Does Vaping Make You Tired?


Vaping can make you sleepy or tired, but there is no one-cut solution to this question. This is because if all other conditions remain constant, vaping shouldn't cause you to feel tired or sleepy. There are a few reasons that it can make you tired. Most of them are easy to resolve relatively quickly, which is why you can feel exhausted after vaping. Fortunately, the effects are frequently transitory and go away when you make the necessary changes.


  • Yes, vaping too much nicotine will make you tired.
  • Take longer breaks between puffs.
  • Don't vape a couple of hours before bed.
  • Don't use high strength nicotine.

can vaping make you tired sleepy fatigue

Can Vaping Make You Tired?

Yes. Vaping can make you tired after using it non-stop all day. It definitely depends on the nicotine strength, the higher the nicotine the faster you will get tired.

You shouldn't feel drowsy if you're smoking a nicotine-containing e-liquid responsibly. Nicotine has stimulating properties. If anything, it should have the opposite effect! Your vaporizer may occasionally give you a slight headrush feeling.

It's normal for vapers just starting to take too many big hits. If this occurs, you probably aren't getting enough oxygen, which could make you feel a little sleepy. Similarly, you can feel relaxed if you haven't been able to use your gadget for a long time and suffer from severe nicotine withdrawals.

This is due to your body yearning for nicotine, which can induce mild stress and worry. After using your vape for a bit, the feelings should go, and you should return to normal in no time.

So, does vaping exhaust you? The answer is that it may cause drowsiness if you're new to vaping and misuse it. However, it should not make you tired traditionally.

why does vaping nicotine make me tired?

Why Does Vaping Nicotine Cause Fatigue?

Due to vaping causing a decrease in blood oxygen, this makes your heart and lung work harder. This can definitely impact your body to feel more tired. You can also feel fatigue or give you brain-fog.  

Nicotine and caffeine are similar in their effects and qualities. It speeds up the heartbeat and energizes the brain, which might impact sleep patterns. Using the right amount of nicotine is crucial, especially when vaping if you are using nicotine. It's easy to overdo it when you're not paying attention to how many puffs you're taking in.

You risk experiencing adverse side effects if you vape more nicotine than suggested. The main ones are difficulty sleeping, agitation, headaches, and nausea. You'll feel fatigued because you'll be getting less sleep as a result. 

Furthermore, studies have shown that nicotine can diminish the body's ability to sleep soundly. Excessive nicotine in the body might suppress REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. If you are new to nicotine vaping or have such issues, it is best to vape less in the late hours and before bed.

However, nicotine might have an unanticipated influence on some people. The first burst of mental alertness and stimulation, like ingesting too much caffeine, might cause you to 'crash' and feel fatigued as it wears off. However, that usually does not happen. You will get more tired as you're vaping through the day.

avoid feeling drowsy while vaping

How to Avoid Feeling Drowsy While Vaping?

If vaping is new to you, how you're hitting the device may be causing you to feel a little dizzy. A shortage of oxygen may be the reason if you take extended hits without properly inhaling. Try to alter your vaping technique in this situation; you should notice the sensation disappear.

It might be best to test what time you get tired through out the day and how many hits you have taken. If you take a couple hits every 15 minutes, reduce that to a couple hits every 30 minutes.

In contrast, if you feel weary instead of lightheaded after using your vape, you may wish to use a fresh tank and e-liquid, especially if you bought your vape products from a reputable retailer.

Does vaping tire you? Even though it's uncommon for vaping to make you sleepy, hitting your device incorrectly could make you feel dizzy. If you're also going through nicotine withdrawals, a strong dosage could also leave you dizzy and super light headed.

nicotine withdrawal symptoms

What Should I Do If I Feel Tired from Vaping?

Stop Vaping for an Hour or Two

After vaping, if you start to feel weary, you should take a break from vaping. You can have a crash because you inhaled too much nicotine. Discuss your vaping experience with a vape expert, and they can recommend the appropriate level of nicotine for you.

Take a Nap

Your mood, short-term memory, reaction time, alertness, attention, and concentration can all increase due to napping. Therefore, a nap may help if you feel exhausted after vaping.

Go for a Walk

If vaping is making you feel exhausted, walking can help. Experts claim that physical withdrawal symptoms from vaping include headaches, tremors, sweating, insomnia, increased appetite, abdominal cramping, and constipation. You'll probably experience these initial side effects, often between four and 24 hours after stopping.

Reduce Nicotine Levels

You may want to reduce your nicotine intake to avoid the consequences of vaping. Lowering nicotine levels should help reduce the most frequent adverse effects because nicotine is primarily responsible for the short-term side effects of vaping.

Another option is to use juices made entirely of propylene glycol or pure vegetable glycerin, which only include the base, flavoring, and no nicotine. Try an e-liquid or disposable vapes for sale with a lower nicotine content if you've quit smoking or don't want to go completely nicotine-free.

You may also stop smoking, eliminating all of your nicotine usage and preventing any additional adverse health effects that vaping and smoking may have. If you decide to quit smoking, be ready for withdrawal symptoms and consider weaning yourself off by drinking fewer juices.

 timeline for quitting smoking

Will Vaping Make Me Sleep More?

You won't be sleeping any more than usual. You may have unfavorable sleep issues if you vape nicotine and misjudge your nicotine consumption. These problems are uncommon if you vape without nicotine or with a modest nicotine dosage, and your sleeping patterns should be normal.

Will Vaping Nicotine Keep Me Awake?

Vaping e-cigarettes with nicotine right before bedtime can keep you awake longer. This is due to nicotine's stimulant properties. Nicotine, like caffeine, makes you attentive. If you're attempting to fall asleep, now is not the time to vape. However, nicotine's benefits typically disappear within a few hours.

There are specific vapes made to help you sleep. There are melatonin vapes to help you but CBD + Melatonin will definitely help. 

Does Vaping Help Me Sleep?

Some studies have shown that vaping can affect the length and quality of sleep. It may reduce sleep quality and aggravate snoring. However, most evidence indicates that vaping does not benefit a vapers sleep. You can take steps to enhance the quality of your sleep.

Do Nicotine-Free Vapes Make You Tired Also?

These problems are uncommon if you vape nicotine-free or at a low dose, and your sleep schedule should be regular. You will not be sleeping any longer than you typically would.

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