Let Your Voice Be Heard, New York! #WEVAPEWEVOTE


Friends, we stand at the cusp of a game-changing vote in the state of New York. The New York senate is in talks about a complete, across-the-board vaping ban. 

 We cannot let this stand.
If you live ANYWHERE in New York,

If you want to be heard, if you want the right to choose whether or not you can vape, instead of having that choice made for you, then speak up! Tell your story! We're going to get the word out in a big way, but we can't do it alone! 

If you're one of the nine million folks in New York City, let's hear from all five boroughs—Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island! You have allies all around you, and we'd love to hear from you all! We want to hear from everyone who is against this ban!

(Hey; Saltaire! We know there's only about eight of you, but you count, too!)

We need everyone's help, from NYC to Schenectady! This is a state-wide ban; not just New York City itself, but Hempstead, Brookhaven, Syracuse, Rochester, Amherst, and everywhere else in the great state of New York!

Send us letters for your NY representatives. Send us your reasons why this ban cannot be permitted to pass. Send us your moral outrage, if you feel it. We will get the message out there, so that your state knows that you won't sit back and let this happen to you!

You should have the freedom of choice. You should be able to tell your reps that you are perfectly capable of deciding what is best for you, and you won't have your right to choose stripped away.

Don't let misinformation and false "facts" win the day. Help us make your opinions known, your voices heard, and your presence felt! 

Take a look at what other New Yorkers have to say about this already! 


We can win this; we just need your help!

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