Why Do Disposable Vapes Taste Better Than eLiquids?


I'm sure you've noticed that disposable vape pods are tasting better than eLiquids recently. Disposables have gone through a big awakening from becoming the most popular types of vapes and even being updated now. Many people are saying these single use vapes are tasting much better than eLiquid juices.

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Why Do Disposable Vapes Taste Better Than eLiquids?

Disposable vapes have become quite popular over the past year for their straightforward designs and ease of use. These have become ideal vape starter kits for new users whosoever are looking forward to quitting smoking. Vapes are cheaper and taste better than e-Liquids. Disposable vapes use nicotine salt and have a lower pH and offer a smooth and flavored vaping experience in contrast to the traditional freebase e-liquid used with refillable vape kits. These are harsher on the throat. 

Why Do Disposable Vapes Taste Better? 

Disposable vapes are more concentrated. Vapes are pre-filled with e-liquid and can easily sit in storage or transit for months, which means the cotton inside the coil soaked all the e-liquid by the time you buy and use the device. 


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Following are the reasons why vapes taste better than eLiquids:

Higher PG Ratio

The vape flavor also depends on the ratio of PG and VG. e-liquids can have different taste properties and different sensations. Products dependent on fully propylene glycol hit vaper throats in the same way as cigarettes do. PG offers the best flavor distribution, mixing, and enthusiasts for anyone whosoever are trying to quit smoking. Use thinner e-liquids for PODs. 

These have a smaller coil, an e-liquid carrier (cotton), and holes through which the carrier gets soaked. Thicker liquid can dry the carrier and subsequently overheat the coil. In these devices, you will get the worst taste, so the more PG, which is best for the taste delivery, and to give a better experience.

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Most e-liquid contain flavorings and sweeteners. When sweeteners are vaped these get stuck to the coil, which eventually causes the flavor to deteriorate. To make sure the lifespan of a user's coil gets upwards of 10 days, e-liquid manufacturers should remain mindful of how much sweetener is needed in the bottled e-liquids.

Disposable manufacturers generally do not have that consideration as the coil only requires to last as long as there is 2ml of e-liquid in the device, approximately 500-600 puffs, a day. This means that they can sweeten the e-liquid in their vapes as the liquid will flow out before the coil starts deteriorating.

Fresh Wick

The simple answer is why vapes taste better after fresh wicks. A well-soaked wick ensures a good quality flavor and vape. If cotton is not well saturated, it can give a burnt taste, and saturating also takes some time. Also, pre-packaged devices that already use E-Liquid built are less likely to have this issue and will deliver the flavor and hit very easily.

Mesh Coils

Mesh coils are vast strips of metal with holes punched through them to make them look and act like a piece of mesh. Mesh effect means more of the surface area inside the vape coil, which is important as it allows for e-liquid to get vapourised, generating a greater depth of flavor and more vapor than any other coil.

mesh coils vs regular coils

Consistent Flavor

Yet another reason why vapes taste better is their consistent flavor. In other vaping products, the flavor can vary from one batch to another within the same bottle. This least happens with disposable vapes as flavorings and nicotine strength are optimized for that juice. This causes better-tasting vape customized to your needs and preferences. 


Saturation of the Cotton Wick

Whenever the wick of a vaping device remains in an e-liquid for a long time, they get saturated with the liquid. This results in a more intense flavor when the device is ultimately used. The disposable vape wicks are saturated with e-liquid, resulting in a powerful flavor. In the devices, wicks sit pre-soaked in the e-juice pod. These are placed there from the time they are manufactured and till bought.

However, in refillable vaping products, you add e-liquid to the tank or wick yourself. This results in an uneven unsaturation of the wick that can impact the flavor.

Better Airflow

Disposable vapes have proper airflow to get full enjoyment from disposable vapes. Little airflow can cause tight draw and muted flavor, while more airflow can dilute the flavor and reduce its intensity. It is also possible that some disposable vapes might require a tighter or looser draw to get the best flavor. Experiment with the different airflow settings that work best for specific devices and preferences.

Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts are a type of nicotine extracted from the tobacco leaf to create a more stable and bioavailable form of nicotine. When used in vapes, these salts offer a smoother and more satisfying vaping experience with better flavor than traditional freebase nicotine. One of the reasons why salts give better flavor in vapes is that they are less alkaline than freebase nicotine. It means they can vaporize at lower temperatures, producing a smoother and less harsh vape. 

Due to this, vapers can enjoy a more authentic and nuanced flavor profile from their e-liquids.

The bottom line is disposable vapes are the best way to enjoy your e-liquids. They are also easy to use and taste great. So if you are also seeking to get a better vaping experience, you should try a disposable vape, you will get ultimate satisfaction and double the enjoyment.

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