EightVape's Top 8 Vaping Vines


EightVape's Top 8 Vaping Vines

Be careful chirren, this is a lot of vape vines

In honor of National Vape Day I wanted to honor a subset of culture that vaping has birthed. That is, of course, the magical gift of vaping Vines. Vine is the now dead (RIP Vine) video platform where anyone could upload six second videos of whatever they liked.

Vine reached peak popularity around 2013, around the same time the vape industry saw a spike in its popularity as well. As a result the two amalgamated into an entertainment treasure trove of Vines of both hilarious vape content and impressive vape tricks. 

Here are 8 (ha, get it?) Vaping Vines we can't get enough of, counting down to our number one favorite. So kick back, get in a hot tub five feet apart from your bro, and watch some vaping vines.


#8 "I'll Give You Your Vape Pen Billy!"

What is it that's so funny about this? The candle? The name Billy? Hard to tell, especially with only six seconds of this mini horror film about a vaper upset with his mother. Billy means business. His mother better have the power of god and anime on her side. 

#7 "Vaping For Two"

Yikes. Well thankfully this is acting, because vaping while pregnant could result in harmful birth defects, on a serious note. Your kid could end up like Jared, 19 years old and never having learned how to read. For real though, EightVape is as serious about vaping safety as a kid at a spelling be spelling Iridocyclitis. But man if this isn't a rare vine that never fails to crack us up. 

#6 "We Get It You Vape"

The original! We Get It You Vape is probably my favorite thing to say to someone when they do an impressive cloud or trick. Call me a jerk, but there's something so funny about being blase in reaction to pretty awesome stuff. This original vine is truly a gift. The only better gift would be an avocado... Thanks!

#5 "Smoke and Spaghetti"

I wish I could do cool vape tricks, but I'm so much better at eating spaghetti. Especially the batch I keep in my pocket.

#4 "Cool Guy Does A Vape Trick"

I couldn't find the six second version that was viral on Vine, so here is the original version of Cool Guy Does A Vape Trick. I quote this video so often, I've ran out of Alex's to yell at and have just started calling anyone who pisses me off ALEX! Or unless they do something stupid in which case I ask them "What the F***, RICHARD?!"

#3 "Why Did I Just Die?"

Don't play with your medicine, kids. Even for the vine. But if you do wanna blow a cloud and ran out of juice or lost your mod, an in haler works and probably clears your airways better than vape juice, (Uh yeah I sure hope it does).

#2 "Adam!"

Adam! One word, and my sides hurt from laughing so hard. I can assure you at least 1,000 of this videos loops on Vine were from me, alone, in my room, at 3 AM. If you say this isn't one of the best Vines, why the f*** you lyin?

#1 "Wow"

Okay I know I said "Adam" was the best one word vape vines, but this one actually takes the cake. I know I said I love to say "We get it you vape" was my favorite thing to say when I see someone blow big clouds BUT I LIED. It's this right here, "Wow". So blase, yet so striking. Bone App The Teeth this is a tasty vine. 


Happy National Vape Day, I hope this brought some humor to the holiday's festivities. May Vine rest in peace and forever be in our hearts. 

peaceHave Fun Vaping Everyone!peace

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