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ANNOUNCING: Now Accepting User Reviews

Justin D. Troyer

Posted on August 11 2018

ANNOUNCING: EightVape's User Reviews

Are you looking to break into the vape review scene? Are you passionate about writing or creating videos? Could you use a little extra EightVape cash?

Well, starting today, 8/10/18, EightVape will be accepting user reviews to feature on our website and share with customers all around the world. Submitting User Reviews is a great way for anyone in our community to get their voices heard and earn a little store cash while doing it. 

Reviews can be about any product, by any brand; they can be positive, negative, funny, or serious. You can review Mods, Tanks, E-Liquids, even batteries.

Reviews can be conducted in video or written form, and if you want, you can send us a photo to use as a thumbnail, so personal reviews will have a personal touch. Author names will be featured, so be sure to send us your first and last name. All reviews will be posted on a unique community page. 

Here's a breakdown of the rules for user-submitted reviews:

  1. Written reviews must be at least 500 words. Video reviews must be at least 60 seconds long. You can submit a review with both written and video content, if you want. There is no maximum word count or length for any review. 
  2. Reviews that are overtly crass or explicit will not be posted or rewarded, and video reviews cannot include graphic, violent, or nude content. 
  3. Reviewers will be rewarded $8.88 in store credit for each review that we choose to post. They must have an EightVape account to receive compensation. 
  4. Users are limited to three posted reviews per month, you can submit more than three reviews but only three reviews from each user will be chosen per month. 
  5. Last but not least, all reviews must be emailed to Be sure to include your first and last name!


Due to high volume, we will no longer be accepting reviews on:

  • The FreeMax Mesh Pro
  • The FreeMax FireLuke
  • GeekVape Aegis Legend
  • VooPoo Drag
  • Naked 100
  • Yami Vapor "Taruto"
  • SMOK G-Priv


Please refer to the "Your Reviews" section before submitting to make sure your review is unique and stands out! We'd hate to waste your time...

That's it. EightVape once again gives back! Have fun with these reviews, don't hesitate to reach out, and let's have a good time! I'm excited to hear all the unique voices in our community.

A couple notes before I go: 

  • Reviews that meet the required conditions will be posted on under the "Blog" tab, which will soon be titled "Community." Reviews will be sorted into hardware and E-Juice categories, and there will be a search function so that reviews are easy to find and readily available. 
  • Comments will be enabled on all community reviews, so people can start discussions and cultivate that community feeling that enriches all of our lives. 


Moreover, I've got another announcement coming soon regarding user submissions. There will be more opportunities in the future for our community to showcase their content and earn rewards. 

Until next time! 


Justin Troyer
Head of Content









  • Eric Luckini: January 14, 2020

    I have made my order almost week ago and this company is slow getting back and slow send orders out. I would recommend people not go throw them not if you looking at poor service. I will be willing too make another review if my order comes in soon

  • Tamer Ibrahim: January 13, 2020

    I’m not here to review the products. That’s a bit subjective. I personally like the fruit flavored juices as thy remind me of smoking a hooka (for real, not the college type).
    But I did want to compliment the folks at 8 Vape. I have three vape stores near my home, none are willing to match 8 Vape’s prices. A few days before the Xmas break last year (2019) I placed an order and chose regular shipping. My products arrived in something like three or four business days. A day earlier than expected.
    then there’s the prices. I save well over 50% (even WITH shipping and handling) on each order.
    I wish I could figure out how to buy coils on my own without relying on a sales associate to tell me which ones fit my kit. I could use 8 Vape for all my needs. Currently, I have to go to a brick and mortar to make sure the coils actually fit. :(

  • Aaron Johnston: January 07, 2020

    Ordered over two weeks ago. Several attempts made to find out what the delay is. Two weeks now and order still shows as unfulfilled. Cannot get ahold of anyone. Ticket system just sends generic responses. I am contacting my credit card company, the BBB if they are a member, and will be telling everyone to stay away. They took over 200 bucks immediately but will not properly respond or ship my products. Loved these guys and have ordered several times. Never again.

  • Debra Walden: January 01, 2020

    Not happy with return process – NOT responsive. Rec’d product 11/30/2019, requested via website 12/06/2019 to return product, website stated 2-3 week on reponse. Follow-up with an email on 12/26/2019, CS response “Thank you for reaching out to us! We are moving communications with our customers to our ticket system and will no longer be using this email for our customers in the near future.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.” Todate NO response. NOT a Happy Customer!!

  • amanda caprioli: December 30, 2019

    Would you please have someone respond to the emails. A mass email about a general question didn’t answer my question about the two week processing time on my order that was placed in December 14 and still says Unfulfilled. I ordered from another company on Friday and my order is coming in today. So holiday shouldn’t have held up things that much .I can’t reach anybody about this and I’m to the point Of canceling this order and never shopping the site again. Which is a shame because my previous over a dozen orders have came flawlessly and I was really happy and up to this point

  • Phillip Crislip: December 26, 2019

    I can’t Thank John enough for going above and beyond every time. I have ordered 16 times and I have been satisfied beyond. He sends the orders so quick and let’s me know they are in stock, packed up and being shipped. EightVape is the best place to get your vape supplies. I’m gonna be putting in my 17th order tomorrow. I have referred 3 other people to this site. Thank you again John, have an amazing holiday and an even better New Years, here is to 2020

  • Jim: December 26, 2019

    Eightvape sucks! $80 for what?! No order, no tracking number, no communication from customer service! If you can’t handle the busy times, get out of the business! Guess I have to contact the BBB!! Thank you Eightvape, FOR NOTHING!

  • Jim: December 26, 2019

    Eightvape sucks! $80 for what?! No order, no tracking number, no communication from customer service! If you can’t handle the busy times, get out of the business! Guess I have to contact the BBB!! Thank you Eightvape, FOR NOTHING!

  • Joshua Bernard: December 18, 2019

    This company is a scam. I was Charged 3 times for one order. $107 x3. I have tried everything to contact this company. This has gone on for a month now. They truly are fraud. You can email customer service and all you get is an auto response that someone will contact you within two days. No one ever contact you. I have probably email them eight or nine times now. Beware of this company. They are pure garbage.

  • Phillip Crislip: December 11, 2019

    Well just got my 15th order and I am honestly confused with the negative reviews that have been posted recently. I have had nothing but excellent service from EightVape and John goes out of his way to contact me if something I order is out of stock and I need to pick something else, and answers every question I have asked and within 12 hours. I hate seeing the bad reviews I can only say maybe something isn’t being done correct. I have the Prime membership and from the time I place my order I receive it 4 to maybe 5 days later if I use fed ex I have it in 2 days. I just placed my 16th order today.

  • Michael Lindsey: December 07, 2019

    I ordered a vaperesso revenger X from these people and it came with the wrong size batteries I was so pissed off. I tried to contact customer service but it proved to be impossible.I am going to cancel my membership today not because of the battery issue but because you can’t contact customer service. What a sad sad sad company I wish I would have read all the negative reviews I will be more diligent in the future.

  • S.B: November 29, 2019

    I’m extremely disappointed. I placed an order last week for my husbands juice and realized within a minute after placing that it was the wrong flavor. I emailed, explaining I’d like to swap the juice for the one I meant to order before the order shipped out. I waited 2 days with no response. Then emailed again just in case the message hadn’t gone through. The next day, I received a notification that my order shipped! After receiving, I didn’t want to pay for return ship & gave up. I then received a text from “joe” the owner and replied with what happened. Not only had I realized it was an automated text but at the bottom of the text, was it said if there were questions or comments to contact “xxx-xx-xxxx” The info was literally x’d out? I understand the mistake was mine initially but I’m amazed I never received a response. I now have a juice my husband doesnt want. This is the 1st time I’ve used eight vape and definitely the last.

  • Lisa ventrice: November 22, 2019

    Im trying to contact someone to help me with an order. When i ran my card it said the transaction couldnt be completed so i did it again and said the same thing but yet it took the money outta my account and ive tried for 4 days now to contact customer service regarding this matter and still have yet to get a reponse… Ive been a member for least 3 or 4 months now and feel that if this matter isnt resolved i will take my business elsewhere. This is crazy how hard it is to contact someone to resolve this. U would think u would want to keep your customers coming back. Ive filled out a red ticket, emailed, and IM on messenger and 4 days nothing, ive even tried calling the number listed on website and its a recording that plainly states on the voicemail that no one is actually available to take calls or listens to the voicemails and would not be returning my call if i were to leave a message but can do so after the beep.
    Im really trying to give eightvape a chance to make right before canceling my memebership and spending my money elsewhere. I dont like leaving bad reviews but im hoping this might get someones attention to follow up with me. Before this matter i thought highly of this website and even recommended to friends, really is the cheapest online store. But not so cheap for me at the moment when im out 42 bucks…

  • Phillip Crislip: November 19, 2019

    I started ordering in October and a month later I just put my 11th order in, i haven’t had any issues, I even got a text from John letting me know that an item I ordered was out of stock and to pick something else and let him know. So I can’t say anything but good things about EightVape, I wouldn’t let the reviews scare you from trying them out because you won’t be disappointed.
    Phillip Crislip

  • Cam Nesbitt: November 16, 2019

    What is the point of customer service lines or emails or tickets or what tf ever if you’re not going to respond? I’ve placed 2 orders that were both fine but I more than double what I’ve spent before and can’t even get an email. I feel bad for all the other people with bad reviews too. For how many people suggest this site, it really is a sad joke

  • Donald Smith: November 09, 2019

    Wow I always felt good about ordering from eightvape and never had problems but my last order my asmodus charger dock came broken and I immediately called and spoke with a young lady saying I’d get a call or email shortly so I didn’t really get upset. It’s been a week and no response. That ticket deal is no good and it’s frustrated knowing how much I’ve spent with this site over the last few years. I never write bad reviews but after reading how I’m not the only one I had too. Ive talked to the company that makes my product so maybe they will make something right. Sad to feel like I don’t wanna do business here anymore if this is how loyal customers are treated. Without us it’s no them and all that we’re going through to continue to vape freely we don’t need our own treating us bad too.

  • Brandon Durham: November 05, 2019

    Wow this sucks I really wanted to order from 8vape but due to all the reviews on here and reviews on multiple other sites 8vape will not be getting my business and I will spread the word. 8vape step up and fix your problems.

  • trevor lackey: November 01, 2019

    This sight is a joke I placed an order it charged my card an I haven’t received no shipping information or nothing about it an to get in contact with them sucks horribly if I don’t get my money back or my order fixed There’s gonna be legal issues commin🤷‍♂️

  • Phillip Crislip: October 30, 2019

    Well I placed my 4th well technically 5th order because I bought the monthly Prime Membership, but I placed my order on 10-26-2019, and it was on the weekend and let me tell you I got my shipping info sent to me Tuesday the 29th and you get a discounted rate for shipping with your membership if decide not to do the free shipping method, I want my things quick. On the 29th I seen my USPS Priority shipping info and I actually got it today on the 30th. So the comments about the crappy shipping and service that people leave have to be bogus because my experience with EightVape has been the best, I have my package within 1-2 days from Las Vegas and I live in Twinsburg OH. Highly recommend this company and site you will thank me!!

  • Chris Strones: October 26, 2019

    Geez! After reading thru a lot of these comments ~ I feel like almost guilty about leaving this one…Let me say first, writing a review isn’t something I often do… I got my order in less than 3 days!! I was checking my tracking info – it said my order should get here today…well, yesterday cuz it’s after midnite. I thought – now that’s impossible cuz I just ordered it! I headed out to the kitchen, as I passed the front door I looked out & there lay a white USPS package! I was amazed! Let me insert a little background info – this is my 2nd order. I first ordered a couple of bottles of juice. It did get here quickly & the juice was good. That makes it sound so simple. I can assure u that it took me weeks to even settle on EightVape! I probably went thru 20 (at least) online vape stores checking product & prices & then doing it again! OCD hardly describes the way I go about this. I take notes & redo them a few times. I agonize, I frustrate myself & almost consider forgetting the whole damn thing AND then I dig back in with frantic new zest. OCDing to a whole new level! I definitely have issues! & I love to vape & I live on a budget! Before I got to ordering at all, I can assure u I’m completely positive that EightVape has the best prices of any online or not online vape store in the United States. I’ve been vaping for 6-8 yrs. I started out ordering from China. I have nothing bad to say about any international vape products. I spent a lot of money in China & I got a lot of damn good product! They DO sell a lot of less expensive product & it’s comparable BUT China is very damn far away. I feel I can safely say that even if I had a plane, I could have never gotten an order in 2 days! I’m pretty sure gassing up the ol’ plane would have cut out a lot of the money I intended to save by ordering from there! I looked over a few of those sites in my extremely insane ordering process. Point by point, EightVape still came out on top cuz I understood what u were saying about what u were selling…simple (?) as that! This is getting long & I have so much more to say!! U can find some vape juice for less in the US. B sure u read the ratio’s. Pay attention to the smallest of print &/or look for what’s not wrote at all! OK now I was sure I had the Best Possible Place – I had to start the whole process over so I could get the best deal & really good stuff & still b able to buy food for my cat & dog & myself. More profuse notes! Pages & pages of flavors, bottle sizes, mg’s & ml’s… This time I wanted a new device too. My big ol’ VooPoo Drag is a great vape! I wanted something smaller. If I had BIG money, I probably would have bought something different & big money to me wouldn’t probably b such big money to someone else. I had a Swag & loved it. I vaped it until it fell apart! It was more than I could afford to do this time – now u can c what’s right now big money to me! So I’m moving past the middle now… the end is getting close! I’m glad now my cash flow was low cuz I got a GREAT little vape. The size is perfect, just a little thing next to my VooPoo Drag – The Vaporesso Tarot Baby w/the NRG SE tank 85W Starter Kit. I got 3 coils separately. I got the OKVMI Mystery Juice 6mg-100ml, the DNA Dragonthol 6mg-2-60mls & the LOADED Cran-Apple Iced 3mg-120ml along w/a pack of 1.8ml 20% Sapphyre Nic to bring that 3mg juice up to 6mg & a couple of empty bottles to mix with. There was NOTHING damaged. Everything was bubble wrapped perfectly! I’ve already tried the Mystery Juice. It’s really good w/strong clear flavors – but I’m not giving up the mystery except to say it’s right down my alley! I’ve also tried the Dragohthal. It’s a sweet fruit w/good menthol & I’m into menthol. Smoked Newport’s for years & years! I’m looking most forward to the Iced Cran-Apple. I always put a dot of the liquid on my hand & taste it. The apples r sure there w/a real good menthol!. There it is – a perfect order! Thank u EightVape. Do pay attention to what the unhappy folks r saying. Ur customers r most important – I’m a VERY happy 2x customer but I ran a Dairy Queen & a convenience store for years. If u keep hearing the same thing over & over, u may not have seen it urself & don’t believe it or don’t want to believe it but where there’s smoke there’s usually fire somewhere. I want EightVape to stay around for a long time! I’m super impressed!

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