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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

ANNOUNCING: Now Accepting User Reviews

Justin D. Troyer | August 11 2018

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ANNOUNCING: EightVape's User Reviews

Are you looking to break into the vape review scene? Are you passionate about writing or creating videos? Could you use a little extra EightVape cash?

Well, starting today, 8/10/18, EightVape will be accepting user reviews to feature on our website and share with customers all around the world. Submitting User Reviews is a great way for anyone in our community to get their voices heard and earn a little store cash while doing it. 

Reviews can be about any product, by any brand; they can be positive, negative, funny, or serious. You can review Mods, Tanks, E-Liquids, even batteries.

Reviews can be conducted in video or written form, and if you want, you can send us a photo to use as a thumbnail, so personal reviews will have a personal touch. Author names will be featured, so be sure to send us your first and last name. All reviews will be posted on a unique community page. 

Here's a breakdown of the rules for user-submitted reviews:

  1. Written reviews must be at least 500 words. Video reviews must be at least 60 seconds long. You can submit a review with both written and video content, if you want. There is no maximum word count or length for any review. 
  2. Reviews that are overtly crass or explicit will not be posted or rewarded, and video reviews cannot include graphic, violent, or nude content. 
  3. Reviewers will be rewarded $8.88 in store credit for each review that we choose to post. They must have an EightVape account to receive compensation. 
  4. Users are limited to three posted reviews per month, you can submit more than three reviews but only three reviews from each user will be chosen per month. 
  5. Last but not least, all reviews must be emailed to Be sure to include your first and last name!


Due to high volume, we will no longer be accepting reviews on:

  • The FreeMax Mesh Pro
  • The FreeMax FireLuke
  • GeekVape Aegis Legend
  • VooPoo Drag
  • Naked 100
  • Yami Vapor "Taruto"
  • SMOK G-Priv


Please refer to the "Your Reviews" section before submitting to make sure your review is unique and stands out! We'd hate to waste your time...

That's it. EightVape once again gives back! Have fun with these reviews, don't hesitate to reach out, and let's have a good time! I'm excited to hear all the unique voices in our community.

A couple notes before I go: 

  • Reviews that meet the required conditions will be posted on under the "Blog" tab, which will soon be titled "Community." Reviews will be sorted into hardware and E-Juice categories, and there will be a search function so that reviews are easy to find and readily available. 
  • Comments will be enabled on all community reviews, so people can start discussions and cultivate that community feeling that enriches all of our lives. 


Moreover, I've got another announcement coming soon regarding user submissions. There will be more opportunities in the future for our community to showcase their content and earn rewards. 

Until next time! 


Justin Troyer
Head of Content









  • Justin Ullrich: July 22, 2019

    The absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. It is a miracle this company is still breathing. I imagine this company as some kid working out of their parents garage who has decent computer skills because the website is about the only thing that works with this company. No one answers their phone, no one responds to emails, it is the worst. I have talked to a few of my vape buddies and we are thinking of driving or flying out to Vegas where this business is and shoot a live video on social media and expose these crooks for what they are. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!! CALL FDA, CALL BBB, REPORT THESE THEIFS!!!!

  • Jamey Hicks: July 19, 2019

    Can’t wait for the new CBD OIL To come on.

  • Jamie: July 17, 2019

    Eight Vape Customer Service SUCKS!!!! No dailtone when calling just some terrible music. I have been listening to music for 30 plus minutes no answer. This has been on multiple occasions. I have created ticket after ticket still no customer service outreach . So I figured I would just do non stop reviews so maybe I can get some type of service. If not at least others know! They will take your money no problem but if you need their assistance. . . . AHAHA

  • Randall L Kolb: July 16, 2019

    Terrible customer service. No accountability to the customer. My order was wrong. Will not respond to me even called the shipping house for help.

  • Tom HT: July 02, 2019

    Hello, i would love, to be a user and and check out what 8vapes users, i will be fair and make a fair reviews for this company, i will be fair, to all products. as judge what i see best.
    i will be greatful and honest, if i have the company blessing to ear this job.

  • Tom HT: July 02, 2019

    Hello, i would love, to be a user and and check out what 8vapes users, i will be fair and make a fair reviews for this company, i will be fair, to all products. as judge what i see best.
    i will be greatful and honest, if i have the company blessing to ear this job.

  • Lisa Fennell: July 02, 2019

    Has anyone noticed that most positive reviews on here are very lengthy, go into a lot of detail and use many of the same descriptive words? I feel certain they are being written by owners of eightvape!! I’m on a mission!! 73000 Twitter Followers, 124062 You Tube Followers, 8976 FB Friends, 2764 Snap Chat Friends and 6872 Instagram Followers…. my followers will be told the TRUTH about this HORRIBLE company! I feel confident my followers will be happy to pass the BUYER BEWARE info along to all of their followers as well! Together we can expose their scam! Please post on all social platforms and ask friends to share as well!

  • Lisa Fennell: July 01, 2019

    Placed my order June 25th for $116. Worth of merchandise. I paid for priority shipping. Today is July 2nd and my order still shows unfulfilled. I called them and stayed on hold for 40 minutes. No one ever answers. I emailed them and received no response. I received an order confirmation but no tracking information. I am one pissed off person right now. That being said, I don’t take kindly to being taken advantage of ! I assure the folks at eightvape they will soon wish they had never heard my name! ****BUYER BEWARE****

  • Nile Rhoads: July 01, 2019

    I have been ordering from eightvape for over 2 years and it has always been a great experience…..until now. I ordered some mods and a couple other things, because I need them,but 10 days later my order is still unfulfilled. I’ve created 3 tickets trying to get a response but no answers. I don’t write negative reviews but I’m really frustrated. Again, yet another vendor I enjoy has become unstable and unreliable.

  • Sajid Nimrat: June 29, 2019


  • Dale Spencer: June 25, 2019

    Placed order…48 hours later…nothing…no one answers phone…no one answers email…had to reverse charges …avoid at all costs!

  • Tori B.: June 18, 2019

    I have been a long time customer of Eight Vape. It’s really sad that I have to come this far just to show how unhappy of a customer I am. Husband and I placed an order on Friday, His sister also placed an order on Friday, An HOUR after we did. Our order hasn’t even shipped yet. His sister got their order on Monday, and yet, ours is lost some where or “The Warehouse must be backed up” As I was told from a customer service rep who replied to my ticket and closed it immediately after the reply. I honestly don’t think I will ever spend another penny with this company because they have gone completely down the drain. it really sucks because they’ve been mine and my husbands favorite place for going on Two Years..

  • Charles Gilbert: June 05, 2019

    Dont evan try to get a customer service person to answer a question for you they don’t answer the phone. I have ordered a lot from this company and it has went to hell not recommending these people anymore.

  • Joe merkley: June 01, 2019

    This company is terrible, I ordered on May 26 and still have not received a shipped item. I’ve tried to contact them through any means possible including the number that they gave my bank for my debit card purchase and there is no reply. Their ticketing system for putting in claims does not work, I would never purchased from this company again. it is a complete joke in a scam, I’ll be reporting them to BBB. I ordered on May 26 and still have not received a shipped item. I tried to contact them through any means possible including the number that they gave my bank for my debit card purchase and there is no reply. There are ticketing system for putting in claims does not work, I would never purchase from this company again it is a complete joke in a scam, I’ll be reporting them to BBB.

  • Nik : May 21, 2019

    Wouldn’t even give them one star given a choice. This company is a damn joke. Ordered something and got a email that it shipped May 3rd. I even paid 11$ for two day fed ex shipping. I call them a week later. Get told that I was talking to the supervisor. And she would refund me my money, that it probably never shipped out. She said I would have my money back Monday, spoke with her on a Friday. Monday rolls around. No money. I call the following week.( It’s now May 21st, they emailed me it would be shipped on the 3rd) I get told the package shipped. Was supposed to be canceled. And they won’t refund me my money. I can’t even keep it and get the extra I paid for two day express shipping unless I return it. And now I have to wait for a return label to me shipped. So maybe in a couple months I’ll get my money back. The place is ran by a bunch of children. You call and when you actually get through, all you hear is people laughing loudly and joking in the back ground. It’s a joke. Don’t waste your money.

  • Tara: May 13, 2019

    I always have used eightvape. I have used them for the past few years. I’ve ordered mods, tanks and juice with no problem but one. I ordered around Christmas time 2018, they didn’t put the free item in, I sent a ticket but no reply. Other than that no issues, I still order from them, they’re prices are good and the shipping is fast! Especially from Las Vegas to NY. Usually takes 2-3 days depending on time/day I order.

  • Carissa: May 12, 2019

    I have purchased 6 vape pen 22 light editions in the past year because the button keeps sticking on every one of them!! I will never buy from here again. And the refund or replace process is a joke!!

  • Rich: May 08, 2019

    First time using this company… will never use them again. Support is just idiotic, no status updates. Very, very slow shipping. Its like a bunch of 12 year olds run this business. Just use Vape Wild. They actually know how to run a business and don’t outsource their support.

  • Monica Elliott: April 24, 2019

    I can’t lie they have ok customer service but bad policies I haven’t had my vape pen for 7 days and it came in defective. And the lady told me it was nothing that she can do for me I didn’t want any money back is not my fault did the pen leaks everywhere she told me about a third coil,the pen won’t leak no more, I’m just wasting money it’s ridiculous that out of order I would never recommend this company to no one!!!…

  • JOKER: April 22, 2019

    I’ve been using site for all my vaping needs for roughly 3yrs now. I came across this site bc I was tired of paying those ridiculous local store prices. I used to make my own e-liquid so u can imagine how hard it was having to start paying for juice when I knew how easy it was to make. This site is amazing! From the pricing, to the shipping and the reviews. Their stock is quite amazing. For me regular shipping from their store in Las Vegas to my place in Florida takes four days. That’s very good. My last order was Fri 04/19 (Good Friday) and Easter weekend. I received my order on Mon 04/22 @11am. Anytime I go to a local vapor shop or online store and see something I’m interested in I will leave and check first. Usually, the price is lower. It’s nuts the mark up these local places are getting for this stuff! I’ve recently moved from box mods DTL, conventional juice to Pods MTL, using salt nic. Salts are fairly new to the scene so locally they are hard to find a wide selection. This site has a buttload! LoL! Plus, it won’t break the bank. One other thing I like is if theirs no reviews on a juice u want to try, sometimes u can create a sample pack of small bottles, different flavors. As far as customer service on eightvape, I can’t help u with that Dept bc I’ve never had an issue in the years I’ve been shopping here. Thanks guys! Keep up the great work. You have my business and recommendation.

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