You Can Blow At Something, And Still Be Good. (Top 10 Vape Tricks!)


Hey, EightVape friends and fans!

It has come to my attention that some of you may be sitting around, vaping your kits and disposables, and just letting that sweet, sweet vapor simply drop out of your mouth like a jackass.

What are you even doing with your life right now? Haven't you been paying attention to the fact that there are other ways to let that vape out of your lungs? There's a whole community for it online, even! There are all manner of vaping tricks that people do, like the Tony Hawk of exhaling water vapor.

...Tony Hawk is still a cool, trendy reference, right? I'm sure it is. I'm just gonna keep rolling, because clearly we have to get you up to speed, so that you aren't embarrassing your friends at parties. (Like some writers do by making Tony Hawk jokes out loud in 2021.)

Let's run down the Top Ten Vape Tricks!


10. The Bow Tie Split

Like the name implies, his trick makes you look like you're blowing out a knot of vape, and splitting that bad boy in half:



9. Jellyfish:

This trick will make your vape like it should be getting chased around by Spongebob Squarepants with a big ol' net:


8. Blowing O's:

Another with a straight-forward name. You blow o-shaped rings. Tiny little circles of delight!


7. French Inhale

A French inhale is when you blow the smoke up from your mouth, and inhale it back in through your nose. (Which is far less unpleasant than it sounds.)


6. Liquid Mist

This trick is a good one for a situation where you'll have a drink handy. Turn any drink into a magic potion, like some kind of wizard/mad scientist hybrid.


5. Tornado

Auntie Em! Auntie Em! With this trick, you'll make a flat pool of vapor that twists up into a tornado twist!


4. Vape Bubble

This one takes a little more preparation, but it's totally worth it. A huge bubble of vapor will always impress!


3. The Waterfall

You fill a bottle with vape, you pour it out like water. Hence, waterfall.


2. The Dragon

In this trick, you're the dragon. The smoke comes out of your mouth and nose, like a menacing monster.


1. Ghost Inhale

First it's there, then it's gone! You blow it out, you suck it back in, and you look like you've kind of reversed time a little bit.


And there you have it! Top Ten Vape Tricks to make you extra cool, with your extra cool friends, as you hang out at the skate park, like ultra-cool Tony Hawk.

(I'm 100% certain that these Tony Hawk references are topical and make me sound cool. Right? ...Right?)

Consider yourselves educated, gang. Until next time, Vapers!

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