Hidden Vape Juice Conspiracy Theories


 Hidden Vape Juice Conspiracy Theories

conspiracy theories


“98%ish of the vape hardware is ladden’d with pagan symbols, sacred geometry specs, etc etc. Question them and they say it's to create a buzz or thats what kids are into today, its in! But, it’s to mark us all…and possibly open portals no matter how small (sub-atomic level). I will never buy hardware or anything with pagan symbols. Do not forget this is not our world, this is the adversary’s world. We were supposed to start in the 5th dimension. Matter is not who we are, it’s the temporary vessel covering our true selves….light! Don’t fall for the trap!”


Okay well…

That was a real comment left on our blog post “Alien Vaping Technology”. In which I dove deep into a new conspiracy theory that aliens held in Area 51 have developed advanced vaping technology that the government has sold to various manufacturers in an attempt to observe humans’ use of them to see if we are as intelligent as our extraterrestrial counter parts.

So this comment left us all baffled. But it also left me wanting more… what pagan symbols? What deep rooted conspiratorial ideals? What pseudo-sacred or haunting subliminal messages could be lurking all around vaping products?

When I think of more occultist or psychedelic hidden messages I don’t think of technology or vaping devices too much. I think more of the creepy in depth science of creating the infamous elixirs that magically move to a new state of matter, from vape juice to vapor clouds. Think about it. We take liquid, move it through intense heat, it goes on a journey at an incredible rate of speed through our mere human bodies, these meat-spacesuits for our internal “true selves, which is light” and as result we create a cloud… then it vanishes into nothingness.

That really is creepy and almost spiritual when you think about it. So maybe we should look deeper at some vape juices that just might have messages that our waking subconscious has overlooked. This commenter may not want to buy products that could reference spooky ideas… but some of us eat ThatS*** UP!!

Here is a list of items that if you dig their related conspiracy theories, you may want to take a closer look at...

#1 Cosmic Fog

cosmic fog

We all know vapor looks like fog. But what about it makes it cosmic? The smell? The taste? What if it’s neither. What if Cosmic Fog as a whole is trying to highlight the conspiracy theory regarding Chemtrails? The trails of clouds that linger in the sky that many people seem to believe are full of chemicals with various mysterious purposes like mind control or weather manipulation.


chem trails

A closer look at Cosmic Fog’s logo and you see a cloud undeniably wearing sunglasses. His smug smile is hiding something. Behind those triangle glasses could be the eyes of the Illuminati, watching as the clouds drift what only they know of unto us all. While Cosmic Fog’s Vape Berry Trio leaves a scent of delicious tart huckleberries, it’s image tells us all to keep our eyes up at the real cosmic fog out there.


#2 New Norm Polar Rising

polar rising

The polar ice caps are melting. The sea levels are rising. The new norm will be the New World Order. A closer look at the bottle and you can see a large futuristic cityscape that must be all that will remain of the world in a future where only the few most powerful and wealthy survive in the underground locations that may already exist... Underneath the Denver International Airport? A look at the word "norm" and you see a hot red sun… slowly burning out at the bottom, an indication of the end of days. The icy menthol finish to this mixed berry juice is symbolic of the finish of all things icy, and the eradication of earth-grown foods.

#3 Pancake House Banana Nuts by Gost

the pancake house banana nuts

This one verges more on the occult, the haunting belief that the dead do not leave us and many actual ghosts have become infamous… and Gost Vapor knows this. Could this famous banana pancakes vape juice be confirming the existence of a real ghost in a specific location?

In New Orleans, LA there lies a restaurant named Brennan’s. What is Brennan’s famous for, you ask? Just their BANANAS foster! Oh yeah and one more thing… The GHOST of Chef Paul Blange and sommelier Herman Funk. The staff at the restaurant swear Chef Paul (who was buried holding the restaurant menu and a knife and fork) moves kitchen items around to help the staff, and they can even sometimes feel his touch, a signal that they are cooking up to his standards. The ghost of Herman Funk makes his presence known by clinking a bottle when he has a suggestion for the current sommelier.


This subtle yet undeniable nod to the most famous dish of a most haunted restaurant by Gost is a clear indication that they are believers of the spiritual visitors they named themselves after.

#4 Boho Vape by Sugoi Vapor

boho vape

At first glance this looks like merely a beautiful bohemian woman. But to a true conspirator, it’s a certain nod to the semi-secret society of elite and powerful men who annually gather at the Bohemian Grove; A restricted 2,700 acre grove in a secluded location where these mysterious high ranking men gather for two weeks of strange behaviors and rituals. One of the strangest being the Cremation of Care, a ceremony held since 1881 in the Owl Shrine of the grove. They gather in front of a 40 foot owl statue, equipped with pyrotechnic effects and an audio recording of club member Walter Cronkite reciting a pledge that all the men of the Bohemian Grove recite along with as they exorcise the Demon to ensure the success of the ensuing two weeks."

the cremation of care


The woman on the bottle could be a slight nod to the fact that it is an all male club, and that feather in her hair? Looks to be that of an Owl.

One of their flavors is Leila, which is a name that means "Night" or "Dusk" a reference to the nocturnal nature of owls—Or the time when they engage in their strangest of ritualistic activities. The second Boho Vape flavor "Ruby" could be a connection to the fact that these men are elite, rare, and opulent like the precious gemstone itself.

They're also incredibly sweet and delicious. Which isn't a conspiracy I just really love these juices... and I'm saying that on my own free will, MKUltra is not making me. Boho Ruby is amazing. Boho Ruby is amazing. I would join a cult for Boho Vape. I wish I could drink it like Kool Aid.

#5 Paradox on the Rocks by Excision

paradox on the rocks excision

With its ominous look and mysterious “black dew” flavor Paradox on the Rocks poses one of humanities age old dilemmas known as the Omnipotence Paradox also referred to as the Rock Paradox. This dark and eerie vape juice is clearly asking us to ponder the idea of omnipotent beings, like gods and goddesses, that people believe to be all powerful. Paradox on the Rocks asks us, “Could an all powerful god create a rock so heavy that they themselves could not lift it?”

gasping emoji

It’s a subtle paradox that can shake a person's perception of gods to the core.

#6 Air Factory Vape Juice Wild Apple

air factory vape juice wild apple

Lets! Get! Pagan! Witches… Warlocks… Since their beginning they have been using one food of choice to carry their poisons. Yes, the poison apple. A forbidden fruit if ever there was one. This cursed green apple juice is deliciously deadly. Look at the packaging, it's covered in oozing, dripping, toxic goo. They know EXACTLY what message they're trying to convey.

#7 Illuminati by Propaganda

Illuminati by propaganda

Could you be any more obvious? Propaganda?? Illuminati?!? That ominous all seeing eye staring for eternity at you on your shelf of vape juices… it’s chilling to think about. It's T.J. Eckleburg! It's Big Brother! It's Propaganda Premium E-Liquids!

The blood orange flavors of Illuminati reminds one of the blood that runs deep in the brotherhood of this illustrious mystery society.


So there you have it conspiracy fans. If you wanna get weird and vape these while wearing your tinfoil hats and covering up your web cam I'll join you... and so will the FBI agent hiding in the car across the street.


  • Posted on by Ty

    I can’t lie, I found it disgusting when I starting seeing occult and frankly, Satanic imagery on vape products. Perhaps people liked to conflate alchemy with ejuice or maybe they just started to run out names for products…either way, I find it off-putting and I will never by products or purchase from some companies for this facts. Perhaps this is just a sign of End Time.

  • Posted on by Kimberly Eason-sims

    I’ve been vaping for almost eight years now, and only recently started hearing some of this information from Christian sources. Admittedly, the number of e-juices with demonic names has skyrocketed. There are even a group of folks who identify themselves as (THE VAPE GODS!) They’ve got an entire cottage industry of hats, shirts, and E-Lounges where they get together and show off their mad skills at vaping. Some call these lounges ‘Their Church.’ What about the rituals? Well, simply watch a few of the video’s where they are dancing to music, as they blow different symbols in smoke. It’s pretty wild. They even call them ‘Water Spirit’s.‘…Crazy right? What is even more fascinating is The Secret VAPE Goddess. What are the odds that there is a goddess named Achlys. Achlys is the goddess of misery and sadness. She is the MIST of death, which fell before the eyes proceeding death. She was represented on the shield of Hercules pale, emancipated, and weeping, with chattering teeth, swollen knees, long nails on her fingers, bloody cheeks, and her shoulders thickly covered with dust. What got so many people’s attention when it came to the phrase (bloody cheeks) were the MANY, MANY photos of people whose e-device’s had exploded in their faces, and, you guessed it.. bloody cheeks, and many times too even teeth had been knocked out. Yikes-!!!

    This is indeed all new to me, but, I must admit, it does make one stop and ponder if we the people are being somehow manipulated, yet again? I’ve enjoyed vaping for the very FLAVORS, and the fact that vaping ‘seems’ to calm my nerves, but, am I deceiving myself, and underestimating the fact that powerful forces are indeed playing on our desires for their own nefarious purposes? It may deserve some more research as well as critical thinking.
    Blessings all…

  • Posted on by mikethomson

    I read that Post and got it fine and informative. bigbox mini

  • Posted on by Tony Glock

    I want to touch on one strange symbol and that is the triangle on the front of the OG Goon V1. This is the exact same triangle that Occultist Aleister Crowley uses as a symbol also so could the owners of 528 Customs be followers of Aleister Crowley and practice his beliefs?

  • Posted on by Tara

    Now that I think of it all of this is odd

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