How to Tell If You Have a Fake (Clone) Disposable Vape?


It's very unfortunate but fake disposable vapes do exist. In a time where capitalism rules, people will try anything to make a buck or two. We are writing this article to help you understand how to spot a fake disposable vape pen and make sure you don't get scammed again.

The good news is, if you work with a genuine online vape shop, you won't need to worry about this. All of our products are coming directly from the manufacturer or master distributor. This helps us make sure we're buying the right products at the right prices, which is what helps us give you the ultimate lowest prices.

Lost Mary OS5000 disposable vape vs a fake Found Mary Disposable vape

Lost Mary OS5000 vs a fake Found Mary Vape

How to Tell If You Have a Fake Disposable Vape?

If you're even wondering about a fake single use vape, we have listed four ways to check against it. Read these to ensure you have the real version of the product. A disposable vape that is not real can easily cause a burning sensation in your throat from the coils.

How to Verify Authenticity of Your Disposable?

The different ways to verify will help you find out if you're vaping on a clone or the real deal. Your best bet is going to be to use the scratch off code but if you know what you're doing, most ways to verify will work.

Serial Numbers:

When Puff Bars started becoming a big deal, there were so many companies selling fake Puff Bars. They implemented serial numbers that you can verify directly on their website. It got to a point where the fake versions had serial numbers also, but when you tried to verify on their website, it would tell you this serial number doesn't exist.

Scratch Off (Security Code):

Most vape manufacturers are implementing a scratch off security code on their disposables box. This is to help you verify your device. When you scratch off the code, you will then be able to go to the manufacturers website and check to see if it's a legit code.

QR Code:

Another way that manufacturers are helping you verify their authentic device is by letting you scan a QR code. This will generally take y our the manufacturers verification page on their website. ALWAYS check that the website is the real website. 


A hologram display will usually show you the brand name or logo. This can help you figure out if you're looking at something legitimate or fake. HOWEVER, this is a more advanced way of verifying. You need to have used the product and seen the hologram enough to differentiate between real or fake.

How schoolkids as young as twelve are buying illegal 'puff bar' vapes to  smoke and trade at school | Daily Mail Online

Most Popular Fake (Clone) Disposable Brands:

Tips to Avoid Counterfeit Disposable Vapes:

There are many ways to watch out to prevent buying a fake vape device. Learn some of the ways below:

Purchase from Reputable Retailers

The best way to avoid buying anything fake is to buy from a reputable retailer. At Eightvape, we make sure everything that is purchased is real because we get it from the manufacturer or the master distributor. This means the product is coming directly from the source.

One way to know if a retailer is reputable is by checking for their compliance status. For example, if they're not verifying your age, charging you the correct taxes, etc., they probably care about their money more than you.

Look at the Box for Misprints or Off Color Text/Images

If you look at enough fake device boxes, you will start noticing difference from the real thing to the fake one. You will often see misprints or colors that are not exactly matching the authentic box.

Make Sure It's Factory Sealed

When you open your box, your compact vape should be inside a factory sealed plastic package. A lot of fake disposables are also in these but if yours doesn't come with it, that's a huge red flag.

Don't Buy from Overseas / International

Although majority of disposable vapes come from China, fakes definitely come from China. This is why you will often see misprints. If you bought a vape from China, unless it's coming from a reputable vendor, it will almost always be a fake.

Don't Buy If the Price is Too Good to Be True

Buying something real is not going to be the cheapest option you can opt for, that's for sure. Buying a fake is definitely going to be cheaper so if you think you're getting a crazy low deal, understand that it may be fake.

Stay Away from Popular Brands That Get Cloned A Lot

If you start hearing about a specific brand that has a lot of fake vapes, it will be hard to find the real thing from there.

What to Do If You Have Bought a Clone Disposable Vape?

Buying a fake vape disposable pen is unfortunate because you just paid for a device you want to use but it's definitely best to throw it out right away. Don't mess with your health if you suspect your product is not real.

Getting a refund is probably very unlikely because it's been opened and used. it's also hard to imagine someone standing behind their product if they're willing to sell counterfeits.

What's Inside A Fake Puff Bar From Wish vs A Real Puff Bar - YouTube

Do Fake Vapes Taste Different?

Absolutely. Since they're not made from the same factory as the original version, the juice mixologist will not be using the same ingredients. For this reason, there will be a slight difference in taste.

Don't Vapers Prefer "Clone" Vapes?

Although at one point, some vapers preferred clones, it's much different with disposable vapes. If anyone preferred clones, it was with a mechanical mod device. These usually have no internal parts where as a fake disposable has eLiquid and coils in it that are made from a factory where you have no idea. Mechanical mods don't come with a coil or pre-filled tank so you are building all of that up with genuine parts or eLiquid.

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