! It's a good tank, for an excellent vaping experience. You can use it anywhere, from the comfort of your own home, or to the sun-kissed beaches of Santa Monica. Get yours as soon as you can, because you never know when they'll run out. But if they DO run out, it will probably be in slow-motion, to save someone's life, or stop a diamond smuggler.

Until next time, vapers!

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