Create Your Own Vape Flavor! with Pod Juice E-Liquids


Vape juice brands each have their own "taste" when producing their e-liquids. Some companies pride themselves on creating delectable, sugary-sweet concoctions and other manufacturers err on the mild side. Vape users too naturally have their own preference for flavors like sweetness or menthol intensity. If you've tried and tried to find the perfect flavor balance and have been striking out, try creating it yourself.

Pod Juice has developed a collection of vape juices that can actually be mixed to adjust flavor levels and even invent flavors of your own! You read that right: these e-liquids are perfect for experimenting to design your own perfect juice blend. 

If making your own vape juice flavors sounds exciting, but you don't know where to begin, hopefully these vape juice "recipes" will serve as some inspiration! 

Creating Iced Vape Flavors with Menthol E-Liquids


Many vape juice companies offer their e-liquids in both the standard flavor and an "iced" version. For newbies, "iced" simply means that it has a menthol, minty flavor for a little extra refreshment. When shopping Pod Juice flavors, you'll notice that very few iced options are available. This isn't by accident! You can use their Jewel Mint flavor to create your own iced juice. Jewel Mint is a blend of menthol, authentic mint flavor, and just a touch of sweetness; it's the perfect addition to literally any fruit or candy flavor. There's also a Jewel Mint nicotine salt option for those wanting something stronger. Pod Juice recommends mixing at a 1:1 ratio, but feel free to start with just a few drops or squirts until you reach the icy blend you prefer.

A bottle and box of Jewel Mint Sapphire vape juice.

If sweetness is your thing, try adding Jewel Mint Sapphire into your fruit vape juices. Jewel Mint Sapphire has the same menthol/mint flavor with an added boost of sweetness; essentially you can turn any fruit flavor into a candy.

Combining Sweet and Sour Vape Juices

For the lovers of sour candy, Pod Juice offers flavors like Savage Patch, the sour-then-sweet candies shaped like colorful kids, and Blue Raspberry. These work great mixed together, and is a combo that Pod Juice highly recommends. Let me also suggest experimenting with the Strawberry Beltz flavor, which I think works great with Savage Patch.

Experiment with Blending Fruit E-Liquids

As I previously mentioned, you can mix Jewel Mint into any fruit flavor to create your own iced edition. You can also mix two fruit flavors, Watermelon Blast and Melon Breeze to create a super-melon fusion of juicy watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. Drop in a little Jewel Mint and you've created a custom Lush Ice flavor!

Another fantastic fruity experiment that I've had success with was adding a healthy squeeze of Peach Queen into HawaiianYou get a full blast of pineapple, guava, and orange, and plenty of sweet peach nectar to balance the citrus. To me, it's the ultimate tropical vape juice.

Sugar Blast: Candy Vape Juice Combos

Here's a super unique one that may sound weird, but hear me out. Mixing Loops (fruity cereal e-liquid) and Cotton Carnival (traditional cotton candy flavor), is incredible. The result is essentially exactly what you'd imagine: fruit-flavored cotton candy. It's a sugary-sweet concoction that will have you pulling on your pod device all day.

A bottle and box of Jewel Mint Sapphire vape juice.

If you just want to add a bit of extra sweetness to your flavor, remember that Jewel Mint Sapphire will not only give you that sugar rush, it'll also turn it into an iced e-liquid.


Making Mild E-Juices with Unsweetened Menthol

If fruity e-liquids, candy flavors, or sugary juice in general isn't quite for you, Jewel Mint Diamond is the perfect flavor for you to experiment with. It's a menthol blend with no sweetness at all and is actually very similar to JUUL Mint. If you're a tobacco enthusiast, Jewel Mint Diamond and Jewel Mint Tobacco blended together creates a wonderfully mild menthol tobacco that's totally unsweet.

What Vape Juice Flavor Will YOU Invent?

Pod Juice offers options in both freebase juice (in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine levels) or nicotine salts (in 35MG and 55MG nicotine levels). Pod Juice nicotine salts are best used with small, low-wattage pod systems like the Caliburn KOKO Prime and Caliburn G, the Vaporesso XROS, the SMOK Novo X, and plenty of others.

All Pod Juice flavors can be mixed with one another; it's up to you to determine what new taste you want to invent. Keep in mind that the quantity of each flavor you combine is completely your choice: add a drop or two, blend the flavors in equal parts, or any amount in between. You're the artist here!

If you've had success in creating your own flavor with Pod Juice e-liquids, comment your recipe and share your experience!

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