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ANNOUNCING: Now Accepting User Reviews

Justin D. Troyer | August 11 2018

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ANNOUNCING: EightVape's User Reviews

Are you looking to break into the vape review scene? Are you passionate about writing or creating videos? Could you use a little extra EightVape cash?

Well, starting today, 8/10/18, EightVape will be accepting user reviews to feature on our website and share with customers all around the world. Submitting User Reviews is a great way for anyone in our community to get their voices heard and earn a little store cash while doing it. 

Reviews can be about any product, by any brand; they can be positive, negative, funny, or serious. You can review Mods, Tanks, E-Liquids, even batteries.

Reviews can be conducted in video or written form, and if you want, you can send us a photo to use as a thumbnail, so personal reviews will have a personal touch. Author names will be featured, so be sure to send us your first and last name. All reviews will be posted on a unique community page. 

Here's a breakdown of the rules for user-submitted reviews:

  1. Written reviews must be at least 500 words. Video reviews must be at least 60 seconds long. You can submit a review with both written and video content, if you want. There is no maximum word count or length for any review. 
  2. Reviews that are overtly crass or explicit will not be posted or rewarded, and video reviews cannot include graphic, violent, or nude content. 
  3. Reviewers will be rewarded $8.88 in store credit for each review that we choose to post. They must have an EightVape account to receive compensation. 
  4. Users are limited to three posted reviews per month, you can submit more than three reviews but only three reviews from each user will be chosen per month. 
  5. Last but not least, all reviews must be emailed to Be sure to include your first and last name!


Due to high volume, we will no longer be accepting reviews on:

  • The FreeMax Mesh Pro
  • The FreeMax FireLuke
  • GeekVape Aegis Legend
  • VooPoo Drag
  • Naked 100
  • Yami Vapor "Taruto"
  • SMOK G-Priv


Please refer to the "Your Reviews" section before submitting to make sure your review is unique and stands out! We'd hate to waste your time...

That's it. EightVape once again gives back! Have fun with these reviews, don't hesitate to reach out, and let's have a good time! I'm excited to hear all the unique voices in our community.

A couple notes before I go: 

  • Reviews that meet the required conditions will be posted on under the "Blog" tab, which will soon be titled "Community." Reviews will be sorted into hardware and E-Juice categories, and there will be a search function so that reviews are easy to find and readily available. 
  • Comments will be enabled on all community reviews, so people can start discussions and cultivate that community feeling that enriches all of our lives. 


Moreover, I've got another announcement coming soon regarding user submissions. There will be more opportunities in the future for our community to showcase their content and earn rewards. 

Until next time! 


Justin Troyer
Head of Content









  • Jens Pukke: December 15, 2018

    Hello, I have submitted multiple rviews now all with 700-800 words and none of them have shown up or resulted in getting any credit while there are reviews with like 150-200 wors getting posted… Just wondering whats up and ho i should format them to get some credits here.. !?!?

  • David N. Martenson: December 14, 2018

    I’ve had great experience with 8vape. They used too have way better prices consistently. That had taken a drop a little but they still at a great company to deal with!

  • Dan w: December 06, 2018

    Im thinking some scammers are posting bad reviews on here try to get free stuff i have placed over $2,000 in orders and had ZERO problems just great prices and great service so i call BS . Eightvape is my souce for great vaping stuff period.every order I have placed has came at regular intervals and couldn’t be happier. Understanding no matter who you use for shipping still is not the fault of eightvape they are just the shipper .i am happy and will continue to use them again and again.

  • Mark Hopkins: December 05, 2018

    I have been vaping for eight years. I’ve stopped smoking cigarettes since. Tried a lot of different online vendors , but none of them even come close to eightvape. I’ve always had great service, fast shipping, and the best prices on the internet. Love , love eightvape!.

  • Cathy: December 02, 2018

    Can I have a vape to test and review?

  • Russell: November 30, 2018

    DO NOT! I REPEAT, DO NOT! ORDER FROM THIS SO CALLED COMPANY!!! 1st Order I placed was slow getting to me the 2nd order I placed I paid the extra money for 2nd day shipping that was 6 days ago and I still don’t have my order i did receive a confirmation email that said my order had shipped but that was three almost 4 days after I placed my order. I sent an email to their customer service department still haven’t heard back and don’t really expect to after reading other reviews. All I’m hoping for now is that I actually receive my order and I don’t have any issues with the product. LESSON LEARNT I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS 8 UP COMPANY AGAIN.

  • Agustin Romo: November 27, 2018

    I thought this was going to be my new goto vape company after my first order a couple weeks ago went well. I placed my second $200+ order 5 days ago and i started to get concerned as my first order only took 2 days to get to me. I tracked it and saw that it was in CO for the past 2 days – which is in the wrong direction as im in CA and they are in NV , so why my order went east is a mystery still. I called them today and was only hold for 1 HOUR AND 52 MINUTES before i spoke to Clark. I have to admit that he is a good dude and was very understanding – and apologetic about his companies policies. What i was completely besides myself to learn was that it is their policy (because they are a start-up is what he has been told)- that it is the customers responsibility to file a claim with the carrier in the event my package does not make it! He also informed me that the maximum I would be able to file a claim for would be $100 !!! ON MY $200+ ORDER?!?! why the hell would you send my product basically uninsured ?! Ive NEVER ordered from a company that did not make themselves responsible for replacing an order that doesnt make it all into my hands. NEVER! Just So i am clear- if this helps anyone to know before they order from this company whose owners are GARBAGE as customer service is concerned….IF YOU ORDER KNOW THAT YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN IF YOU HAVE A DAMAGE OR LOSS. EVEN IF YOU ARE UNDER THE $100- THEY STILL WANT YOU TO FILE THE CLAIM SINCE THEY CLAIM IT WILL GET DENIED. BULLSHIT! after i digested the turd of information they made my swallow- i asked if they knew that all i had to do was file a claim with my credit card company and the charges would be reversed and a chargeback to them would be issued….Good ol Clark replied- “Yeah i know that and it costs us even more money because there are fees associated with the chargeback that we are charged as well” . ARE YOU F$%^ING KIDDING ME? I am ABSOLUTELY DUMBFOUNDED by the ridiculousness of this BS company and their BS policies! I buy alot of vape stuff. ALOT. i thought i found a winner here based on my first order. There was no need to even get into their policies then as everything went smooth. I cant even rag on the guys who get the stuff out the door as they ARE fast. The CS guy, Clark, awesome. He might be the bearer of bad news, so he got the short end of me unfortunately, but i thanked him for his time and service. BUT TO THE ASSHOLES that make these BULLSHIT policies and have the nerve to think they have a CUSTOMER SERVICE team….YOU ARE A JOKE! You will not make it past being a START-UP! You better learn from the grown-ups quick what Customer Service is and what policies will keep customers coming back. This kind of shit will shut you down real quick. You put every person that works for you and does a good job on the brink of being without a job. I hope the one that made these policies gets shit canned before this costs a good group of people their jobs and customers an otherwise good place to buy their vape stuff. You came all this way to setup a good site and have good people in the background – just to FUCK your customers if something goes wrong? I spent 22 years in distribution & logistics- and i can say with absolute certainty that if something is going to go wrong- its going to be in transportation or delivery. All the work of all your people throughout the processing of an order – ALL means SHIT if your customer doesnt get their order (and in good shape). You obviously didnt think of anything except stuffing your boss’ pocket at the expense of the people that put that money there in the first place – when you made these BULLSHIT policies. 2 FUCKING HOURS to talk to someone?? This after i sent an email to save everyone time – but after explaining my concern- just a reply from Miika that just said “your order is on its way” REALLY?! yeah i fucking knew that – if you paid attention to what i said you would have seen that the whole reason i wrote in was to find out if you knew why it was going in the wrong direction!!!
    Im so done with this company- ive never come across a company so backwards. I will remember this for a good minute and will make it my mission to review and spread the word about this bullshit to anyone that will read and listen to my rants. I have a couple good buddies that are influencers in the vape game that will be sure to make the asshole that made these policies squirm. So if you are about to place an order- do yourself a favor even if it costs you a few bucks more- Buy your stuff from a company that gives two shits about their customers as this one DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU AFTER THEY GOT YOUR MONEY!!!!!

  • Colin Theron: November 22, 2018

    I have been watching, waiting and then purchasing products from for nearly 2+ years. I actually can only say mainly positive things with regards to my overall experience. I have to say that my number 1 reason for constantly returning here is a combination of the OUTSTANDING “Reward Program” which has earned me more than it’s fair share of $5-$20 off coupons! I also have to acknowledge that I have only ever had to call one time, due to receiving the wrong item. Even on this occasion I felt it was handled timely, appropriately and my proper item, was sent to me with expedited free shipping. Best of all I was able to keep the incorrect item. However there were 2 other issues that I do not remember quite as well, although they were not positive experiences or examples of what the company has (in my personal opinion) worked very hard to achieve a great customer following and knowledgeable staff. While these two negative events were not very costly though one that sticks out was purchasing a replacement glass for a Uwell tank that was a *drip tip and tank glass that you were unable to chose a color for. so I placed my request in the comments section for my order. After receiving the wrong color, I immediately contacted 8vape customer service who had explained that it was never a choice, it was at their discretion of the color that was chosen and delivered. This seemed a bit odd to me and still does, as I offered to keep that one but request a blue one and pay again. They did not want to do this.
    With all that being said, I truly believe the latter to be a true “one-off” or “unique circumstance” to an otherwise STELLAR operation and business the company provides! I mainly come here for their great selection of juices as their reviews are usually spot on with me when I try the product based on reviews. They do not remove negative reviews on products and encourage you to leave an honest review of the product to earn “Reward Points”. This is something I rarely see. On a final note I do use this as my primary online purchasing website as their prices are always cheapest around. They also carry 2hat I believe to be some of the most well designed special branded PROJECT SUB OHM Devices. While another site maybe the primary manufacturer of the devices and peripherals, continues to keep them stocked and at q better price! what else could you ask for? I will continue to be a strong supporter of this website and continue to refer friends here as they have all said the same about prices and quick cheap shipping rates. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and I hope it helps at least one person to understand why I will continue to use them.
    Regards and Happy Holidays!
    Colin T.

  • Kelli: November 21, 2018

    I am so I of customer service and not complete orders. 50 minutes on hold to be told nothing we can do. I have been loyal but if I dont get some compensation I willnever order again

  • Shaun Be: November 20, 2018

    For all u lil children throwing tantrums on here talking about how bad or The customer service rep so inconsiderate you all need to grow up immediately stop lying and making up bullshit stories and maybe they’ll believe you like my boy cannonball who I saw someone left them a bad review on him which you must of been doing some scandalous shit because I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of veep equipment from this website I have never once had a problem with the customer service one of the Mods got stolen out of my package or didn’t make it in we still haven’t come to the conclusion they gave me store credit immediately applied it to purchase it I would’ve mentioned that I wanted to make sure he sent me an invoice with the discount and everything in it Already populated for me so I’ll have to do is click on the email open it up and put in my payment now I don’t know any other customer service representative from any other company that would go to that length For someone they just made on the phone 10 or 15 minutes earlier. He gets even better later that same day when I was situating my finances and consolidating them to make the purchase I got injured and I broke my collarbone I had to go to the emergency room and spend most of the money that I was gonna put on for a Vape while I was in there one of the EMTs had a lustro by asmodus I fell in love with that man called the cannonball soon as I got home customer service to ask for him not even five minutes and wait he comes up recognizes who I am almost remembered my information to be able to bring up my account which I thought was phenomenal and he filled out another invoice for me so I can get the less true and apply the same credit that I had before without a second glance are second-guessing anything and boom so stop talking shit on the customer service staff these guys are awesome they’re working really hard imagine how many people they are calling them and how many crazy stories are getting try to put yourself in their shoes just like you asking them to put themselves in your shoes happy holidays everybody

  • Rebecca: November 19, 2018

    The customer service SUCKS! If you want to waste your money and never receive anything you order, then yes they will fulfill that. I have placed two orders with them. The first one I only received 1/5 items, the other ended up being out of stock by the time os shipment and I didn’t find out until my third call to CS. Then it took another week and a half to get something different sent to me. My second order, I really wanted to try and give them a chance, I didn’t receive it. I got home and nothing was there. I called customer service and they said “give it a couple days to show up.” I called back Monday, still not having it the guy said "file a claim with USPS to get your money back. We don’t process refunds because we are a start up company and can’t afford it. BULL! THIS IS TERRIBLE.

  • Tony: November 11, 2018

    I see all these bad reviews of customer service and not receiving product. Since i been dealing with eightvape I’ve never encountered a problem with delivery or customer service.. I reached out to customer service about putting wrong billing address and my card got charged and they told me the payment didn’t go thru and I’d get my money back after it went off hold and i DID receive my money back like they said also I’ve received my orders earlier than expected almost every single time i ordered.. Only negative i have with eightvape is it seems some of the product I’ve orderes wasn’t to my satisfaction especially all the liquids i they seemed to loose flavor over time sitting in warehouse also some hardware didn’t last long after i got them but i know policy on returns and such and i didn’t bother making a complaint it is what it is it’s not like i didn’t get any use out of what i received. I give eightvape a 4 star rating overall would be 5 if i didn’t encounter unsatisfied merch

  • Dani: November 05, 2018
    My brother turned me onto this site and I couldn’t be happier. They have a huge selection of Vape juice, a ton of different mods to choose from, Great product reviews from customers by customers, plenty of accessories, and speedy shipping. I don’t know why anybody would complain about this site; When I had to contact customer service my issue was resolved within 24 hours. I will definitely continue to shop here for all of my Vape needs.
  • James: November 02, 2018

    To all the people bashing this you must not know how to contact them. I called had my juice and 200$ in items delivered in 3 days from completely across the country. It seems some one is trying to get free items to me. Cuz 4-4 times I’ve order and close to 400$ later I still have and use every item.

  • James: November 02, 2018

    Once again I’m blown away with the quality and service of this site. The only place around my house has 100 mill bottles of house juice for 33$ and it’s not even that good. You guys go above and. Beyond trying to give quality service and items for a solid price. Thanks again and will be doing more business with you in the future

  • Robert K: October 29, 2018

    EightVape ( 8vape)…I want to warn people against this dishonest site to which I became a victim to. 8Vape never fulfilled my order. I made an online order, my money was taken from my account, and there is no sign of shipment/package till this day, and already 17 days have passed. Customer Service hasn’t responded to my concerns I raised and has not returned my money as I requested!!!

  • Robert K: October 28, 2018

    I’m a serious man and I like when the issues and cases are taken seriously. Eight Vape charged my credit card on 10/12/18, in the amount of $$$ and I want my money back to my credit card !It’s already been 16 days since you are using my money! I’ve paid Eight Vape by credit card and I WANT my money back !

  • Robert K: October 28, 2018

    I’m a serious man and I like when the issues and cases are taken seriously. Eight Vape charged my credit card on 10/12/18, in the amount of $$$ and I want my money back to my credit card !It’s already been 16 days since you are using my money! I’ve paid Eight Vape by credit card and I WANT my money back !

  • Richard C Harris: October 25, 2018

    I just wanted to make a comment in regards to Megan S. and her post regarding Eightvape’s return procedures.
    If you have been vaping long enough to be “name dropping” using Battery Mooch’s name as well as knowing to use IMR Batteries for all your battery needs, then you surely must know most online retailers policy on sending the broken/wrong item back to the retailer in order to have the manufacturer reimburse them in return for your broken/wrong item under the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.
    And, if you are savvy enough to be shopping online for ANYTHING and smart enough to know to contact Eightvape first instead of totally wasting your time contacting the manufacturer, then you MUST BE AWARE that the USPS have a website as well as an app for both Android and iOS, that you can schedule a pickup for your mail carrier to pickup any outgoing mail pieces.
    All this without going to the post office WHATSOEVER.
    I suffer from severe PTSD and anxiety and depression disorders. I also suffer from agoraphobia, so a trip to the post office is out of the question.
    I’m not trying to be condescending or rude…I’m only trying to inform snyone that reads this of alternative ways to make full use of your post office without needing to step a single foot into one.
    I’ve been a hardcore Eightvape customer over the last 3 years and have never once had any issues with customer service, purchasing, shipping, etc.
    I truly hate that ANYONE has had any issues with Eightvape. My experience with them has been excellent.
    Always remember though, YMMV.

  • Christian Phoneboy Stanford: October 22, 2018

    I ordered on 10/16 I paid for two day Fed Ex it is 10/22 and FedEx says they delivered but I have nothing customer service manager told me they will not do anything..I have to file a claim with FedEx…they did not even call to verify delivery and refused to be of any assistance in filing a claim. No offer of ANY type of aid. Just file a claim with FedEx..not the first time I have ordered from here but definitely the last…I promise I will spread the word to the community… BUYER BEWARE

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